Dance of The Fallen

Dance of The Fallen

A Story by Nici

Abundant strands of hope glisten on the grass, tall weeds that desolate the weak. Those that have fallen lie defeated, their many hands closed over in empathy. I smile as I dance on them, my walk to victory. I see their hands rise as I gently tread, a farewell wave, as the wind hums through my fingers. The breeze lifts me higher, soaring beyond reality and imagination, and a song escapes my lips.
I’m flying.
I capture his heart in my hand, captivating smile growing. What simpler song to play than my love? A single beat, repeating the same words. Closer; eyes, hands, touching…
My dance progresses, sending up showers of fallen rain as my bare feet kiss the grass. He follows willingly, sending me deeper into my dream. My eyes are closed, I’m swaying…I feel the sun brush my skin, and his hands cup my face elegantly. We’re dancing on a forest of dreams and hopes, stars that glisten through the eyes of the world. A dreamer’s reality, fulfilled at last.
My eyes blink in a moment, and he’s gone.
I start, abashed to see the forest ground deserted. I tread over the fallen, their hands now open and staring. Their spidery frames seem to grow, and, suddenly, their standing. My music fades in confusion, yet something more powerful rages on. I had not noticed it before, yet I am immediately captured in the beauty of it. I want to see this magician. This creature that conducts such sheer beauty…
I dance across the ground, the fallen laughing behind me. I try to keep my head high, searching for my prince.
Dusk has fallen.
A mockingbird then soars in front of me, its unsung beauty alluring to a state of madness. A beautiful melody, worthy of a strong man‘s moved tears. It sits on its perch, eyes as frozen as her smile, as my prince gracefully capers to her side. The fallen listen for my voice, but hear no sound.
I have no words left.

© 2009 Nici

Author's Note

The best way to descibe the 'fallen' is as those who have been hurt by love, I guess. Basically, the dancer in this story loses her 'Prince Charming' to another girl who is superior to her in every way, and the dancer joins the fallens ranks.

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Added on May 17, 2009
Last Updated on May 17, 2009



Glasgow, United Kingdom

Just another girl with secrets behind her eyes. I haven't written in a while-but I'm getting into the habit again. For now I'm just a professional procrastinator. more..

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