Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 2: The Battle for the Bride

Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 2: The Battle for the Bride

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

The second chapter of third book. Will Wilbert get Gallia back?


Wilbert the Wizard and the Battle for the Bride

 Frostwing had been working on his roar. Or at least it seemed like it and he wouldn’t stop. I continued to watch him. He seemed to be growing at an incontrollable rate.

“Frostwing due to you, circumstance I guess I’m going to have Gallia alone.” I exclaimed. Frostwing ignored once again. I headed away to the other half of the torn apart kingdom. That’s when I was interrupted by a vampire that seemed like it had completely come out of nowhere.

“Johnny! Now you again.” I said.

“Johnny? You mean Johnathan my twin brother. I’m Tyson.” Said the Vampire.

“Tyson? He never mentioned you.” I questioned.

“Since when does my brother mention anything. He likes to be mysterious and evil. You caught on that didn’t you.” Tyson asked.

“Yeah I did.” I replied.

“What did you do to that poor dragon over there.” Said Tyson.

“I think it’s just a phase.” I said.

“Everyone knows phases don’t exist. He’s in the middle of evolution. He must be going through serious pain right now.” Said Tyson.

“How do you know so much about dragons?” I said.

“I take special classes at Moonshift High.” Said Tyson.

“Your younger than I thought. My brother Sam goes there. Do you know him?” I asked Tyson.

“Sam, or aka Haxar. Him and his gang are kind of a bunch of bullies.” Said Tyson.

“I can’t believe Sam would do anything like that.”  I replied.

“Let’s get back onto track. Let’s travel to the other half of the kingdom to defeat Togar. Ever since his son died, he’s been out of control.” Said Tyson.

“Yeah I know; he stole my bride.” I replied.

“Stole your bride. Now Togar’s really starting to get creative!” Exclaimed Tyson.

“So Johnny’s your brother. Why is after me? Why did he do all of this?” I questioned.

“It’s not his fault. It’s all the darkness he’s forced into himself.” I said.

“What do you mean darkness forced into himself. What do you mean anything?” I asked.

“It’s a horrid story. I’d rather not share it.” Said Tyson.

“I see. We better get over there quick, were running out of time!” I exclaimed. Tyson followed me to the other half of the crystal kingdom. We were right near it. I saw Togar, Gallia covered in chains, and a stone that was shaped as a heart.

“What is that thing?” I questioned looking at the stone.

“Don’t touch it or get anywhere near it. All this crystal madness was for a purpose. If Togar has the love stone, your doomed. You stay here, I’ll take care of Togar.” Said Tyson.

“Stay here? That’s my bride over there. I have to save her.” I said.

“Don’t do it. Just trust me.” Tyson said. It was too late. I had already gone for Gallia. I ran up to Togar to word with him.

“Togar, stop this crystal chaos immediately.” I exclaimed.

“Great thing that you arrived. A tad later than I wanted you to, but I got you right where I want you.” Said Togar.

“There’s nothing you can do to stop me. Except maybe the crystal fist and that pink crystal looking thing over there.” I said pointing to it.

“I didn’t really want to do this, but if it’s the only way to stop Wilbert from murdering me too.” Said Togar. He held the heart stone above his head.

“Tyson, what does that do, that’s all I want to know.” I asked.

“The heart stone. It can be used to bring to people together, or it could be used to force a connection. Not an emotional one, but physical. One body feels pain so will the other. One dies...” Tyson trailed off.

I should have listened to Tyson. A stream of purple energy surged to my chest. It wasn’t extremely painful, but irritating and it dropped me to the ground.

“Foolish mage. You kill me, you’ll kill yourself.” Said Togar.

“The heart stone. If you can break it, you can destroy the curse.” Said Tyson. Togar smashed the crystal fist into Tyson’s chest. He was thrusted to the ground, his head bleeding.

“The heart stone.” Tyson said very faintly. The chains on Gallia were going from there silver grey to the color of Gallia’s hair, deep blue.

