Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 3: The Rising of Darkagia

Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 3: The Rising of Darkagia

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Togar is taking over Storagia who's working under an unknown Vampire. Wilbert must overcome Storagia's fallen state.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Rising of Darkagia.

I had been laying in my medical bed for a full day now. No one has found Frostwing. Darkagia was rising according to Johnathan. I really did think that he was going to bring Darkagia.

“Gallia, no signs of Frostwing from my father or Samuel.” I said weakly.

‘We’ll get Frostwing as soon as we can. It’s so weird that a big dragon like him could disappear so easily.” Said Gallia.             

I think it had to do something with his evolution.” I replied.

“True. Wait, I know where he might be. Where all dragons evolve. The Dragons’ Horde.” Said Gallia.

“Please don’t go there Gallia. That’s suicide.” I exclaimed.

“Wilbert, I’m doing this for you. You need Frostwing. He’s your companion.” Said Gallia. Leaning over me.

“Do what you have too. Don’t get hurt, I don’t want anything to happen to you.” I told Gallia. She left the large doors into the hospital. As soon as she came outside she could hear the roaring of a dragon.

“Frostwing!” She exclaimed running toward the sound. She had found Frostwing in the reborn Enchanted Forest. Frostwing was definielety not the same as she had first seen him before. His scales seemed to be more, detailed. He was larger than before and very capable for an owner.

“Frostwing.” Gallia repeated said walking up to him slowly. Her hand neared the top of Frostwings snout. Frostwing snapped his head away and roared. He flipped around swinging his tail knocking over Gallia.

“Are you okay Frostwing? I think it’s just a little evolution. I’m going to need you to go back to your companion now.” Said Gallia. Frostwing flew away from her.

“What has gotten into this dragon.” Gallia said to herself. His massage spiked wings made deep whoosh sounds. The air being carried underneath them.

“Darkagia. That’s my new focus. Stopping the vampire from taking over Storagia.” Said Gallia. She wandered deeper into the enchanted forest.

That’s when Gallia fell. Fell into a roll pit. Rocks hit her as she slid down the dirty hole. This just might be her dirty hole of the devils.


Meanwhile I had been resting in my Med Bed. I was very concerned about Frostwing. I hope he was okay. I was concerned about Gallia too. I hope that nothing had happened to her.

“I have to go help my wife.” I exclaimed sitting up from the bed. “By help, I mean going to assist Gallia now.” I said as I sat up.

“Wilbert, no. You’re going to have to rest or else you won’t heal.” Said Samuel.

“Gallia. What if she’s in trouble? What if she didn’t find Frostwing?” I exclaimed.

“I’m sure she’s just fine. To make you happy I’ll just go find her for you is that okay?” Asked Sam.

“I guess. But that would make me a tad worried about you too.” I replied. Sam exited the hospital to go find Gallia. The only one remaining inside the hospital with me was my father.

  “So, about you and Gallia’s wedding. Are you going to finish that?” Asked my father taking a few steps away from my bed and sitting on a chair.

“Our wedding has to be perfect. We don’t want to have any more interruptions.” I exclaimed.

“I just feel more like it needs to happen. This week maybe or so.” Replied my Father. Sam had gone out searching for Gallia. I wonder if he was successful.  Sam wandered into the enchanted forest searching for Gallia.

“Gallia, please come back. Where are you?” Shouted out my dear brother. Samuel could hear Gallia’s voice faintly. It was definielety muffled. Samuel ran toward the sound. As soon as he found where she was. He slipped into a hole.

“These darn dragon holes!” Sam exclaimed. This wasn’t a dragon hole though. This was the lair of the masters of Darkagia. Togar and Johnathan.

“You two. The very low evil makers. Wedding party poopers. The worst of the worst.” Sam went on.

“I’m pretty sure you and Gallia both know who we are. Today, we will rise Darkagia and make it what is was meant to become.” Exclaimed Togar. Sam noticed Gallia arms and legs tied and mouth muffled on the ground.

