Wilbert the Wizard Chapter 10: The Strike of Darkness Part 2

Wilbert the Wizard Chapter 10: The Strike of Darkness Part 2

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

The final chapter of Wilbert the Wizard OG series in attempt to defeat the Strike of Darkness that is taking over Storagia.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Strike of Darkness Part 2

Gallia, me, and my father had arrived at the Crystal Kingdom. One thing about though. I still have no idea where the kingdom came from but is granted to us by King Strike. Well, not granted to us more of we should never return or he'll have our heads.

As soon we as we entered King Strike and Queen Storm followed us inside. They scared me.

“You have fallen into our trap and you are now our prisoners.” Queen Storm said.

“This place totally did seem like a scam.” I said.

“Silence. Lightning guards put these peasants in chains. I like them locked up while we take over Storagia.” King Strike said.

Guards ceased Me, Gallia, and Frostwing. I tried to run free but they had a strong grip. My wand was on the floor.

“You won’t be needing this anymore.” Queen Storm said snapping it in half.

“Do you know how many gems that cost me?” I rhetorically asked her.

Frostwing struggled in the chains. Guards held him to the ground. They muzzled him and made sure there was no way for him to escape.

“I like to call this reign of ours, The Strike of Darkness. We will claim the kingdom of flames. We will claim the head of the northern kingdom. We will claim everything in Storagia.” King Strike.

Frostwing was token away from me. Me and Gallia headed to our cell. Reluctantly we struggled to escape. We lived in this prison for many days., then the guardian of the prison told us King Strike had info for us.

“We’ll have your dragon slayed. You can have him for dinner tonight. Just be aware this will be your final meal before we execute you.” King Strike said.

“I know we shouldn’t have gone to the cloud kingdom. We have to stop these evil rulers from asking over Storagia.” Gallia said.

“It’s not like we can do anything about it.” I said. But then I thought for a few moments. There was a way. A pulled my communication orb out of pocket.

“Togath.” I said in the orb. Togath didn’t respond.

“Looks like were out of luck for calling for help.” I said to Gallia.

“There has to be someone you know. Your father. Bella. Samuel on second thought not him I recently heard he was a werewolf. No one that you know that could help us at all?” Gallia asked.

“No one. I’m not that popular a Wizard in Storagia.” I said.


I, King Flare walked upon the rubble of what use to be the head of the northern kingdoms. I knew King Strike and Queen Storm were trying to take over Storagia. I would have to stop them myself. The issue was I was more of a renegade around these parts for melting the ice kingdom and such. It resorted to me having to fight with magical government which wasn’t easy.

That’s when I decided I would save Wilbert and Gallia from the clutches of the evil rulers and stop the Strike of Darkness. I headed toward the kingdom. At first it was more of a jog, but then I began to sprint knowing I had to get there fast. When I arrived I saw crystal castle that I have never been to before. Probably a prison for the innocent in there which is probably where Wilbert and Gallia would be. I took a few steps into the kingdom. Lightning guards stood in my way.

“Inferno!” I shouted taking out all of the guards protecting the prison. I had found cells hidden within the castle.


Meanwhile, I, Wilbert, had been sitting and weeping over my ice dragon. They probably have already roasted him by now. That’s when I saw someone that I’d never thought that I would see. It was King Flare.

“What are you doing here. Or even better why are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’ve come to save you and your friend. Sorry what I did to you back there. I was just trying to protect myself.” King Flare said.

“Thanks a lot. Just so you know my ice dragon Frostwing is on the bridge of being slain. I need your help to save him.” I said to King Flare. I motioned toward where Frostwing was. It looked like King Flare knew where I was talking about.

“Frostwing is in the kitchen just over there.” I said pointing to 11:00 of us.

“In the kitchen. Are you telling me they’re going to…?” King Flare trailed off knowing what was happening to Frostwing.

I saw Frostwing. They were getting ready to perform the cuts on the poor dragon. What was I going to do without my wand? That’s when I reached on my back. I had brought Aquatic sword just in case something like this happened. I had been prepared. I unlatched the Aquatic sword from my back.

I slashed the lightning guard that was about to cut Frostwing. He still had the dagger to cut Frostwing equipped. Frostwing blasted the guard with ice. He was frozen and completely unable to move.

“The next step of our plan is to go and get Starlight.” I said.

“Why would we get Starlight next?” Gallia asked me.

“Because if we get Starlight then we all have an escape from this terrible kingdom.” I replied.

“True. Let’s get Starlight. But where is Starlight.” Asked Gallia.

“There’s only one place I saw that unicorn and that one place is at the throne of King Strike and Queen Storm.” King Flare said.

“Can you distract them long enough to the point where we can get Starlight and escape?” I asked.

“I think I’ll be able to. If I die, tell everyone else my story.” King Flare replied.

“Thank you so much you have been a great assistance to us today.” Gallia said.


King Flare walked toward the throne of the crystal castle. He got prepared to speak to the rulers.

“Will you accept my truce to being merciful to each other?” He asked.

“We never give out free mercy. Slay this useless pawn.” Queen Storm said.

“Inferno!” King Flare said attempting to blast the rulers. It had almost no effect on them. They seemed unharmed.

“You think your puny inferno attack has any effect on us?” King Strike asked.

“Please don’t. Spare me. You murdered my wife and that’s enough.” King Flare said.

“The government doesn’t know about that do they.” Said King Strike.

“No they don’t. They know about my crimes though.” Said King Flare.

Then an idea popped into my head. I pulled out my communication orb.

“The government of magic.” I said into it. I called them and said, “Get over here quick, King Flare is attacking again at a mysterious crystal castle.” I said.

After King Flare and King Strike went on for a bit longer the magical government had arrived now.

“King Flare, you under arrest.” Jay said.

“Take me in. I’m sick of hiding and running. Just take me.” King Flare said.

“Wilbert mentioned another hazard here. Is this true?” Jay asked.

“No it is not.” Queen Storm replied.

As they conversated I took Frostwing and Gallia took Starlight and we took off.

“Frostwing you’re doing it!” I exclaimed. All the sudden Frostwing began descending a bit.

“Be careful bud.” I said.

He descended all the way into the forest and we all fell.

“I’ll bet you’ll get it next time.” I said. Gallia glided down beside me.

“So what’s the plan to take down the evil rulers?” Gallia said.

Continue Reading as Wilbert’s journey continues…….

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Wilbert the Wizard and the Unlikely Hero


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