11th, 12th, 13th, 14th

11th, 12th, 13th, 14th

A Poem by ALifeAquatic


"I believe Northern Ireland has come to a time of peace, a time when hate will no longer rule. How good it will be to be part of a wonderful healing in this province."

Peter Hain

Milk bottles, beer bottles,
jam jars disposable waste in the
hands of young men, shaven heads,
rotten teeth, eye meets eye, only barrier the nose,
a horrible mess screaming and yelling expletives
laced with a stutter, a drawl, a lisp,
watch the night sky turn grey and for
a minute consider permitting sun
to return to its rightful position before
beckoning the moon forth to
take a turn watching the shattered,
broken streets all peace Walls and
painted cornerstones. The sound of the Lambeg Drum
and shrill flutes the answer, to unuttered prayers
sent to God in heaven most high,
the Virgin Mary watching over her son Christ
on God's right hand side, one in three like a clover
don't ask me why, I don't know.
Better than sex they say. Kids as young as four out
with Daddy only sixteen at the most,
start early in these parts, take their turn to
hoist makeshift explosives into the night sky,
a wonderful scene of fireworks coating the
canopy of stars in blood, the smell of gun powder,
sweat and scorched skin an alluring scent

Boys take each other in the a*s,
topless beauties pure ecstasy
only way to celebrate, no one watching
why should it matter? Cum mingling with the broken class,
bricks, teeth, homemade jam, aspirin
and toilet roll used to wipe dog s**t from shoes,
a body of lambs to the slaughter stand arms
interlinked hidden behind a wall of Plexiglas,
for all the good it will do, the warm summer air
stirring sweat in anticipation, piss their pants,
s**t runs down hairy thighs, saliva runs down chins,
can almost taste it, the bitter release of adrenaline
as metal truncheon meets shaven head in briefest of union,
bloody ejaculation, no lying holding hands in bed tonight.

© 2010 ALifeAquatic

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A powerful poem friend!
The day hate ceases to be will be a great day! You have versed all the potency of different extremes, no need to be as this, we are one and should see that! You bring together that point nicely!
Awesome work!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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