I Remember

I Remember

A Poem by Ethale Captor

Love can be so cruel.


I remember..

It's forever locked in my dead heart.

I remember image so vividly,

your smile as you tore me apart.


Love, you have taken everything.

So cruel you are as this race.

Why must you avoid me until now?

Why not show me your face?


I wish to be one with you,

And accept affection from another.

Yet in my distorted world,

My inner monster tears us from each other.


I wanted you to pull me back through

This glass that separates me from the world.

Where were you when I was dying of loneliness?

As I watched the others love like you?


Why didn't you come through for me?

Oh yeah, I remember why.

You left me there and watched

As I wreathed on the ground and cried.


I saw you coming closer to me,

But I didn't have the breath to shout.

For help to come and save what was left of me

As you tore my broken heart out.


Your body, your face, I still remember.

Yes, you played an important role.

I remember that horrible smile,

It is forever carved into my soul.


You took my broken heart,

And you smiled as I died inside.

Unable to love now,

My tears roll in like the tide.


The night I lost sanity and love

My heart now a cold cinder,

Oh, yes, your evil smile....


I remember.

© 2012 Ethale Captor

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Ethale Captor
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You are so talented!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ethale Captor

9 Years Ago

Thank you for believing so, but as I understand it, I need more practice.

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Added on November 12, 2012
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Ethale Captor
Ethale Captor

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