Used and Abused

Used and Abused

A Poem by Serenity Faith

When fighting with you give in? Do you put up? Or do you smile and grin...say I've had enough?

It's just not fair
It's just not right
I'm the only one
to put up a fight

No it's just not fair,
No I'm not all right
playing this charade
every day and night

Well little doll...
It's true what they say
But what in the world
Makes you act this way?

All I did was form a smile...
Nothing comes for free
Baby take a look
Do you like what you see?

I'm the perfect piece
I can mold into place
What twists my mind
won't show on my face

Do what you want
I'm the perfect dream
Say what you want
I won't even scream

At Least
     That's What
               It Seems...

In my mind
I lose all control
leave my body behind
and go with my soul

In my world
I can take command
Striking back at
every stretched out hand

I won't do as you want
I won't play your game
But reality whispers in
everything's the same
Smile don't cry
There's no where to run
This it how it is
What's done is done

Put on a show
Don't put up a fight
Keep telling yourself
Everything's all right...

© 2014 Serenity Faith

Author's Note

Serenity Faith
I wrote this maybe a month or two before I finally made the decision to divorce my husband...ending an 8 yr long relationship with someone that I loved was a difficult decision,,,but I had finally decided I'd had enough.I realized that I was the only one in decision I ever made ^_~ maybe some happy works next???

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In my mind
I lose all control
leave my body behind
and go with my soul

I have done this part, trying to figure things out, things will get better.

Posted 9 Months Ago

I like your poem s**t is real :) hope u can stop by and read my 3 chapters of my book what goes around comes around..Tell me what u think :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Maybe I would have acted differently if I had seen this sooner...Maybe it only makes sense now after so much time has passed and our lives are what they are today. You never deserved to see the person the stuggle inside me turned me into. I regret every day of my life the decisions I made and find myself turning it over in my head with tears in my eyes wishing I could rewrite the tragic tale of the star crossed lovers. Nothing I could ever do or say will ever change how things played out but at the end of the day I find myself sitting alone in a bathroom in silence remembering the days long past. My daughter...who I should have been better for...who I know suffers without me because of me. My life...which couldn't have been better that I complained about daily. My wife who loved me unconditionally and gave me the world and I could only ask for more. I used to think in the back of my head everything that happened made you stronger now I finally realize how much you were hiding behind that smile and it breaks my heart. I can't even think about some of the things that happened...Maybe one day years from now you will read this maybe not. Just know that I will never regret walking across the street and yelling group hug to the woman I would one day love with all my heart and throw away like a fool when times got tough. I only wish I could have realized so much sooner what a fool I really was. I hope he really treats you well...I hope he does all the things I didn't do that I wish I could now. I hope that every day of your life is as perfect and magical as the night the sky fell down for much as I hurt I wish you nothing but happiness
-The man who lost it all

Posted 7 Years Ago

Serenity Faith

7 Years Ago

Blind Is The Heart
"Smile don't cry
There's no where to run
This it how it is
What's done is done"
The words felt honest and true. The above lines made the reader think. The poem asked questions and showed how much we can put up with. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on May 26, 2014
Last Updated on May 26, 2014
Tags: sadness, lost, memory


Serenity Faith
Serenity Faith


If you truly must know, write me....i promise to write back ^_~ more..


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