Verse 1.2 (Beginning)

Verse 1.2 (Beginning)

A Chapter by Blackdeer

With the help of time and the introduction of a new friend, Michaell learns to coupe with his new life with Madame Patricia Mae Roux (barley) and his Role as a foster child.

The house was upscale, but nothing to boast about. More elegant paintings hung around the walls of the living and dining areas as well as different sculptures, masks , and musical records. The furniture was white, like everything else, and dressed with fabrics of gold and silver. Different urns and vases containing mostly fake flowers, some real ones though, had been scattered around in different areas of the apartment. In the center of the room stood two pillars that went from the floor to the ceiling, and behind them was three windows that out looked to the skyscrapers and city life of Los Angeles. “My home is the most luxurious and divine suite this establishment has to offer and even though it may not be on the highest floor, it’s the most sought after. It’s the only place where you can get a glimpse of the mountains and a look of the ocean.” (As for look of the ocean, she means a view of the horizon toward Santa Monica. You can’t see the ocean but, the sun reflects the water and makes a interesting view. It’s ok, but nothing special.) She lead us to a white, buttoned couch with a small grey coffee table in front of it and sat down in a long white chair adjacent from us (which I would later find out is called “The Chaise of Inspiration” because all of Madame Roux’s “Great Ideas” come while she is on this chair.) “Have a seat and we can discuss arrangements.” Social worker Jane sat me down at the end of the couch and then she sat with Dennis next to me.“ Ok, you may start with your paperwork and questions and all the other meaning less antics you have me do when I take in another underprivileged child,” she stated impatiently.“Yes.” Jane stood me up “This is Michaell and his full name is Michaell Ashnah Sashiel Pat. He’s three, almost four now. He’s potty trained, knows all of his ABCs, can organize his clothes and toys, and can tie his shoes. Even though he gets in trouble a lot, he is very smart for his age.” She continued talking while passing some paperwork to the old woman. “He started preschool but refused to do any of the work. It’s not that it’s too hard for him, he just doesn’t apply himself and does it on his own terms like if he gets something for doing it or if he gets to play with something if he practices his writing.” Madame Roux looked unamused. “Sounds like your company is being walked over by an infant,” she said disappointed, “If he’s smart enough to know how to weed out the weak and foolish, he should be far past the alphabet and numbers.” She looked at both social workers and shook her head, then put on a pair of very old oval glasses that looked as if they belonged in the 1700s, and glanced over the paperwork. “Ah! Your mother’s name is Annette Nicole Sashiel Pat.” Then Madame Roux looked at us as if she was finally happy, “Yes! Another daughter of the Crescent City. I didn’t even recognize that your last name is Sashiel Pat, son of France indeed. It’s probably because it is not a common french name, just barely registering in the back of my mind. Petit Garçon, parle vous Français?”, the old women said looking at me. I stared at her not only because I didn’t know what she said, but also because I could feel that this women was going to be the start of a long irritation for me. “Hein, bonjour?”, she said again puzzled. “Ahem (*throat clearing*), Madame Roux I don’t think Michaell can speak french let alone any other foreign language,” the social worker said trying to protect me. “ Foreign!?” the older women said as if she heard something crazy. “That language is a foreign to that boy as to your hair is to your head. It’s just because his poor mother must have had something drastic happen to her to not only live on the streets and get him taken away, but to also forget her language is an entirely different feeling. She must be so lost and confused. The poor weak minded fool getting mixed up in that life.” I frowned, she knew nothing of my mother and what she’s been through. “What?” she said glaring back at me, “Finally have something to say to me boy? Come on, spit it out.” I just continued to stare. “But it’s ok. I’ll make it my personal vendetta to make sure you know all about who you are, my mind is far to superior to be altered by foolishness. Maybe if I had a change to find and raise that mother of yours, neither one of you would have the problems you face today and still be with each other.” I was pissed at the old hag that she thought she was my savior, that she was better then my mom, and that she would even think that she could adopt me. I shouted at her “You’ not mom!” Ok… so my grammar wasn’t the greatest, but damn, I was three. Something that old b***h failed to realize. I want to hear you sound better when you where three. “Ohhh. And what if I sign these papers and become mom?,” the old hag countered with. “You’ not, can not. Yo’ not eben like me anyways. Be bad. Wit’ you.” Jane hoped in full of half smiles and pretend laughs stating that the reason I’m unable to speak in complete sentences is because I refused to do school work or let anyone (including the teacher) help me do anything. “He prefers to learn it on his own. Heh heh ha ha” said as if she was trying