Oh I fear

Oh I fear

A Poem by ALifeAquatic

Constructive Destruction Please

Oh I fear

Hand down his pants all hours of the day, 
and screaming top of his lungs, it's nuff to put 
me off me lunch. Amen. And it does, queer little thing, 
needs to get out more, what I keep telling him, 
doesn't listen and carries on. Lord God almighty 
and sticky fingers I bet, needs a C**t and fast poor soul. 
Keep trying to nudge him in said direction of girl next door, 
big breasts, pretty twat I'm sure would follow. 
Though I wouldn't have you spread I said that! Drama enough, 
not trying to proposition girls on his behalf. Though do more good, 
than his lazy/poor attempts at love. Amen to that and move on, 
though words fail me. Lord God cursed and so on. Pain in the arse 
trying to remove the smell of jizz from his pants, let alone the 
smell of s**t that must meander around his privates. And so on-- 
go blind he will, if he ain't careful, and I've said that to him 
you mark my words. Doesn't wash his hands enough, 
grubby little tyke... Salivates, wipes it up with shirt tails and
cries himself to sleep, needs help… I fear, oh I fear!

© 2011 ALifeAquatic

Author's Note

Go crazy cats

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Added on July 26, 2011
Last Updated on July 26, 2011



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