Sitting. Waiting. Burning.

Sitting. Waiting. Burning.

A Story by Needy

         When I was little I had no one to look up too. They all either tried to kill me with ciggaretes, or drop me off the side of a building. The mother figure was always at work, working from 8 in the morning to 12 at night.

         So I sat there with my sisters who were at least two to four years older then me. Rebecca was 12 and Hayley was 10. While I was just 8. Rebecca was the one who made dinner, Hayley was the one who had to watch me while I did my homework that consisted of drawing in the lines, and what 2+2 was. After all I was only in 2nd grade.

         Jared passed out before 7 even though he was my age. You could hear him snoring from a mile away. along with Tyler. Everything else was quiet, besides the occasional flipping of channels. You get used to the loud thumping sound of the heater kicking on and off, after a while.

         "You should really get your homework done." Hayley said not making eye contact with Rebecca from the kitchen.

 "You should really mind your own business. Hayley." Rebecca yelled from out of the kitchen.

         "Guys, guys. Stop it, please. Rebecca said she will do her homework later when she is done cooking us dinner." I spoke in a small voice, but they must of heard me because they stopped their bickering to hear me.

 "Gwen mind your own buisness also. You are young and not incharge." Tyler said, making me jump. I forgot he wasn't asleep. 

         "Sorry. I know im not incharge though Tyler." I paused. "I am not young either. I am 8."

He chuckeld. Got up and slamed his door behind him.

"What happened with him? Why is he so moody?" Hayley growled.

         "I think he got dumped. You know he and Justine arent doing to great." Rebecca replied.

  It was my turn to go to my room and slam my door. In my room I only had a dresser half way full and a bed, which was a matress of the ground.

   Where was my mom? Why are they teaming up on me?

 I was sitting on my bed playing with my dolls when I heard the front door slam shut.

"Mother!" I yelled, jumping off my bed, running to the door.

       I ran down the hall and went to see who was there. But what I found wasn't my mother. It was a guy in a skii mask and a black gun, pointing it at my sister Hayley.

   "Whats.. whats going on??" I said in a whisper.

The gunman turned to me, his eyes were bright green. That is all I could see.

      "Do as I say, or the little girl gets it." Next thing I know was he was behind me, holding me by my hair. He pulled me forward, putting the gun to my head. I screamed, covering my mouth he put his face near my ear.

I could feel his heavy breathing, close to my neck now. "Don't try anything stupid. No more screams. Or that will be the last thing you ever do."

     I nodded, standing up. I didnt realize that I was crying till I blinked away my tears.

      "Please, dont hurt her. She is just a baby. Only 8." Rebecca, Hayley, and Tyler were sitting on the couch, Hayley and Rebecca were holding hands while Tyler sat there glaring at the gunman.

     "I won't hurt her unless you try something funny. You," He pointed to Rebecca. "Make me something to eat. You," Talking to Tyler, "Do fetch me some new clothes. These ones are old. You," To Hayley. "Why don't you swith it to something more tolerable." It was on the Disney channel, she nodded and switched it to the Animal channel.

       Rebecca and Tyler did what they were told and brought him in a pair of new socks, shoes, and pants with a shirt. While Rebecca brought him in a grilled cheese sandwhich with tomato soup.

     "This is what you call food?!" He roard, pushing the gun further into the side of my head. I whined.

       "Thats all she knows how to cook, mr.gunman, sir." I said, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

He sighed,"Okay. This will have to be it then. Make me another one. Now." He ordered.

        Rebecca nodded and headed back to the kitchen. Tyler layed the clothing on the couch next to him and I. "There. I did what you asked. Now let her go. hold the gun near me instead. Please." Tyler sounded alot more confident then he looked.

    The stranger shook his head. "She wont be as usefull as you are."

"Let me go. Please. I dont even know what it is you want." I whined at him. He looked down at me and smiled.

       "Well then your use is to be threatened by me and my gun." He held up his gun and waved it around, playfully.

    Tyler took two steps back, I flinched. The gunman looked at me and took my hand pulling me closer.

         "You really shouldnt try and move away from a gun. Never really works." He growled.

I nodded. Laying back further into the couch, trying not to touch the mad man.

     "Our mother is coming soon. You should really get the hell out of here before she gets here" Rebecca said coming into the living room with plates in her hands.

The burly man groaned as he got up to get the sandwich from her. He practically swallowed it whole.

 There was a knock on the window, the man shot around and looked out. He nodded, and looked to where I was sitting on the couch.

"Don't speak of this. If you do you will not live past thirteen. I promise you that." He moved to the kitchen where I saw him pick up a spoon and put it on the stovetop. He waited patiatiently, after three or four minutes he picked it up. The man then came over to where I was sitting.

"This will come out as a warning." He bent over and pressed the burning hot spoon against my leg. I screamed, as the burning spread throughout my leg. I closed my eyes and heard my other family memebers yelling for him to stop.

       He quickly took it off my leg and mummbeled something I couldn't quiet understand.

 The noise stopped. Everything stopped. I didn't want to open my eyes, so I just layed there, quiet.

       There was silence for what it felt like was forever.

Then I opened my eyes to my mother. Eyes full of worry, she cried. She wasnt looking at me her head was in her hands while she wept.

    I tried to talk but I couldn't. Instead I looked around. I was in a white room with a long white gown on. The windows showed that it was still night time, but the street lights were still very bright. I felt the big gash in my leg when I moved to see where I was.

      "Gwen? Are you awake?" My mother looked at me with pleading eyes.

I nodded. Seconds later she was up near my bed.

     "My poor baby, who did this? Was it Tyler? Rebecca? Hayley?" She francitically asked me questions.

I shook my head. "Mom, they didn't tell you? A gunman threatend us. He held a gun to my head." I sat up, suddenly dizzy.

"HE DID WHAT?!" She yelled, throwing her hands up in the air. "WHY DIDN'T THE KIDS TELL ME?! WHAT DID HE LOOK LIKE?" She looked as mad as a hatter.

I shook my head. "I dont remember."

Of course I remembered. His bright green eyes. The way you could only see his mouth moving while he talked. Scary in every way possible.

My mother patted my head calmly. "Okay, okay." She took a deep breath. "You need some rest. I will come back in an hour. Go to sleep."

I nodded, laying back. "Good night mom. Love you."

"I love you too sweet pea." She was out the door.

I closed my eyes. Reliving the nightmare over, and over agian.


© 2010 Needy

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That's… whoa. You did a really, really good job. It's beautifully written.

Posted 8 Years Ago

That was amazing. LIke legit man. I loved it even though i almost like cried lol

Posted 8 Years Ago

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