to find a better excuse. “Oh. So your stupid.” Miss Roux said to me. “I no stupid! You stupid!”, I yelled. “Impossible!”, she roared, “I could never be stupid . I let people help me and always had. I can speak at least three different languages fluently and your struggling with one,” and she all that in a boasting tone. “Cause yo’ old and stupid.” I said, then started to laugh. She glared, then smiled, “I’m really starting to like you boy. Never have I had anyone, including my own children, insult me so and not only that, but on the first day and none other the less be it from a child three years of age. You truly are going to be model, presentable work when I’m done with you. Now, where do I have to sign on these damn papers to get this affair over with and escort you out of my home. As I said, there’s so much to be done,”she said looking at Jane. “Umm..uhh.. yes.” Jane said while she fumbled through papers. “All..we.. need.. is just a couple of court forms, agreement forms, etc… let’s start with the request form.” I frowned and protested, “I no won’ stay ‘ith her!”, I yelled. “Sorry Michaell but she’s the only family that’s willing to take you. You made sure to terrorize and scare everyone else.” Who would have known my plan would backfire. “Nooo!!!” I yelled and ran through the hall and up a flight of stairs in the back. In the background I could hear the old women yell out “Don’t go after him, it will only encourage him. His little a*s can’t get to far anyway.” To think I would have to live the rest of my life with..with..that!

I walked through the foreign hall and came across more junk that just proved that the old hag was full herself. Pictures of her as elegant as she can be with other people she thought was high end, more music records encrusted with gold, and various miniature statues of saints and gods. There where three doors up here; two on the right and one directly ahead. I figured that the best room to hide in would be the last because it’s was bond to be the last one they would look in. I entered a large, beige room with paintings, mask, and instruments placed all around. There was a small piano in the farthest right corner next to a window; in the middle of the room was a queen size bed and next to it was matching nightstands and a dresser. There was a open closet full of clothes that were thrown around and a cracked door next to it on the left side of the room. Closer toward the dresser was a small white crib with a pile of clothes near it. The room was a mess with clothes, tapes, papers, and even empty plates and dishes all around in different areas. The wall beside me had a old tv placed on top of an even older stand that was playing the news and the air in here was heavy with perfumes and makeups. This was a women’s room, an old women’s room. I decided the best place to hide would be under the pile of clothes near the closet and the crib; it’s worked for me before, a different scenery shouldn’t change the outcome. I started crawling underneath the clothes when I heard a low squeaking noise. I looked up and stopped, then I heard the noise again louder coming from the crib. The crib started to move a bit and a whining noise came from it. I walked over and pulled myself up to the top of the crib then poked my head through. There was a small baby inside swaddled in a pink blanket and a white bow on her head. She was rocking her head side to side and crying loudly. It looked like she had just woken up. I reached my arm over and tried pushing her back and forth to calm her down and then I started humming. This usually worked on the babies at the home. I didn’t work. I started clapping, and smiling, and whistling; nothing worked. “Dumb baby, what’s wrong?” I saw that her pacifier was on the side of her and forced my arm over to get it, then tried my hardest to aim for her mouth. I think I pulled a muscle trying to put the thing in if I remember but I eventually got it in. Then the little brat spat it out! “Uugghhh!” Again I forced the pacifier in her mouth and held it their until she started suckling and became content. After a couple of seconds she started to go back to sleep. I hopped down and silently shouted “yay!” to myself at me victory. Michaell one, random baby zero. I started to head back to the pile of clothes when I turned around and saw the giant, angry Ms. Roux standing above me. “So you actually managed to do one thing right. Your not completely stupid after all.” I frowned at the women’s compla-sult. “Her name is Avlynn and you can help me with her if it’s not to hard for you. A good big brother should at least know how to take care of his sister, or is it to difficult for someone who can’t even get through preschool?”, she said smugly. “It not,” I told her and began to walk out. “Good. She’s only a couple of months old but she’s a special baby so we have to be extra careful with her. You might grow into a fine older brother if you manage not to mess up Monsieur Michaell,” she said smiling this time. I thought about her words as I walked back down to the living room. About what she said and how I just became an older brother. I never had any other family beside mom and the other kids at the foster home, I just considered them unlucky like me and we ended up in the same place by faith, but somehow this felt different. Some reason I actually felt excited by her words and was looking forward to helping my