Pain, la pena

Pain, la pena

A Poem by Blacke Hennessey

Well, a pain that goes deep but not what you think


It's sharpness exploded in my body, stemming from just one point

My brain received the message even before it spread and I held my heart

not my head

It was a knife entering my tender flesh, a bomb rupturing all the blood vessels

A lethal force puncturing my side and made my heart flutter, flutter...pause-

Then start again.



I had not been careful where I treaded, never cared where I stepped

I felt like kingkong, loved, appreciated and well-kept -eyeroll-

I was invincible and no one but you I allowed to get this close

The pain, la pena no es para mi

La pena, the pain trapped me



I cried out when it hit me, I spat a hundred lengths of oath

I fell like a ton a bricks to the ground

My eyes were blinded for behind them I saw nothing but


No matter how much I fought




Icould not be defeated so easily, I knew how to block further drain

I sprung up from the ground and gave my offender the eye

I held him by the trunk and lifted him high

Up, up and away I threw that dratted offender



So on I went, a limp, la pena still thrumming in my body

but not strong

I hate it when I walk beside the sea to enjoy the scene

And stub my toe so hard, it feels like I damaged a spleen.




© 2012 Blacke Hennessey

Author's Note

Blacke Hennessey
Don't hesitate to be frank and firm

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You certainly have the makings of a great poet, but this particular poem felt a tad messy to me. I do think you should keep writing however, with practice, I imagine you would be able to write some beautiful work.

I do quite like this poem, despite the flaw I mentioned, the rhyming is very good.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I like this...even thou it was bit long, i like the rhyming. well written=)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on April 14, 2012
Last Updated on April 14, 2012
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Blacke Hennessey
Blacke Hennessey

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