A Fated Encounter

A Fated Encounter

A Story by Nexus

A personal and Very true Paranormal encounter.

     There was once a time when I couldn't bring myself to believe in anything paranormal. Just the thought of the word made me think of fictional stories that I would read at the local library of wherever I was at the time, and crazy people looking for attention. With my father in the Air Force, I had spent alot of time moving, and in all those years I had never experienced anything relatively significant. It was on that basis alone I felt that my feelings toward the subject were rather justified. How can you believe in something without seeing some proof of it first, after all? Well, I now know realize how wrong I was. I know now that there is something more to this world then the ordinary, the normal. the supernatural exists, whether in one form or another. This is the tale of how my eyes were opened.
     It was the fall of 2004. I was about sixteen, and me and my family had only lived a couple of years in this big old brick house in Fayetteville, North Carolina after moving here from England. The house was said to have been built from the bricks of old strip clubs and brothels, which despite being somewhat disturbing was actually fascinating. Though, I hardly spent much time thinking about it, becouse things had been going pretty rough for me. For one, in leaving I had not only lost the chance to look upon the endless breath taking landscapes, but I had also lost the one person I thought was my best friend. It was like being pulled out of paradise without any way of getting back. For another, and for reasons that are personal and somewhat irrelivant to the story, I was at a point where very few people were willing to take any notice of me. I had turned from a fun loving and reasonably likable kid into an outcast, a loner, a loser, and in all Irony, a ghost.
     But yes, back to the fall of 2004. It was on a rather sunny October day, and I was sitting at the computer, much as I usually did becouse I had nothing better to do. My aunt from England was in town at the time, making her usual two-year visit. considering that she is usually a rather chipper and upbeat woman, things weren't exactly too boring at the time. It was on this October day though, that she had decided to my mother out, a shopping trip in Wilmington between two sisters.
     I watched the door close behind them. The house was deathly quiet, with only Diana, my fat calico cat, as my only company. Unfortunately, she would rather take a nap, and it didn't take long before the computer had become boring. I was staring out the window across the room, looking for answers as to what to do next. Then it hit me, and quite frankly, It had to be one of the last things I would have expected at the time: ghosts.
     There were thousands of pieces of supposed evidence scattered across the internet, and all I could think about was how the might send a chill down my spine or cause me to cry with laughter. How much could a bunch of probably faked pictures hurt me anyway?
So I flipped through site after site, picture after picture, looking for something that might make me raise an eyebrow or drop my jaw to the floor. Unfortunately, I found nothing significant, and I was about to stop wassting my time. Then, I heard it. It was the strangest sound, like someone scraping a nail against a rock.
     "What is that?" I asked myself, utterly bewildered by the sudden racket. Then I turned and saw it: A plastic cup that was sitting on my kitchen counter was moving back and forth by itself. The sight of it made my jaw drop. I couldn't speak, and I certainly couldn't breathe. Even Diana was frightened by it, and she's usually too serene to take notice of anything.
     That was the moment that changed everything. From then on I was a true believer, looking up every aspect of paranormal research I could get my hands on. I became paranoroid of where they where, almost as if I was able to feel them looking out on me. I took pictures and captured EVP's, excited about the fact that I might get something significant. I became enthralled with paranormal message boards, posting my findings and seeing the ghosts that other people had caught. It was this moment that brought me together with people who actually understood me, and who I still consider as family to this day. So when I think back on the whole experience, I don't think of it as a andom event. I think of it as something that was meant to happen.

© 2008 Nexus

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This piece has potential for betterment and a longer version. I can read the interesting part out of it, but might not occur to other readers. I understand that this is a personal and true encounter. However, in order to attract more readers to feel your encountering moments, you need to spice up your facts into story. Unless you have a very strong fact, enough to grab people's attention to what you're writing, then bother not on the storyline. Here, in this piece, I read no proper plot. Even for a short monologue, a plot is what keeping your words alive.

My opinion and suggestion would be blend this 'story of encounter' of yours into fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction = facts of your story of encounter, Fiction = spices of story. Instead stating what you heard and seen, create a scene of what you were doing or who you were with before this paranormal occurrence took place. And then, plan out a proper plot, so your readers will know where they're heading when they walk up the steps.

Believe me, when it comes to fictional, it is always belivable. I always passed my English Creative Writing test with this method. The teacher always amazed by my pen :)

Keep on writing! You are talented with words :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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