baby sister. I smiled and walked to the social workers. “Did something upstairs change your mind drama queen,” Denis said smiling. I refused to say anything back to the idiot an proceeded to ask Social Worker Jane “Am I goin’ bac’ the home?” She smiled, “No sweetheart. This is your home now and you have to promise to be good so we don’t have to find another one for you, ok? You got to stay here and help Ms.Roux out with your little sister and keep her safe.” She leaned in toward me and whispered, “You know she’s kind of old so she’s gonna need a lot of your help.” We started to laugh and I smiled. Jane was mean at times, but deep down she had a nice heart. I told her “Kay” and then she gave me a hug. “Is everyone done saying their goodbyes?”, Ms. Roux said behind us. For a women who was over weight and needed the assistance of a cane to help her move around, she sure could sneak up on you. “Yes. We would like to thank you so much again Madame Roux and the manager at SCFC wanted me to tell you thanks for your many years of contributions,” then Social worker Jane began to gather up the paperwork and told her partner it’s time to go. “I only wish to help those in need and to give back to the community. We must do our share to better the future,” the old women said as if she was enlightening someone agin. “Ditto” Jane replied and headed toward the door. “Monsieur Pierre, please help them to their vehicle,” and then said in a lower voice “a little something for troubling you,” and gave the man a couple of five dollar bills. “Pas de problème Mademoiselle, it was no trouble at all,” and he escorted my two former guardians back to their vehicle and out of my life, forever.

“Now, let’s get started on rules, NEW son,” said the old woman with a smile and so, my story began. Life with Patricia Mae Roux was absolute hell. Things I knew, I learned that I didn’t really “understand” them and things I wanted to know, I learned I should stay as far away from them as possible, or face the lecture of a life time. The first thing Madame Roux had me do after being adopted was to take a bath, “properly.” This was rule number one; when your at the house, you must be clean. She made me scrub literally, every inch of my body and as a child that never really took a bath by himself, it was harder then it sounds. She watched me the entire time, staring at me until I thought I was done, and when I was she would say “that was the wrong way monsieur,” and then made me do it all over again from the beginning. I rescrubbed my arms, legs, body, my dick and my a*s twice to make sure it wasn’t those, but still she said “that was the wrong way monsieur”, and made me do it again. We were in that freakin’ bathroom of hers for at least 4 hrs, I even emptied out the tub twice and ran new water but still, “wrong.” It came to a point where I got tired and frustrated and angry that I started yelling at her, “This STUPID!! YOU STUPID! IT NOT ‘RONG! I TAKE BATH! I ‘CRUB! I’M CLEAN!!!*sob* (I started to cry) I clean.*sob*”, I couldn’t believe the a*s actually had me crying over taking a bath. I wiped my tears and snot, then faced the tub “How you do it? HUH!?! What right way?”, I asked her. The old women made a wicked grin, as if she was waiting for me to say those words, then said “ Well monsieur, we must first clean the bathroom .” I turned around as if couldn’t understand what she was saying. Was I being tortured? “WHAT!?!” I yelled. She laughed after hearing that then smiled even deeper, “Boy I haven’t cleaned this bathroom since Friday and now it’s Monday night. It’s been gathering dirt for two whole days. How can you expect to get clean in a dirty place? You can’t.” I stared at her in disbelief. I wanted to punch her, to tell her “why did you say that to me sooner, or give me a hint of what I should be cleaning”, I wanted to curse at her, but the longer I stared nothing came out. She walked to the hall and began to gather somethings while I stayed in the bathroom naked and confused. She came back with a bucket, some cleaning supplies, and two pairs of gloves. “Today I’ll help you since I decided to go easy on you, but next time you better make sure your bathing room is clean, before you try to clean yourself.” She considered that going easy!? Not only that, I spent the next hour and a half scrubbing the bathroom and places she “couldn’t reach” all while being naked and still wet. I finally got the ok from her that the bathroom was “up to standards” around 11pm and finished my final bath at 11:30 making sure to scrub everywhere twice. “That’s the right way to do it Michaell” and told me I was good to leave the bathroom. I was so tired and sick of seeing water (and I actually liked the water and taking a bath before this incident) that the only thing I wanted to do was go to bed. That’s when I realized I didn’t have any more clean clothes here and the ones I was wearing were soaked in water. “We can go get the laundry started if you want. It’s a shame you decided to hided all your clothes, isn’t it,” she said with another smug smile. I glared at her but didn’t have the energy to retaliate, so I decided to just go to sleep naked and walked over to her bed, climbed in, and passed out. In the back of my mind I could hear her yelling “Hey! What are you doing! That’s my bed! YOUR NAKED!!”, but I eventually zoned her out and went into a deep sleep. I never felt so happy to go to bed.