“Gallia what are you doing?” I exclaimed.

“Escaping, why didn’t you bring Frostwing to help you? Gallia questioned. She continued to use her powers to help her escape.

“He’s going through what my little friend here Tyson calls, evolution.” I replied.

“Evolution already. Your dragon grows at a very quick rate.” Gallia said. The chains she was in finally snapped.

“So weak, so pathetic.” Said Togar. Johnny appeared out of a purple fog where I had never noticed him.

“Constrainio.” Said Johnathan rising m into the air then wrapping me in the chains that Gallia had previously wore. Gallia formed and Icey dagger in her hand.

“Johnathan. The vampire that ruined our wedding.” Said Gallia.

“Gallia. Bride of battle mage, Prince Wilbert. Such a pity isn’t it.” Said Johnathan. Johnny teleported away never to been seen.

“Where did he go?” Gallia questioned.

“He left somewhere were never going to find out. Take care of Togar. You have to do this Gallia. Storagia will be restored and Darkagia will fall.” I said. Gallia took a glance at the cold dagger that had remained in her hand. She saw that Togar had been constrained just as Wilbert, but without the chains.

“Killing my own bridegroom? Wilbert stop this.” She said tears rolling down her face. She gripped the dagger tighter in her hand.

“Gallia, if you do this you could save Storagia from Togar. You can destroy him when he is weak. Like now.” I said. Gallia began sobbing even more. Gallia fell on to her own knees and closed her eyes.

“Sorry, I can’t do this.” Said Gallia dropping the dagger onto the floor.

“I knew if this would happen you would have to much compassion to kill me.” Said Togar. He began to struggle in the chains I was in. The Icey shards of the chains broke into pieces. I had been broken out too. With Togar’s strength. Togar stepped on me with his large foot. Crushing me. He could feel the pain too. Me moaned and groaned and coughed for air, but that didn’t stop him. I reached toward the ice dagger. If Gallia wouldn’t do it, I would.

“Wilbert no!” Gallia exclaimed. She shot an ice shard toward Togar. It knocked him off of me. I could feel the shard impale into my chest.

“Wilbert!” Gallia continued to exclaim. She sat down beside me. Togar had been knocked down.

“Gallia, why didn’t you...” She didn’t let me finish.

“There’ s nothing more important in existence, than you.” Said Gallia. Her thin fingers rolled across the top of my hair.

“There’s nothing more important to me than you.” I replied. I closed my eyes. Weak, from the shard Gallia had shot at Togar. Frostwing was nowhere to be seen. I would find him as soon as I recovered. But it would be much more pleasant if Gallia

“Tyson. I didn’t get to know him for very long. We need to ensure if he’s...”

“I know I’ll take him.” Said Gallia. That’s when I blacked out and became unconscious. Gallia took me to the hospital along with Tyson. I’m sure Tyson was passed on but if I was, so was Togar. Gallia pushed me and Tyson in separate wheeling beds. Too bad I never really got to meet him. He seemed like a nice vampire.


“Togar I need to make sure you’re well.” Said Johnathan. Togar didn’t reply. They were at their lair in the enchanted forest that Johnathan had created. Togar didn’t respond. His head rested on a rock. He was unconscious too. Johnathan took a glance at the destruction he had caused.

“My reign of terror isn’t over. It’s time for Darkagia to finally arise!” Exclaimed Johnathan. He turned into bat and flew out of the enchanted forest. He headed to the Mid-Storagia trading village. Where the Darkagia would begin.

Can Wilbert recover in time to defeat the Strike of Darkness?

Coming Soon Wilbert the Wizard 23

Wilbert the Wizard and the Rising of Darkagia

When Volume 3 hits its major concept in Wilbert the Wizard 23

R.I.P Tyson. The shortest lived character ever to be in the series. Tyson’s brother Johnathan is about ready to cause more havoc. 

© 2019 Mr. Mills

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