Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 7: The Secret Academy

Wilbert the Wizard (Darkagia) Chapter 7: The Secret Academy

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Wilbert works together with his grandfather in law, Cool Z, to attempt in training to save the fallen Storagia.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Secret Academy

Cool Z had just introduced me to the arts of Dark Magic. I wasn’t really aware of dark magic was the thing. Cool Z is a trying to be “cool” nickname, I know. I’m not sure this guy’s training was really going to work. He had recently just told me that this Is his new secret academy where he teaches mages to control the powers of their dark magic. Inspired by me.

“So young battle mage? What spells are you common with?” Said Cool Z.

“I’m common with plenty of spells. 100’s actually to be exact.” I said.

“Well that’s too bad. Because you’re going to have to forget everything that you have ever learned about spells. I’m going to need you to do meditation.” Said Cool Z.

“Meditation. I don’t think people will want to see a guy doing yoga behind the Ice Ware facility.” I said.

“Trust me. I am the trainer around here.” Said Cool Z. I closed my eyes and hummed hardly as I meditated.

“No Wilbert! You’re doing it all wrong. No humming. Keep your chin up, and that’s definitely not the position you sit in.” Said Cool Z.

“This is going to be a long day isn’t it Cool Z.” I exclaimed. He nodded.

“Now close your eyes again student! Your legs need to become cress cross apple sauce. Stop humming please!” Exclaimed Cool Z. He began meditating.

“This is so dumb! You’re not getting me anywhere and I’m not even quite sure if you’re the right guy for this.” I said.

“You’re just going to have to trust me.” Cool Z replied. I wondered when this hippie was going to get me into the real training. We meditated for about another 15 minutes before I interrupted.

“Are we done with this part of training now?” I asked.

“Ugh. You’re still not doing it right. Look back on your past memories and totally chill out dude.” Said Cool Z. I was about to say something very bad to him but I decided to bite my tongue.

I began reflecting on all my memories of the past. Those I have let go such as Togath and Mother Nature. My eyes teared up as I thought about all the memories that we had together. That’s when Cool Z spoke.

“It’s the bad memories that make us more powerful. The push you even harder in the future. I know you might not feel happy about those you’ve watched die in front of you and die before you. Think about those lives.” Said Cool Z. A black colored aura formed around me.

“Now I know you’re really meditating.” Said Cool Z. The black aura continued to form around me as I reflected on those memories I had. I opened my eyes. The black aura that had formed around me faded away.

“I, I...” I really didn’t have much words for this experience but it did make me feel very, powerful.

“Now it’s time for the second stage in your training Wilbert.” Said Cool Z. He looked at me as if he was proud. He knew I was doing the right thing.

“What’s stage 2?” I asked Cool Z glancing up at him from my meditation.

“Stage 2 is using the dark energy you have gained.” Said Cool Z.

“How do I use it. What do I have to do?” I asked Cool Z. He handed me my dark wand. He looked at me as if I know what we were doing.

“You need to bond the powers of yourself and of your wand. If you going to do that you’re going to have say this spell. Kiatisk Librouim!” Exclaimed Cool Z.

“Are you sure. I’ve been studying spells for a long time and I’ve never ever had of that one.” I said.

“I told you to forgot all those old spells, remember. Dark wands are taught very differently.” Said Cool Z. I gripped my wand tight.

“Kiatisk Librouim!” I exclaimed. Nothing happened. I was pretty sure it didn’t work. “Umm Cool Z...” I started.

“It worked! That was magnificent. Now I can finally teach you dark magic. The rest of what you’ll be learning is in this Spell book.” Said Cool Z.

“A spell book?” I picked up the spell book he had set on the desk for me to read.

“This contains all the spells that you need dark magic to use.” Said Cool Z. I flipped through the spell book. Demento? Promon Protecto? I had known idea what any the spells Cool Z had given me were.

“I’m going to get back to work in the shop. We’ll go over the spells and have ourselves a little test on them tomorrow.” Said Cool Z. He headed inside Ice Ware.

“Cool Z, I have questions!” I said shouting out to him. He ignored me and got back to his normal job. I had to be ready for that test tomorrow, so I began studying the strange spell book he had given me. It had mysterious markings all over. It was hard to read because it was written in original Storagian. Demento was obviously a teleporting spell such as Imundo. This spell could take you a farther distance and can only be performed with dark magic and a dark wand. I began practicing the spell. I required a very specific stance. Feet about a foot apart, wand gripped in a unique grip where in would go in front of your main front fingers, but then it would go behind your middle finger and come in front of the others. Weird grip this was. According to the book you have to think about where you want to go to get there. I got into proper stance then announced,

“Demento!” I exclaimed. The spell thrusted me with force all the way back to my shack. It hurt a little doing that spell. It hurt my insides like I was doing something wrong. Hopefully I could get myself back.

“Demento!” I exclaimed again and yet again forcing me into a mist of darkness and then, I ended up at where I thought I would, Ice Ware. Hopefully all the Dark Magic spells I use aren’t that painful. I flipped through the book some more.

“Looks like you having quite the time out here with that book. Just be prepared for tomorrow.” Said Cool Z from the door.

“I know that you can do it Wilbert!” Called out Gallia from behind.

“See you later, honey.” I replied. They shut the cold ice door. Frostwing came outside and sat beside me.

“Frostwing. You’re going to be my motivation for this. You’re my supporter.” I exclaimed to Frostwing. Frostwing remained silent. I found a specific spell that I know was going to be hard. Exemptis. This was the killing spell. But it works much better than the previous spell Xaptis. Which means it is much more dangerous.

“Frostwing, I’m going to need you to step back for this one.” I said pointing my wand at one of the mere flowers on the ground. Frostwing slowly crawled away.

“Exemptis!” I exclaimed. The flower immediately went from its rosey res to a dull black. Then it shriveled up and ripped to pieces.

“I don’t think I like the look of that nasty spell.” I said. Hopefully I didn’t have to use on anything tomorrow either. After a few more hours of studying the book I knew it was time to get some rest. Me and Frostwing settled into Ice Ware. Gallia offered us some sleeping bags because we were lying on the ground


The next morning, we were woken up by Cool Z.

“Hope you had a well night sleep because today is the test.” Said Cool Z. I did feel very relaxed at the moment actually. I got dressed and ready for the test.

“What is this test?” I asked.

“Demonstrate Demento.” Said Cool Z. I assumed I had to do it right now. I thought of the extinguished forest.

“Demento!” I exclaimed. It hurt my insides doing it just as I had done it before. Then I said it again quickly and brought myself back to Cool Z.

“I know it hurts performing that spell. That’s how must dark magic feels. Some mages can’t even handle its power and only end up dying.

“There is two more spells one your test Wilbert. Demonstrate Ascendo.” Said Cool Z. He looked at me as if I had all this down. Which I mostly did.

“Ascendo!” I exclaimed gliding into the air. Again it still hurts.

“I know Wilbert. It will stop hurting as soon as you get used to it.” Said Cool Z.

“There is only one more spell you have to demonstrate to me.” Said Cool Z.

“And what is this final spell you want me to use?” I asked.

“Exemptis. On me.” Said Cool Z.

“No, please stop this. I can’t stand doing this. Death after death. Why can’t I kill a flower or something?” I asked.

“The only way to prove yourself is using it on me. My life is nearing its end anyways. I was cursed you know. I’m an old guy.  I think It would be fine if you ended me. We’d know you could defeat Darkagia so no one else would die in the process. I want you to kill me Wilbert.” Said Cool Z.

“Maybe then, you could be on the same side as Darkagia.” He continued.

To be Continued...

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