I woke up the next morning in a different bed and fully clothed. I looked at the shirt and pants I was wearing; they fit me perfectly, but they were not mine. The clothes were terrible and looked as if I was getting ready to go to bible studies. I wore a dark blue, buttoned collared shirt with a pair of beige pants and I also had on a pair of beige dress shoes. I got up out of the strange room and began to look for something familiar and my clothes. I headed toward the door then immediately the door swung open and Madame Roux walked in. “Bonjour little one. Did you have a nice sleep?”, she said happily. I still felt a little weak from yesterday, but I refused to tell her that. Instead I pointed to the clothes I was wearing. “Where my clothes?”, I said puzzled. “ Those are your clothes. Their previous owner won’t mind if you where them, I promise. Besides, you need them for school,” she said heading toward the door. “School?” I said confused. Then she said that I was not to slack on my studies just because I wanted to and told me I needed all the help I could get to fix that “broken” English I spoke. “Until your able to exquisitely pronounce and articulate every word in the English alphabet as I can, you must attend school. Whether they have to beat the knowledge in you or not, that’s you choice.” This lady was already irritating me. “School stupid,” I replied and started to walk back toward the bed, then the old women grab my arm and forced me to follow her outside the house. “No, while your in my house young man school is not an option, it’s mandatory.” I tried to pull away and fight back, but it was as if the old hag lifted cars in her spare time and had a grasp of steel. “You stupid. ‘ike school.” She laughed my remark off. “And until you can not only speak like me, but know as much as me, you can’t use the word stupid and child, I’m fluent in four languages.” After my failed attempt to free myself ended, she drug me to her beaten down car and drove me to school.
The place was big and old with broken cobblestone bricks all around the building. It was large and kind of shaped like a church but not at the same time. Below a cross that was above the main entrance, the name of the school was written, Saint Cecilia Preparatory Institute. “Everyone of my children graduated from this fine establishment and you shall be the next. They are very particular about their teaching methods and making sure every student learns what needs to be taught. I don’t need to be there to make sure your doing a good job; if your not, they’ll detain you and punish you accordingly. Isn’t that fun Michaell, I don’t have to do any work,” she said with the biggest smile on her face. I walked with her inside the old building and to the first door that was labeled Administration. “Oh, Madame Patricia Mae! C’est magnifique! How have you been my love,” said a middle aged woman who smiled and walked from behind a counter. She wore a long, flower patterned red and green dress and had on some white flats or shoes. Her hair was dark brown and pinned into a bun, she had black glasses, and had on a silver cross necklace. “Ahhh, and who is this little one?”, she said bending down to look at me. I looked back at her but said nothing. I couldn’t read her; whether she was good or bad, I couldn’t tell. “Answer Lady Valeria boy.” I glared at the old women, then said “Michaell” fairly low. “Oh. Michael huh? Do you have a middle or last name sweetheart?” I stared at her but didn’t answer. “I don’t think the boy knows who he is,” Madame Roux said then handed Lady Valeria some paperwork. “I brought it up but he could never answer me. Poor child doesn’t know.” Lady Valeria looked at the forms and smiled. “My dear boy, you have the name of the saints. Michael was a prophet and Sashiel is the name of a god. Although Michael is spelled a little odd but ,yes, you are Michaell Ashnah Sashiel Pat.” She smiled. “It’s a lovely name and we’ll help you remember it sweetheart. Now how about we get you enrolled into school my dear.” After the women finished talking and signing papers, I was forced to say “Goodbye, have a nice day” to Madame Roux because I needed to show more respect and discipline in public to her apparently and then followed Lady Valeria to a classroom toward the back of the school.
