Don't Be a Bystander!!

Don't Be a Bystander!!

A Story by BlueStarXJade

A Story I Wrote. Because I know what It's Like To Be Bullied And To See Other People Just Standing There Watching Me get Bullied And Not Helping Me. Don't be a bystander!!

Katie is 10 years old, It is her first day at her new school. 
She is shy, so she found it hard to make friends. 
She was walking to her classroom when she bumped into Heather, the school bully.
Katie apologized to Heather, but Heather pushed katie onto the floor. no one would help her,
they would just stand there and watch. Katie got up and ran to the bathroom crying.
Later that day Heather and Katie are in Mr Jeffrey's class and Heather put a piece of gum in Katie's hair. "Sorry it was an accident" Heather said as she smiled. Katie knew Heather did it on purpose.
It was home time and Katie's mum picked her up from school. "How was your first day" her mum asked. "It was fine" said Katie as she covered up her hair. The next day at recess, Katie was playing on the swing and Heather threw mud at her, "why did you do that" said Katie. "Because I wanted to" replied Heather.
Heather then pushed Katie off of the swing and into the mud. "What are you going to do about it" said Heather. "Nothing" Katie said as she started to cry. "Thought so" said Heather as she walked away.
Most of the kids just stood there and watched Heather bullying Katie, except Lizzie.
Lizzie was at home ill on Katie's first day, so she didn't know Katie was being bullied.
Lizzie came outside onto the playground and saw Heather push Katie off of the swing. She also looked at the other kids and saw that they were just standing there, watching Heather and not helping Katie.
After recess Lizzie told Mr Jeffrey's that Heather had been bullying Katie. "Thank you for letting me know" said Mr Jeffrey's, he then called Heather's mum.
Heather's mum arrived at school. "I'm sorry about this Mr Jeffrey's, she won't be doing it again" said Heather's mum. Then she took Heather home. "Thank you for speaking up for me" Katie said to Lizzie. "But why did you" Katie asked. "Because when i was bullied, I never had anyone to speak up for me" Lizzie replied. "I want you to know, that you're not alone" said Lizzie.
"Thank you so much, it means alot" Katie replied.
"No one deserves to be bullied" said Lizzie.
Because Lizzie spoke up for Katie, Heather never bullied Katie or anyone else ever again.

Anti Bullying Awareness
Don't Be A Bystander
Speak Up For Others
Rise Up Against Bullying
Be Someone's Rainbow In Their Cloud

© 2018 BlueStarXJade

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Added on September 13, 2018
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