I'm So Yours For The Taking.

I'm So Yours For The Taking.

A Poem by Blemish In The Stars

It's been hella long since I've been on this so here's something "new". I wrote this for a girl and waited a year and a half to give it to her. Yup, I'm a dumbass. Cause at this moment she's going out with someone....



Happy yellow daffodils

Swaying gaily in a summer breeze

Caring not about the fall

Or a winters impending freeze




Lying in the grass

Hands clasped together

Thinking of the future

Dreaming of forever

Happiness, it comes

Like the ocean’s ebbs and flows

Lying here till dark

Watching blinking fireflies glow

We need no words

Nothing need be said

Looks or glances

Everything, no matter how subtle, is easily read

Falling asleep in our spot

Looking at the twinkling sky

Watching you drift to sleep

And trying not to cry

It hurts so much

I feel torn apart

Talking to me with tears in your eyes

Telling of your broken heart

I have only one thing I’d give to you

But fearing you won’t accept

I’d try to bear the pain away

Only worried that you’d reject

I’m lying in the grass

Watching sleep take its hold

A simple resplendent beauty

I wish I could be that bold

You’re not alone

I whisper in your sleeping ear

Fervently I say a prayer

Longing that you’ll hear

Waking in the morning

To drown in your hair

Beautiful black tresses

And daisies braided there

Sitting cross legged

Here in the grass

Waiting for sunrise

Waiting for time to pass




Sitting here till autumn

Watching all the leaves fall

You content with yourself

Me trying to comprehend I have it all

And I can’t

Even if I try

I wanna be tough

I don’t want to cry

You look at me

Inexplicable understanding

In your liquid auburn eyes

Compassion and love undemanding

All fear inside me dies

And that’s what I need

That’s what my broken heart is pleading

No matter how long the moment

Nor how fleeting…..

I sit up startled with tears in my eyes,

Simply waking up from dreaming...




© 2008 Blemish In The Stars

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...simply waking up from dreaming. Man that last line sums up sooo much! Isn't life like that? Slips on by as we sit dreaming about it. Excellent write. Sorry 'bout the girl, but hey, at least you'll always have this excellent piece. Muses aren't often easy to come by, treasures they are, forever they are.

Posted 14 Years Ago

All fear inside me dies
And that's what I need
That's what my broken heart is pleading

Nicely captured!! It is beautifully and poetically penned. Good to see you again expressing yourself so elegantly.

Posted 15 Years Ago

this one puts such a lump in my throat. You are a deep soul.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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3 Reviews
Added on October 5, 2008


Blemish In The Stars
Blemish In The Stars

I'm glad to get back on to this site... and I'm looking forward to reading some amazing writing. God knows there's enough on here to last awhile. Otherwise, you read mine, I'll read yours. 'Nuff said. more..


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