That day was one of the WORST day off my life. I entered that damn classroom (with slight high hopes after talking with Lady Valeria) and immediately realized I didn’t belong here. Every other mind wiped idiot was dressed nice and in the same uniform as me but, they weren’t like me. There were some students a little bigger and older than me, but they were all rat brained idiots. They all stared at me, like they were better than me, like I️ was the one that was out of place. Then there was that god teacher. “What’s your name!”, she yelled from the front of the classroom. “M-ma-ma.” I️ stuttered: “Come on. Speak up. We can’t disrupt the class all day can we.” “Michaell!” I️ yelled out. “Well Monsieur Michael, you can sit next to Audrey and Derek for now until we get you settled.” She then left me there for the rest of the day and didn’t give me anything to do, she didn’t even pass by me. I️ tried to ask her for something or get her attention, but she completely ignored me. I️ went home and tried to tell Patricia about it but as always, she said I️ was the cause of it. The same thing happened the next day and believe me I️ was not happy about going back to that place. On top of that when I️ did finally get to speak, the b***h made fun of me. “I️t’s as if you were born in the Stone Age. You must have grown up with barbarians.” I know my mom wasn’t the greatest parent, but that doesn’t give an uppity a*s the right to talk about her. I️ declared to myself that day that I️ wasn’t going to let anyone belittle me and I was going to build myself up to be able to defend my mom; she was weak and dumb, not a jerk like these people.
So I️ started paying attention a little more in class and studying people a little more as well. I️ didn’t show it of course, I️ didn’t want anyone to think that I just gave up and accepted my faith, but when I️ talked to someone, I️ did start correcting my mistakes a lot more. I️ didn’t have any friends or people to talk to, so I️ practiced with Avlynn. She was small and only could respond in noises and babbles, but she was good to practice with. Also she wouldn’t make fun of me if I️ said something wrong. I️ actually liked my sister, she was my only friend. After about half year, my grammar and vocabulary exceeded most children my age. I️ was finally to the point where I️ could hold a conversation with Madame Roux.
“Boy, didn’t I️ tell you to clear off that table and prepare the dishes to be washed?” She was laying down on the recliner in the living room half asleep as she stared at the news. “I️ had already finished running the dish water and prepared the dishes to be washed! You would have know that if you weren’t laying down,” I️ yelled this from the kitchen as I️ continued with my slave work. “Who do you think your yelling at young man! Don’t think just because you got a little bit older that you have the right to yell at me.” I was about four and a half at that time. I️ had been staying with Patricia Mae for almost a year now. We had grown into what someone would call the most awkward and weird old married couple, not to mention that she was like 15 times my age. “You’re the one yelling and you don’t even know why! I️ already finished everything! Why did you start yelling at me!” I️ said angrily while scrubbing the pots. “YOU started yelling at ME first!! If you don’t like cleaning up the mess, DON’T EAT!”, she yelled back beginning to fully wake up.“YOU’RE THE ONE THAT MADE ALL THIS DAMN S**T!! It’s your mess that I’m f****n’ cleaning right now!”, I said this and then I could feel the angry boiling inside her as she screamed out, “WHO THE F**K DO YOU THINK YOUR CURSING AT!?!”, as she entered the kitchen like a bat out of hell and charged after me. I️ looked at the crazed, deranged women as she came wanting to strangle me, then ran. Madame Roux had double knee replacement surgery and was in the process of having her hip removed, but that didn’t seem to matter as the old women charged after me. “YOUR LITTLE A*S IS GOING TO BE SORE FOR WEEKS WHEN I️’M DONE WITH YOU!!!”, she roared lunging toward me and grabbed my leg. I️ kicked her hand off and yelled,”That’s if your old a*s can catch me first!” She screamed and started to throw books, dolls, plants and thing that was near her at me. A big dictionary hit me in the back and I️ fell. “Owwww!! YOU A*S!!”, I tried as quickly as I could to get back up. She laughed and began to come toward me. As she came closer, I️ saw the plug for the night stand lamp and saw that she was coming across. I️ immediately grabbed the pug from the wall and yanked it. The lamp swung in front of her, not hitting her but caused her to jump in panic as she fell on her right side; the side were she was going to have her hip replaced. She screamed as her weight came down on her hip and she fell to the floor hard. I️ laughed at her, “Haha, Serves you right,” but she didn’t pay me any attention as she tried to force herself off of her pained side. I️ stared at her as she struggled for five minutes, then sighed and went to get Pierre. He gasped when he saw the women on the floor, then looked at me saying “Vu-what hav’ you-v don!”, in a heavier french accent then normal. “She was- I️ tried- then she-,” I got caught on my words. “Enough!!”, he said then pushed me away. I️ didn’t care about him or Madame Roux and left him and her as I️ went into Avlynn’s room and made sure she was fine. After about 30 minutes, I️ heard the front door close and went back down stairs to see Madame Roux laying down in the recliner asleep. I️ sighed and stared at her, then the kitchen that was still dirty. I️ sighed again as I️ went down stairs to finish cleaning up. This was one of many many fights I️ had with the old women.
