Tears Are Colorless And Warm

Tears Are Colorless And Warm

A Story by Rana

intense beauty vs hollow pessimism


People look so tiny from up here, but I can still see their faces. That lady in the yellow dress, she is boundlessly happy. It’s her first visit to a beach. They’re standing next to each other, her husband and she, their feet being kissed delicately by the tides. She’s already spent a whole seven minutes merely staring at the blue sea. It’s like she can’t look away, she’s never seen so much of blue vastly spread out before her, dancing and swaying. Her eyes are steady on the distant horizon where the blue ends only to mingle with another shade of itself.

“How soothing.” she says, “Can you get me out of this trance, Ed?”

“Oh, sure” he says, sliding his arm into hers and dragging her into a run, against the waves. The uneven seabed surprises them by suddenly disappearing from beneath their feet and they jerk forward, the salty liquid splashing their faces. They let out contagious chortles. It’s now Ed’s turn to stare into blue, the dark blue of her eyes.

While they remain afloat in the mirthful waters, I let my attention drift to the teen leaning in the balcony. His apartment is a few miles away from the beach and a million miles away from home. Reading from his expressions, I can tell he’s feeling nostalgic, missing his family perhaps. He’s a college freshman. Peeking into his room, you can find his laptop waiting on the desk, glowing beckoningly. It’s surrounded by stationery and a thick book with a pencil buried in it, serving as a bookmark. He seems to have been in the middle of working on an assignment. What’s he doing hanging out in the balcony alone? He’s just looking at the cloudless blue sky and sort of breathing it in. It’s sending comfort down his system. His face looks calmer now, lonesomeness fading away.  He’s heading back to his desk, rejuvenated.

There’s something going on in the house adjacent to his that’s tugging at my attention. Three people are painting a room in there, without any professional assistance. They’ve had themselves busied with it for hours, taking occasional breaks, and there’s a harmony in their creativity that shows on the walls. The vastness of the walls resonates with the infinity of human imagination. It resonates with the high their artistic selves feel. They don’t seem to be worried about messing the face of the walls. Happy voices echo in the empty space and blue paint-drops adorn the now-smiling floor, no more cross over the snatching away of its warm carpet. Jumping down the ladders, the three people let themselves admire their work.

“Mm-hmm, we’ve really made it real. Rob’s idea”

 “Radiates peace, doesn’t it? “

Softly nodding their heads and smiling, they retreat to do the cleaning. I glance at the walls. A hundred little freshly painted stars and diamonds of teal, cerulean and sapphire are randomly spread on the also freshly painted Aegean blue.

None of the shades are sad. No, none of the shades are sad. They speak of serenity, they speak of dependability. They speak of joy, even. What do you feel when you wear blue? When you slurp a blue colored drink? When your tongue gets blue from some candy? What do you feel when you really feel blue? Do I sound overly concerned about the symbolism? Well, pardon me, I’m just traveling the “blue” planet and trying to figure out why humans say they’re feeling blue when they mean they’re feeling depressed. I need to know, you see. I’m the third spectrum of light.

© 2016 Rana

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Well I am not one to read that many stories, but you captured my attention, Like the theme through out. Nice imagery as well. You do good at descriptiveness

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Wow, that's so good to hear, thanks so much :)
I like this. It's quite happy all the way through and you're words fit the theme so well it flowed very well. This is a good story. I enjoyed it

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanks much, Joey! :)
I like it. The prose sound poetic. It's an interesting concept of using a third party in a first person perspective to delve into the meaning of an idiom they don't understand. Something that it would be interesting for the third spectrum of light to investigate is jazz and playing the "blues".

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Ah yes, that's a cool idea! I guess I vaguely had it at the back of my mind but then I began writing.. read more
You wrote with great flow and tone throughout the entire piece. I like the attention to detail you placed on things like the pencil in the book or the now-smiling floor splattered in Aegean blue.
I liked how everyone you wrote about had different perspectives and thoughts about the color blue.

The questions you bring up at the end really resonate with me. I, too, wonder about why we say we're blue.
There's just something about the color, I guess.

"It’s now Ed’s turn to stare into blue, the dark blue of her eyes."
"None of the shades are sad."

Great job!

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanks so much, Gaston, I really appreciate it :) I did search about that and found that it has to d.. read more

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Yay! hello :) I have a butterfly net that sweeps in ideas fluttering in my head. I like to write just as much as i like to read and i began writing fiction in 7th grade. But the first thing i ever wr.. more..

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