Do you really love me?

Do you really love me?

A Poem by Snickers

This is something I have felt for the longest time. I was finally able to vent it out.

Why can’t you just see.
All The pain it’s causing me.
Maybe we were never meant to be.

You do everything with her but very little with me.
Just Take one look at my heart.
And See all the bloody scars.
You snuggle and play with her.
But do what with me?

Maybe you shouldn’t see the scars.
For all the wounds have been broken through.
Once fully healed now reopened like a painful memory.
Maybe we were never meant to be.
My scars would give you nightmares, like a Dog to a cat.

You healed my heart and ripped it apart.
Why do you talk to her, and never talk to me.
Just leave these wounded scars open and never, heal them back.
Just leave, me to die and never take a look back.

One time I thought you wanted to spend time with me.
But then you talk all about her.
I’m sick of it I want to end it.
Just leave me the f**k alone.
If you loved me.
You’d spend time with me.
So it comes to this.
Do you really love me?
Because I really Love you.                                                                                                

© 2010 Snickers

Author's Note

This is something I feel and I need to get off my chest, but i wrote this along long time ago, back in like 2009, lolz no worries. I'm fine now. Hehe I like reading this over and over a long time ago, my ex cheated, on me and i didn't even cry. Funny thing is I knew he cheated on me. I thought it was funny actually.

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Very good work, I've seen allot of people have these same issues with their significant others. It's amazing how many fail to ask that question that you ask .

Posted 8 Years Ago

speechless... this is some of the best work i've ever seen

Posted 10 Years Ago

Hmm, good. I'd like you to add some more visual, figurative language. That would be even better.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I like the honesty here. It's very real!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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That is sad. :( A poem obviously written fueled by strong emotions. I don't know about the colors though, if you wanted to make a depressing effect you could have neglected the colors... but then the message. It was so heartfelt. So innocent and vulnerable. Love truly has its crooked ways.. but once you find true love you wouldn't notice how the past hurts. Hang in there ms Dream. You're young. Love'll come to you :p

Posted 10 Years Ago

The Color Within The Emotions That Bleed From Within This Is Amazing. True Feelings Are Spoking In Mind But Be Known In Tongue. This Is Almost How I Feel From Previous Relationships But Now I Don't Even Care Anymore. Most People Just Use And Hurt Others But This Is Awesome. I Like It. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

love the it contradicts the theme...i do that with my's a teen angst poem with the power of that ONE expletive ha ha...cheats never's true...for a while...but, like lies...the must live in the shadows of secrecy...i like made me think of writing something new...i will read your other writing very soon...

Posted 10 Years Ago

beautifully writen i loved all the feeling great work keep it up


Posted 10 Years Ago

wow I like this

Posted 10 Years Ago

Pretty good. I secretly hope you taught the @#$$ a lesson ;)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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