She never really became “comfortable” with me. I️ was always put on high alert with her and she was always ready for a battle with me even if we were just having a normal conversation. We never became like a mother and a son. The opposite can be said about Avlynn. She was always sweet and easy to get along with even as a child, everybody loved her, not like me. I️ would usually go and talk with her after I️ got yelled at by Patricia Mae or if school sucked that day or if I️ couldn’t find something I lost or if I️ thought something was funny or if I️ just..needed someone to talk to; like I said, she was the only friend I️ had. To be honest I️ was starting to get a little bit lonely. Avy was cool and everything but I️ was about ready to have a friend I️ could actually talk to instead of me doing most of the talking and being responded to in giggles and baby rants. To my surprise, my wish was about to be answered. The next day, Madame Roux came back and announced that, “We’re getting a new addition to our family tomorrow. Michaell, you’ll be pretty excited about this one, they’re around your age.” I️ thought to myself, why would she agree to adopt another child and she hated the way I️ turned out. Then I️ thought that maybe she adopted someone to deal with all the things I️ put her through. For that, I️ hated the new b*****d. They were probably here to replace me. I bet she adopted another girl, the old hag looked like she couldn’t stand men anyway. That’s probably why she was always bitchy, hasn’t had anything in her in years. “So we must prepare and tidy up for the arrival of our guest.” As for we must prepare and clean up, she meant I must prepare and clean up. She made me wipe down, pick up, and rewash everything she could see on the first floor, then told me that “We’ll start on the upstairs next. Go up an-,” then to my luck the door bell rang. “Ah! They’re here early. What did I tell that women about coming when I told her too.” She walked to the foyer grumbling to herself, then opened the front door of the apartment. “I swear Janice, your always horrible with time,” Madame Roux said as she reprimanded Social Worker Jane. “Yes Mrs. Roux, I apologize. We just finished a little earlier then I thought. I didn’t want to have him wait.” Him?? I thought I heard her wrong but then Social Worker Jane walked into our apartment with a little boy behind her. She looked at me and smiled, “Hi Michaell, I would like you to meet my friend. He’s about the same age as you. His name is Kane.”

I couldn’t believe it. There was another boy, my age, a brother; I had a brother! I was excited and happy and nervous, I didn’t know what to say to him, so I said nothing and just stared. “Kane sweetheart, please take your shoes off and introduce yourself to everyone okay my dear,” Jane told him this while she was beginning to take off her heels. “Yes Ms. Ashton.” He untied his dress shoes, then walked from the corridor and bowed to us. “Good afternoon everyone. My name is Kane Sar Powasa and I turned 4 years of age 3 months ago. I was just recently in the care of Ms. Ashton for about a week and you are the first family I had the pleasure to meet. I hope we can all get along nicely.” He smiled and bowed again. “Oh, marvelous my dear boy. Se magnifique! What a lovely and polite young man you are.” Madame Roux was in heaven listening to the boy, I believe that’s what she wished I would be like when I arrived. I guess he was the agency’s way of saying sorry for giving her me or thank you for taking me off their hands and not returning me yet, here’s a better son. “My name is Patricia Mae Roux and I live her with your two siblings Michaell and Avlynn. Oh! Let me go get young Avlynn from upstairs so you can meet her,” she said as she hurried up the stairs. The boy smiled at her as she left, then turned and smiled at me. “So you must be Michael. I heard a lot about you from Ms. Ashton. She said you would be a really cool brother to have and your really smart. How long have you been living with Mrs.Roux? Did you adopt her last name yet?”, he asked as if was surveying me. “No, my last name is Sashiel Pat like my mom’s. I’ve only been here for about a year but I plan on going back to my mom when I get older,” I said to the nosey little boy, then stayed quite. Kane always