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From Aladora

You've just stepped inside Aladora with your eyes and mind, Aladora the great world of flying dynasties. Look up, see those constellations? That's where the ruling families reside. Stars keep adding every time a new royal is born. They're rooms really. The rulers like to fly around during the day and take care of hamun matters. Before I take you to meet them, I sense I must introduce you to the current king. What do you think about his electriCity? Haha no really though, he is full of this passionate energy that you can feel his kingdom reflect. His name- mind if i do this, Narradora? Thank you. I'm excited to have you here, kind guest, fly with me. I introduce you to myself, the king. Oh never mind I can't offer you my hand, you may nod your head, go on bob them up and down up and down up and down, that will be our headshake. Did you say your name was Sapien? Greetings, mine- you may identify by the end of our flight. Ready? Whoooooooosh. Those are the hamuns, there's a little story about how a spore of life landed here and it had misplaced vowels out of some mutation induced by the alphabetical radiation in the space. The spore was the size of a million suns and it had to evolve to the present dimensional magnitudes that almost matches yours to sustain intelligence that also, almost matches yours. One night, when they had only just begun to learn the creation of language, a babling lay staring up at the empty sky. "Waa" she voiced. You can tell they're not very real, can't you? Swerve to the right, we're going to observe that babling from up close. It's ok, she can't see us.

"Daa" she voiced, before her eyes closed in sleep. She looked like a human child except, the skin was Aladorian- made up of words instead of atoms or cells. The land she was stretched against looked like sand but was the color of platinum. There was nothing else around and your eyes were guided to where hers had been and you see it happen. The glow of a star, growing from invisibility. You look at the the king and he nods into speaking again. 
Did you know, two hamuns can't see each other unless one of them is making some sounds? Well, and that up there for you is the birth of the first star, the first ruler. They now know him as Wonder the son of the Void. Oh, look at that sweet little babbling, sleeping, oblivious to what her being had caused into being. She has an important place in our history, yes. You'll hear of her again but for now, we'll be moving on to the next big event. Come on, follow me, Sappy. Do you like your nick name, hmm? Sometimes, the clouds reach down to feel the land and we call them foggies. Sound familiar? Ah, may I repeat your question? You ask, could we survive in a world where there's nothing to touch except for the solid land and the physical forms of ourselves if sustained by energy from the sun? Yeah, you get the idea, that is life in Aladora.

© 2018 Rana

Author's Note

No fourth wall :) Please tell me what you think!

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This is completely different from anything I've read before, but I studied the whole thing. It made me laugh in some parts even, and it flows so well. The way it's written, seeming almost narrated is really trippy to me. "Come on, follow me, Sappy. Do you like your nick name, hmm?" That quote made me laugh ;D

Posted 6 Days Ago


6 Days Ago

This is a precious review, thanks Joey, it makes me feel motivated like i haven't in a long long whi.. read more
Joey K

5 Days Ago

Wow! I'm really happy I could motivate you! I definitely know the feeling though.

4 Days Ago

Yessssssss :)
Very well written! I am eager to read more to this story!

Posted 10 Months Ago


10 Months Ago

Thank you so much :)
I'm curious to read on. I'm enjoying this world that you're creating!

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

aw yeyy, thank you :)

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Yay! hello :) I have a butterfly net that sweeps in ideas fluttering in my head. I like to write just as much as i like to read and i began writing fiction in 7th grade. But the first thing i ever wr.. more..

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