A Story by Thief Lord Alex

And that's the way it was.


It was a war zone. You and I were the only ones left. It had started with the seven of us. Jules was the first to go down in the ambush. Joanna followed a few seconds later, William died trying to save her. And then it was us four. But a bomb caught Zeena and Adriel off guard. I never got a chance to cry over what was left of my now deceased boyfriend’s body before we had to move on. The explosion had injured you, glass shards were stuck in the calf of your left leg and it had made walking slow and painful. So we made a dash for cover and I pulled out the glass and bandaged you up as best I could. When we were attacked again I picked you up and ran until we were safe. We kept moving until night fall when we found shelter. It was there, as we were getting ready to sleep, that you cried over their deaths. I pulled you into my arms and held you as you sobbed, cursing the villains that had taken the life from our friends. Once you had exhausted your tears you asked if we could share a bed, claiming that it was cold and you didn’t want to risk freezing to death. But you needed it for the same reason I agreed to it. We both needed reassurance. So we laid down together, you curled up in front of me with my arm slung over your waist and my hand pressed flat against your chest. I could feel it rise and fall with each breath you took, could feel the steady thump-thump of your heart beating. And you moved until your back was pressed against my chest, so you could feel my steady breathing and my heart as it raced in my chest so fast that I thought I would die. But soon our hearts calmed enough that we feel asleep under the blackened sky studded with stars. Two survivors in a never-ending war.

© 2010 Thief Lord Alex

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Added on December 31, 2010
Last Updated on December 31, 2010


Thief Lord Alex
Thief Lord Alex

Woodbridge, VA

About me? A young writer looking for my way, for inspiration to lead and guide me. Another face in a crowd, that's screaming so loud. A soft spoken voice. I have a choice. I need something to write ab.. more..