had a good talent for that, getting everything he needed out of you just in the first couple of sentences. “Ah, that’s pretty cool and sweet that you still keep in touch with your mom, I don’t talk to my parents much anymore,” He paused for a moment and stared blankly. “Anyways, like I said, I’m Kane. (*He grabbed a pencil and paper from Social Worker Jane’s Bag*)K, A, N and an E. Like sugar cane but with a “k”. Means warrior in Celtic, my dad always believed I was going to apart of some great battle one day and the name would be befitting. (*Laughs*) Funny huh” then he smiled again at me. I felt comfortable with this kid, he was nice and making an effort to get to know me, something a lot of people I met usually don’t do. I laughed back, “Haha yay. Well my mom’s name for me isn’t any better. I’m Michael, but it’s spelled (*while grabbing the pen from him*) M, I, C, H, A, E, L, and another “L” for some odd reason. Madame Roux thought it was a typo when she was trying to help me spell it and even went up to the hospital I was born at to see if it was spelled right. At school my teachers kept correcting me like I didn’t know how to spell my name. No Michaell sweetheart, Michael only has one L in it they kept telling me. Crazy old women.” We both laughed again. “Well,” Kane said staring at my name “It kind of looks like a weird way of spelling Michelle. Especially since your going to a french school, the double “L” could be mistaken for one really long “L” sound in the french language. So your name kind of looks like Michelle if you glance at it.” He said trying to be modest. That little jerk he knew what he was doing, then all of a sudden we both hear from behind us, “Hahahaha, Michelle. Good one my dear Kane. I barley noticed that in his name, it did look a little feminine to me. No wonder he always wines like a little girl. Hahahaha, Michelle,” the old women laughed like she heard a joke from a professional comedian. I glared at my new “friend” and how he betrayed me just moments after meeting me. How do you immediately join sides with the enemy and then he just stands there with that oh, I didn’t do anything face. That jerk. I decide to go talk to Avlynn instead and stick to people I knew wouldn’t make fun of me. He apologized about it after dinner in my room, “I didn’t know she would hear or that it would hurt you that much. She was mainly happy that I knew something about french names. I asked her not to call you it.”he said politely. “You what!? Now she’s gonna think that that hurts me and ughhh…try to use it against me. Ahhhh, Kane why’d you tell her?”, I laid in my bed trying to wallow in agony but I wasn’t as mad at Kane as I wanted to be, he did try to help. “I’m sorry, I just..I couldn’t.. she wa- she wasn’t.. I”, then he froze and just stared. “Kane?”, I went over to him and shook him until he came back to reality. That was probably the first and only time I ever seen him without a good enough answer to a situation and didn’t know what to do, he physically couldn’t accept the outcome, so his brain made some kind of “error”, “reboot” thing to fix itself I think. I guess this was why Kane always had an answer, always. He came to and said “Sorry”, he looked drained. I sat him down on my bed. “Hey dude, it’s ok. Really. I was just playing and over exaggerating the problem. I’m just really difficult to get along with, ask most people who come in contact with me.” I smiled. Kane smiled back and regained his happy expression. “It’s ok. It won’t happen again and I’ll be an expert on your personality disorder by the morning,” he smiled then winked at me. “Now let’s go to bed,” and he began changing into his night clothes. “Bed? This is my room. I thought you were going to be in-,” and then I saw that Madame Roux moved all of Kane’s bags in my room after I put them in her’s. “But there’s only one bed in her?” I said glancing at him. “Madame Roux said we should be fine sleeping together. Two growing boys should spend there time with like beings, and I quote. Your fine, lay down. I won’t bite, I promise,” then he did that “hahaha, your mad” smile that he does all the time and went to bed. I looked around my room, my old room and the little time of freedom I had in it slowly slipping away. “Ughhh, ahhhhh,” I groaned then went to bed.
