Thank you, blade

Thank you, blade

A Poem by BloodyMascara15

I love you
you are always there for me
my dear friend
my shiny metal blade.

You helped me
a lot
when I felt I would fall.

when the world decided
it would hate me
you didn't
you beckoned me near

When you did
I could slit my wrist
and let blood flow
and relief come to

when I felt really down
you would remind me of my wish
and helped me try 
even if I didn't succeed

I could always try
to hit the vain
so I would be in my grave

you were always there
when friends where not
thank you
my blade
family I love

© 2016 BloodyMascara15

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Wow this poem is amazing. Such powerful raw emotion. I have had a problem with cutting as well in my lifetime. I know what its like to have the blade be your best friend and yet your worst enemy. Cutting was something we should never do no matte who bad we feel. You should check out my poem called My Favorite its kind similar in subject. I love this work here. I defiantly can not wait to read more of your writing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on March 6, 2016
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I am 15 and writing is the only thing I feel I'm good at. My name is Sammantha. I have problems such as self harm and suicidal thoughts/attempts. I'm lesbian. Going to High School next year. And a.. more..