The Waltz of One

The Waltz of One

A Poem by Ethale Captor

My lone walk of life.


Step one, two

Glide straight through

Rough as the dance began

One hand there

Now, step where?

Not sure if I can

Time presses

Less messes

Getting better with my hand

Empty embrace

The same case

As when I began this life

Silence to bear

Knowing you’re not there

The lonely is my strife

Step across

No way of loss

Temptation of the Knife

Old habit

Runs rabid

Lust for the Game of Life

My favorite pets

My Marionettes

The people I control

Sway to and fro

Dance on, they go

My movement is their role

So many dancers

And enchanters

Yet still I dance alone

I’ve known all along

That this is wrong

But my conscience has grown cold

Roll the dice

No surprise

The dance taking its tole

Alone, I spin

My words, my sin

Slipping through my lips

Slide a step

With rhythm I’ve kept

No hand upon my hip

The Waltz of One

Lonely begun

Some long time ago

My endless dance

Like a trance

To which I cannot say “no”

The Waltz of One

I cannot run

Away, no place to go

Endless steps

Echoing breath

A lonesome dance of never

The Waltz of One

Since my life begun

I’ll waltz alone forever

© 2013 Ethale Captor

Author's Note

Ethale Captor
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A very good poem...Thank you for sharing...:).........................

Posted 7 Years Ago

this reminds me of something... like having the ability to almost turn off your emotions

Posted 8 Years Ago

Ethale Captor

8 Years Ago

In some way, yes. I am relieved that you saw that, as I was afraid my writing skills did not portray.. read more

8 Years Ago

no, trust me, I knew exactly what you meant.
Ethale Captor

8 Years Ago

Thank you.

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Ethale Captor
Ethale Captor

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