Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 4: The Marriage in Darkagia

Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 4: The Marriage in Darkagia

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Me and Gallia could finally complete our marriage. In memory of her of her mother.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Marriage in Darkagia

I had recently been recovering from Gallia’s attack on Togar. She went out to find Frostwing. She did find him, but was unsuccessful bringing him to me. She had come back to the hospital to visit me again once more. Hopefully she knew evolution was a dangerous stage for a dragon.

“Wilbert, Frostwing flew away. I wish I could have got him for you...” She paused as I began to speak.

“Honey, we’ll find him together. Before our wedding in the enchanted forest.” I said to Gallia.

“That might not be the best place. Johnathan and Togar have made the new enchanted forest a wreck.” Said Gallia.

“The extinguished forest basically. I know that you and Samuel had some issues around there.” I said.

“We did. I was hoping if you felt well enough today if we could...” Gallia didn’t finish. She looked away from me and toward the ground.

“I’m feeling much better today. In fact, I’m getting out of this place today. We’ll find Frostwing and finally have our real wedding.” I exclaimed.

“You make it sound like having Frostwing come with us is so easy. Last time I tried it wasn’t. Are you sure about this, that you can get back your beloved dragon?” Asked Gallia.

“I’ve had Frostwing ever since he was a newborn. No one has ever been more loyal to me. I thought Togath could be a loyal troll but no. I guess it wasn’t his fault though.” I exclaimed.

“Wilbert! Your blood flow seems to be working well and your scar seems to be all healed up. I think you’re finally free to go.” Said one of the nurses.

“I brought your clothes and your robe. I thought this is what we were going to do today.” Said Gallia. I took off my medical uniform and put on the clothes from our house that Gallia had brought me in the bathroom.

“I’m ready. Now let’s go find Frostwing.” I said pocketing my serpent wand. We headed outside to find the lost dragon.

“Where’s the last place you saw him?” I asked.

“The last place I saw him was in the enchanted forest or what is now called the extinguished forest. He didn’t seem too happy about me being there to come for him.” Said Gallia. The enchanted forest was super close to here. We began our walk into the woods.

“We can remove these dead plant new ones. I think we should have our wedding in the Great Grove.” I said.

“You’re right. There’s nowhere more beautiful than there. Our marriage will also still be in honor of the death of my mother.” Said Gallia only a small tear running down her face. It’s been 3 months since her mother died. I still felt like I could’ve have saved her. If only I could’ve. I tried twice but failed both times. That’s when Frostwing the large dragon smashed him talons onto the ground suddenly which had spooked me a bit.

“Frostwing. I haven’t seen you in forever bud.” I said scratching all over. He fell over and lye on his back as I scratched his stomach.

“This is definitely not how Frostwing was acting before when I came here.” Said Gallia watching me.

“I think Frostwing just needs to get you more. Boy Frostwing that evolution really did make you grow.” I said. Frostwing was now about 20 feet long.

“I don’t think it had to do with me, I think it had to do with him going through evolution.” Said Gallia.

“You can think whatever you want but Frostwing is my best friend.” I said. Gallia sighed then shook her head hand against her forehead.

“So the wedding. Can you use your communication orb to talk about it with everyone again?” Gallia asked.

“I’m not even sure if anyone wants to come after what happened last time.” I replied.

“I’ll ensure that nothing happens this time.” Said Gallia.

 “You do that; I’ll make sure everything looks perfect. I’ll go get Sam to come help me out.

“You think our weddings going to attract, enemies?” Gallia asked.

“Precisely. That’s why I’m going to put a dome around us. I would go get ready for the wedding like right now.” I said.

“Wilbert can you at least take me back to the shack.” Galli asked.

“Right. Me and Frostwing will take you over there.” I replied. I got onto Frostwing. Then I was followed by Gallia. Frostwing snorted as she got on. Frostwing, it’s okay, she’s going to be with us a long time.” I said. Frostwing took off.

“Go down there, to my shack!” I exclaimed pointing to it. Frostwing thrusted down and air went flying right past us. We landed on the ground heavily. Gallia ran in the shack. Then she opened the door and looked back at me.

“I’ll have Sam come pick you up with the carriage.” I said.

‘Carriage, where did you get that?” Asked Gallia.

“That’s beside the point. We’re running out of time. We don’t want the any unwanted guests from Darkagia to join our wedding.” I said. Gallia shut the door and went inside. I pulled out my communication and called Sam.

“Sam, I’m going to need you to tell everyone that the wedding’s back on.” I said.

“I don’t know if I can tell them that after what happened last time.” Sam replied.

“Just to it. And by the way, I need you to come pick up Gallia around 2:00 okay?” I told Sam.

“This is the last time I’m doing this for you Wilbert.” Sam replied. I shoved my communication orb into one of the many pockets that lie in my robe.

“I’m still here you know.” I heard coming from my pocket. I had gone to the spot where me and Gallia had our first little activity. The pendulum where the seed of life used to be. I lifted it from out of the ground. The large piece of stone wasn’t as easy as I thought to remove from the ground. But eventually I got it out. That’s when I remembered I had to cast a protection spell and ensure the area’s clear first so I don’t have the experience like I did with Togath again. After ensuring the area was clear I casted the spell.

“Protecto Horon!” I exclaimed. The dome began forming around.

I pulled out my communication orb to ask Samuel a question.

“Sam, is Gallia secured inside the dome currently?” I asked. Looking straight at Sam inside the orb.

“Her safety is ensured. Where are you Wilbert?” Asked Samuel.

“I just in the middle of Grove. Where I had first found the seed of life.” I said. That’s when I could see Sam in the distance.

“No guest list really this time. Just both of your father’s.” Said Samuel.

This was the big moment. If I could be married or not all depended on my father. Here in Storagia you can’t marry anyone without approval of your father. Your father seals your two souls together. Both of the fathers. Bella hadn’t come. She went to Tyson’s funereal because appartenlely she had feeling for him.

“Father. Its time. Do you except my asking of your blessing?” I asked.

“Of course Wilbert. I will support you in anything you do.” My father replied.

“Do you accept give me my blessing father?” Gallia asked her father.

“You seem to be growing up so fast. I don’t want you to leave me but I know it is time. Yes, I do accept your blessing.” Said Gallia’s Father.

“BRIDE and GROOM, you have expressed your love to one another through the commitment and promises you have just made. It is with these in mind that I pronounce you husband and wife.” Exclaimed the pronouncer Wick Paxton. Gallia’s lips had startled me then I felt a much calmer feeling as they touched. Cold, Icey, graceful, and beautiful.

“Now it is time for the Groom to cut the cake.” Exclaimed Wick. Frostwing had already gotten into it. It was all over his face. I shrugged.

“It couldn’t have gone any better.” I exclaimed.

Me and my new wedded wife would take down Darkagia. Frostwing would help us by being himself. And we will finally get Togar and Johnathan. I looked back at the rest of my life. My dad said as I soon as I got married I’d be a true man. I really was a true man now. I will probably go down as the legend of Wilbert the Wizard. How I defeated the strike of Darkness and was soon to defeat Darkagia. My new life begins with my new wife.

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How well will Gallia and Wilbert’s relationship develop? Can Wilbert defeat Darkagia and become the man he was meant to be?

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