“Let her go. Whatever you do, don’t hurt her or I’ll hurt you.” Said Sam to Togar.

“What do you think put your brother into the hospital. We have been cursed. The linking curse.” Said Togar.

“If I can’t hurt you, I might as well take care of Johnathan.” Samuel exclaimed. Sam transformed into a werewolf. Morphing very quickly he struck at Johnathan. Johnathan teleported at out of his sight. He teleported behind him and knocked Samuel to the ground. Sam began getting very aggressive. He clawed and scratched in every direction in attempt to hit Johnny. Eventually Sam actually did hit him.

“Pity that you want to do this Sam.” Johnathan teleported away. He was no longer in the villainous lair.

“Where did he go?” Samuel asked Togar. Togar looked straight up into the dirty ceiling of the lair.

“He’s gone. He gone to rise Darkagia to be exact.” Said Togar. Sam began looking in the same direction as Togar. He took one of his sharp claws and released Gallia from her encasings. Then he transformed back into his regular self. He pulled his wand from his robe.

“Wilbert taught me this one, Imundo!” Sam exclaimed teleporting him and Gallia just outside the lair. Togar watched us as we ran toward something strange. A large strike of lightning. It seemed to be centered on Johnathan.

“What’s going on?” Sam asked Gallia watching the stray beam of light.

“The powers of the Strike of Darkness. The power of Queen Storm and Queen Strike don’t just disappear. You can obtain their powers. I think that’s what Johnny is attempting to do.” Explained Gallia. Samuel began running toward the lightning.

“Samuel what are you doing? If you get near him during this power obtaining, you’re going to die!” Exclaimed Gallia. That’s when Frostwing flew beside Gallia.

But this time Frostwing was calm and ready to come back. She could use Frostwing to stop Johnny from obtaining the powers. It looked like he was targeting his powers at the mage market.

“Frostwing. An I ride you for a minute because I need to get up there near that vampire so we can knock him out of the sky before he can obtain all of the Strike of Darkness’s powers.” Said Gallia. Frostwing just got ready for Gallia to get on top of him. He quickly took off the ground and took off sooner than Gallia had expected. She held tightly to his scales. After evolution he might have gained a lot of speed in his flying. Soon they got to the same level as Johnathan.

“Frostwing do it now!” Gallia exclaimed. Frostwing turned his head to look at Gallia. Then he blasted shards of ice at Johnny so did Gallia. The spikes of ice were struck down by Togar.

“I’m not letting you end Darkagia that easily.” Said Togar.

“Togar you can’t defend him right now. This determines are fate and it might even determine yours.” Said Gallia. Togar looked up at her riding on Frostwing. Frostwing spat ice at Johnathan again. But it was too late. Johnny had already obtained all the power he had needed. He struck Gallia and Frostwing from the sky. They came hurling to the ground with a great speed.

“Gallia!” Exclaimed Samuel watching from below. He saw her crash into the Enchanted Forest, hitting a tree before falling all the way down.

“I’ll go get Wilbert. He can fix this. He can stop Darkagia from happening just how he stops everything else.” Said Samuel.

“Stopping Darkagia is more unique than what Wilbert’s ever been up against.” Gallia replied.

“That doesn’t me shouldn’t stop it from happening.” Said Samuel.

“We’re going to allow it to happen. We don’t need any more deaths after our incident with Tyson. We need to finish our wedding.” Said Gallia.

“I guess if that’s what’s more important to you, that’s what we will do.” Said Sam.

“Good you understand. We need to get that done like tomorrow.” Said Gallia.

“I don’t know if Wilbert will be healthy enough for the wedding. We have to that Togar stays safe so Wilbert can stay safe.” Said Samuel.

“I have a great feeling he’ll feel better tomorrow. Let’s go grab Togar.

To be continued...

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