Until Death Do We Part

Until Death Do We Part

A Poem by Ethale Captor

A continuation/parody of my previous poem 'I'm Sorry'.


Deal punishment pain

For all my alibis

As I sickly sing

The haunting lullabies


Sick and twisted mind

Listen to the rain

When I see the blood

I know I am insane


He says he still loves me

Even if I've lost it

Even when I run away

He says I am forgiven


He will come here soon

Of course, looking for me

But what he doesn't know

Is it's the last thing he'll ever see


Compensate for life

I'm lashing out my eyes

The person that I see

Is the one who always dies


I claw at my wrists

To tear open the veins

For when my blood pumps

He feels the pains


Chewing my tongue out

So I cannot speak

For when I speak my words

His ears seem to bleed


Cutting off my legs

With a dull, old knife

I will not catch him immediately

When he sees me and runs for his life


Spatting out my blood

As I rip at my chest

The beating thing inside me

Is the only thing that's left


After time and effort

In my hand I hold

My barely beating heart

Still loved by him, but old


I sit alone in wait

Panting in success

Holding close my heart

Now such a bloody mess


Wait for him to come

The only one who loves me

So I may give him my heart

And let him see the real me


I hear the footsteps enter

And I know he is near

I know he sees the blood

I can smell his fear


The door affront me opens

And I hear a gasp

"Finally, my love..."

I gurgle, my voice a rasp


When he screams and runs

I quickly crawl after him

Clawing at his heels

We make it to the bedroom


There, he is trapped

I hand him my heart

Then stab him to death

Our blood mingling in the dark


Alone, my breath heavy

Sitting next to my love

Our blood lying below

Death lingering above


Together, forever, at last

Holding each other's heart

In death, bound together

Until Death Do We Part

© 2012 Ethale Captor

Author's Note

Ethale Captor
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I once again say "it's creepy but I like it" as I usually say to some of your and marie's poems. Also, being literal wouldn't you have bled to death before he even entered the house...

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ethale Captor

9 Years Ago

Yes, but for the sake of poetic justice, not only does she survive bleeding to death until the end, .. read more
Ashley G.

9 Years Ago

No problem. =3
Painful, beautiful and powerful, this is, by all means, a worthy continuation of your other poem, I'm Sorry. I love the last lines, it makes me think!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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......silence is gone?

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

lol.... riiiiiggghhhttt
Ethale Captor

9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

:) perhaps not

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Ethale Captor
Ethale Captor

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