The Light of Vermonill

The Light of Vermonill

A Story by Sylph Drake

For the "At Title a Week" group.

   Vermin.  That's what we are.  We're the scum of the mage's city -- Aetherhelm.
   Vermonill.  That's what they call our "home".  They call it a neighborhood, but it's no better than a ghetto.  Somewhere deep down, they know it too.  They've dumped us here, for not being pretty, for not having enough power, for not having control over our power, for not thinking like they do...
   For wanting something more.  Like me.  I was meant to be a healer, but I had too much power to settle for just healing.  I wanted to do something a little...more.
   So I taught myself to raise the dead.
   And they called me a necromancer.  I suppose that's what I am, really, but I truly bring them back, rather than simply animation their corpse.  I'm far more powerful.
   So they threw me here, among the crazed, and bitter denziens of Vermonill.
   I was ten years old.
   And currently, I'm the only healing mage in Vermonill.  I'm their hero.  I can bring back those who die in this cesspool the mages intend for us to live, and rescue them from the battle before I have to.  I'm a sixteen year old girl, and I'm the one they turn to for hope.  I'm the beacon of light.
   But the first person I brought back is not so lucky.  He had been so happy in Aetherhelm before the accident that temporarily cost him his life.  I thought I was doing him a favor, and he doesn't blame me, but now, by no fault of his own, he's been dragged into Vermonill with me.
   But I intend to find a way to save Vermonill from those who put us in this oubliette.
   And when I do, a new light will shine in Aetherhelm.
   The light of humanity.

© 2011 Sylph Drake

Author's Note

Sylph Drake
Little short, little sloppy, but still, I'm kinda proud.

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Added on April 9, 2011
Last Updated on April 9, 2011


Sylph Drake
Sylph Drake

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