Like I said, Kane was everything Madame Roux wanted me to be in a son. He did everything she said, he was very polite and kind, never complained about doing shores or anything in that matter, he was a genius in school and the top of our class, he knew literally a little bit about everything including stuff far past our age group, he helped a lot with Avy, and I think the number one thing she liked the most about him was he never argued or question her, not once. Honestly, I think he’s what anyone would want in a son and to be honest, it scares me how prefect the little b*****d is. It makes you wonder why he’s a b*****d in the first place. He never told me why he’s not with his parents or what happened to them. He would always shrug it off or give me that half a*s lie, “I just don’t remember all of what happened Michaell.” F****n’ liar, if he could remember most of the worlds capitals and their political leaders at the age of five, he knows what happened to his parents. Oh, that’s another thing Kane never did, curse. Living with F*****g Madame Roux’s a*s, you would except all her damn children to curse, but not Kane. All the damn curse words she used on me, you can see why I’m a little bit of a potty mouth, but Kane was always polite plus he rarely got cursed at. It was usually my fault when he did. He would always plead to me that I should do my “chores” or “housework” that Madame Roux “assigned” to us without complaining or arguing with her but, that was impossible. Her lazy a*s never did s**t and was always barking out f****n’ orders. Just like she did to me, as soon as Kane got here she made him start cleaning s**t and picking up different things that didn’t even belong to him. After 5 months of the same s**t over and over again, I stood up for Kane. We had just finished eating dinner and began clearing off the table, washing the dishes, and putting food and other things up. I was going as fast as I could because I wanted to finish so I could play Kane in “War” again. I only beat him twice out of the hundreds of games we played. Then Madame Roux yells, “Kane, come put these clothes in Avlynn’s and my room, then pick up that mess that you guys left on the floor up there.” He just replied with “yes ma’am” and stopped drying the dishes, then began gathering the clothes. “You can’t just take him away in the middle of a task he was doing, he was already helping me clean the kitchen. By myself, this is going to take forever,” I said glaring at Madame Roux. “Who says that I can’t. He was helping me clean up the mess you guys created in my room so I could get ready to go to sleep.” She then motioned him to continue grabbing the clothes. “We didn’t make any mess, Avy was the one that threw everything down. She’s always the one. Besides, he’s not helping you, he’s just doing all the work and your not even going to go upstairs to go to sleep anyways, your just going to sleep on the couch again,” and I started to get mad and stopped washing. “And who the hell made you in charge of who the Hell I can order around and where the f**k I can sleep,” she said to me pissed. “Your always f****n’ ordering us around and we’re f*****g tired of it. Start picking up you own s**t!,” I yelled at her. She was mad and began to shout at both of us, “So every f****n’ body feels that I don’t do a god damn thing around here, huh? Then maybe I should just stop buying s**t for your little a*s, you and Kane’s a*s.” I guess this is when Kane saw that the fight was getting out of hand because he forced me upstairs to sit with Avy as he dragged me away from yelling at the old woman. We were still shouting and cursing each other from upstairs until Kane closed my door. I then heard him begin talking with Madame Roux as she yelled and cursed at him until she calmed herself down as he finished cleaning the kitchen and picking up whatever else she wanted him to do. I stayed in Avy’s room taking to her about how mad I was and I didn’t know how he can still stay down there with her as she talked to him like that. “He’s just letting her take advantage of him. She’s a dick and he’s being her p***y,” I said to Avy realizing what I said after the fact. “You mean. Bad word. Bad Mital,” Avy told me trying to reprimand me. She was a little past two now but she could usually talk pretty well for her age, another thing Kane helped with. “What do you know. Your just a baby.” She cried after a told her that, so I apologized and began to play with her to make her happy. She calmed down and went to sleep after for a bit in Madame Roux’s bed. I looked around at all her toys and stuff on the floor, then sighed as I began to clean up the room. If I didn’t do it, then Madame Roux would make Kane do it, and that would delay our game again. It took me thirty minutes to finish cleaning the room, then I waited another ten when Kane finally opened the door. He opened the door and gasped. “Awww, thanks Michelle. All you needed was to just be alone to become nice again. Wow, you really cleaned everything, including Madame Roux’s things,” he walked around the room gawking at what I did. “I thought you said you weren’t going to call me that and what, you don’t think I can clean a room?”, he was starting to irritate me again. “Hahaha, I said I told Madame Roux not to call you that, I said nothing about me using the name for myself. Besides, today you totally acted like Michelle. Michaell would never do that, I know him to well,” then he punched me in the back and laughed. I growled then laughed with him, “I guess you think you know Michaell. Besides, I don’t know this new Kane either. The Kane I knew would never hit me. It could result in a bad outcome for him and he never does anything bad.” He smiled. “Well both Kanes would beat you at any game of cards. How about it, want to lose in a different game?”, he said picking Avy up and putting her in her bed. “As if. You just get lucky all the time,” I said punching him back. “Alright, I’ll play with you, what did you have in mind?”, and helped him tuck Avy in, then we walked back to our room. “I don’t care. Poker, blackjack, 21, hearts; I could beat you in them all.”

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I apologize in advance. Each one of my chapters are actually one or a few paragraphs from my books. The sentences are long and the way their put together may be difficult for some readers. I am working to fix this issue now, but in the mean time please read and enjoy the story.
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