Báirín Breac

Báirín Breac

A Poem by ALifeAquatic

Constructive Destruction Please

Báirín Breac

“Fed the ducks, big b******s
sounds they make, terrifying/too loud,
going deaf but it still hurts. Cold as well,
persuaded out, pneumonia I wouldn't be surprised,
this weather/worse/dying for a....
The boys are down this weekend aren't they?
Missed them nice to see them once in a while.
Dying for.... won't have one, bad lungs,
creaky bones, cold, bad for my health. Yes....
I was told that, do you suppose? I wonder, 
where do they go in winter? Botanic, 
always so empty, makes it-- yes that sounds 
about right, pale in comparison. 
Pale, you're looking rather peaky, a brew? 
Wouldn't go amiss, take it milky, three sugars, 
aye go on then add another. Take it Irish?
Mother always did, God rest her soul, 
sad to see her go so young, only eighty three, 
had her best years ahead of her. Smoked forty a day, so to be fair......” 

(I've always preferred autumn, much more, colourful. 
Never liked the heat you know that, do you think? 
And this is just me rambling, do they like the stale stuff?
The ducks, I mean the ducks, what did you think I meant?
Always seems so pleased with themselves, but don't you think...)

“Never thought about it before, maybe, do you think? 
Should I �" invest in something more, luxurious for them? 
What you think? You never think, when I ask you think dear, 
I need an outside opinion. Báirín Breac, does that sound like an idea? 
So pretty, specially in November. Reminds me of-- I'm rambling won't 
you tell me when I do that? Makes me look...”

(Wrap your arm around me, it's cold, feeling it, 
three coats on too, just the arms find it hard 
to keep them warm. Crazy b***h they must be saying,
three coats and still cold, what do they call it? 
“Baltic,” Baltic. SEA? I'm not sure where 
they get it from, must be..... CAN'T THINK,
think for me, all I ask think for me, meant to be....)

“Think the boys will want to come feed the ducks?
When was the last time we did that? Must be a long time...
miss it really do, miss the boys, how do you think they are keeping?
Keeping, CHRIST and they say I'm the one going deaf, the problem--
you never listen that's what, listen for Christ sake.”

(The boys, what about the boys? Coming down this weekend I know,
already said that, you never listen, always/always/always in your own head,
too old to feed the ducks now, don't you remember, they have their own...)

“Families, yes I know, but still, can't they?”
(Can't they what? Take pity on you, on the elderly,
don't be daft, don't be daft, not enough time, have their own--
worries, don't be selfish, now/now/now don't get worked 
up over nothing. NOTHING, smallest things set you off, ridiculous...)

“Ridiculous, not ridiculous, but I'm their.... and I deserve
just a little time, don't you think that's fair? Deserve a little,
time the boys owe me that much, owe me that much.....”

(Brew, that's what we need, dying for a brew, 
warm the cockles, take it Irish, three sugars no!
Make it four, that sounds fair, warm the heart, three coats
still cold, still cold, getting old feel it, feel it. Don't you think?
Do they? The Ducks I mean, feel it? “Feel it?” You know--
what I mean, the cold! Báirín Breac that will cheer them up,
something a little more luxurious, looks so pretty.... Especially
come November, almost Christmas, can't wait, see the boys.
Always hated winter, prefer Autumn, so much more....) 

“gave them the best years of my life I did, best years, 
what do I get in return? A few visits on the holidays,
no more left to my own devices, not worth the time
so young, look at me now, LOOK. See it? Can't you?”

© 2011 ALifeAquatic

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Added on July 26, 2011
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