Why I like the Stars

Why I like the Stars

A Poem by BlankCypher

I wrote this from the perspective of a little girl in a small, but happy family, it's been too long since I wrote anything positive. It kinda turned into a small story but I'ma keep it as a poem.

My Daddy always told me, "One day, my dear, you'll get to touch the stars, I promise."
I'd really like that.
Night time is kinda scary, and I don't like the dark, but then I look out the window,
out at the big pretty lights in the sky.
When I see them I can smell Daddy's cologne, and feel his stubble on my cheek as he kisses me goodnight.
I can see Mommy's great big smile as I tell her about my day in school, even though I've tracked dirt into the house.
It makes me feel all warm inside, like my heart is doing a little warm dance.
I was sitting on the floor one day, beside the fire playing, when I saw my Mommy pull open the drapes,
She had a big smile on her face and she was looking at the moon.
"Mommy, what are you doing?", I asked, putting down my toys.
She turned to me and said, "Come over here darling, and I'll show you.", still wearing that great big pretty smile.
She lifted me up and pointed up into the sky, then told me the story about how her and Daddy met.
"It was on a night much like tonight, 
on top of a really big hill.
I ran away from my home, because my mommy and daddy were fighting, and I didn't like the noise.
I ran up to my favorite place, where I always went to be alone, 
and there was a boy there.
I hid for a few minutes, and realised he was crying.
I dried my eyes and slowly crept up to the boy.
"Are you okay?" I whimpered softly, and he froze like a statue, 
a small, solitary stone figure in the starlight.
"Uh, yeah I guess so..", is what I got in reply.
We sat there in silence for what felt like a lifetime, 
We sat side by side, staring up into the stars, 
alone but not alone, wondering what if the world were as beautiful as the night sky.
The night grew late and not a word was spoken, 
that is, until he got up to leave.
"Hey, uh, thanks for staying with me, I'm not sad anymore, 
and if you want, I'll come play with you any time you want, forever and ever!""
"And I've kept that promise haven't I?", chimes in a voice from behind us.
My daddy is standing there, his eyes look tired but he looks really happy.
He walks over and hugs me and Mommy really tight.
Mommy starts laughing as she pecks him on the cheek, he still hasn't shaved so it must be really sharp.
"Why yes, I believe you have dear!", my parents always look really happy when they're beside each other.
That makes me happy too!
I love ferris wheels, they're really bright and colourful,
and the more I come back here, the more I love them.
But there are some things That I love more,
like my Mommy, my Daddy, and the beautiful stars that brought them together.

© 2015 BlankCypher

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The words really make their way through to touch the heart and give it a gentle tug, it's blissfully moving. The story within the story doubled the charm. The little girl perspective has worked it's magic. I love this. Along with its title.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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9 Years Ago

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I really started to get into the story as I was.. read more
How beautiful! The imagery is very vivid and paints a lovely picture

Posted 9 Years Ago

I really like the story it tells!
Well done!
Keep it up!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on June 8, 2015
Last Updated on June 8, 2015
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Athlone, Ireland

19 years old, musician and poet by trade, I don't really do much else/ I absolutely love music and writing, creativity is life. I have been writing poetry any time that I need to for roughly 5/6.. more..

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