A Poem by Blake Blackstone

Me venting pretty much. I've come to the conclusion that this is where I go to b***h, complain and be emo because you will be shunned on facebook for doing so.


Just did a "diagnostic essay" like a week ago for my English class

The problem is.. my classes are only 50 minutes long.

and to write a whole essay in the time is somewhat difficult because then I'm kind of rushed.

and I'm the type of person who likes to set things like that down and come back to it at a later time to check for grammatical errors.

and now that I got it back to make a copy of it on the PC.. I'm seeing all the errors that I know I'm going to get downgraded for.

and I can't change them because then I get dropped from the class.

So.. seeing as how this is going.. I see a pattern.

College is a big f*****g scam,

I had to pay 30 dollars to the school directly to line THEIR pockets.

just to take a test to bypass a class.

In which I would have had to pay for anyways.

and when I take the test which is

computer competency (obviously something I would know A LOT about)

I find that half the questions are pass-proof.

It's riddled with loop hole questions and trick questions and things no one with a life would know.

Somehow I managed to pass anyways.

But it's just another scam to con 30 more dollars out of you..

Cause they know most likely you are going to fail it.

If I had gotten one more question wrong i would have failed it.. and lost

my 30 dollars.

Then had to pay for the course anyways.

PLUS all the books and supplies needed for it.

And guess who gets all the money from the books?

The school.

Because conveniently, they have a on campus book store.

That charges up to 10X as much as you would be able to get it online.

But NO you can't get them online.

because if you get your books late then you get dropped from the class.

And it takes days for online shipment.

I'm really starting to see the corruption of the government, educational system, and people in general.

And it f*****g makes me sick.

it's all a f*****g scam

BUT wait! There's financial aid to save our asses.

Well guess what.. assuming you even get accepted for financial aid.... They only really cover 1/3 of my funding.


And it makes me f*****g sick.. I was at the hospital today.

I can't believe they have the nerve to have a charging valet parking at a hospital!

Sitting right in front of the emergency room.

F*****g sick disgusting f***s taking advantage of people in dire situations like that.

But wait!

That's okay!

because if you don't want to pay for valet you can always use their parking garage.

Which oops.

Looks like they charger for that too.

They probably have literally 20 plain old free parking spaces plotted around the whole hospital area.

But good luck getting one of those.

I was helping a friend.

She recently had a stroke.

i hate what the world has come to...

Now all this SOPA bullshit.

All because they are money hungry in the hierarchy system.

Less internet access means more people on the streets.

more people on the streets means crime rate goes up.

More crime rate means more inmates.

More inmates means more money.

And they know it..

They know what they are f*****g doing.

They could care less if some multi-million dollar company is losing out on a couple thousand dollars to piracy.

That's just the facade they use.


© 2012 Blake Blackstone

Author's Note

Blake Blackstone
Ignore grammar problems.. not meant to be pretty.

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I f*****g agree with you dude.

Posted 10 Years Ago

So true u know this system sucks too when the teachers have pushed a metally retarted kid to run away form school because he hates them thats what my cousin did twice lol he had the balls to do what we all want to do say f**k it and run away. but good way to vent though I strongly agree.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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