Butterfly Above the Land Above the Fire

Butterfly Above the Land Above the Fire

A Poem by Bluemerlin

While walking along I made a discovery,
That the pillars of the earth are long past crumbling,
That lakes of fire churn beneath my bare feet
And for some reason you find this frightening.
In the plains of grass and discontempt, 
A butterfly roars out his name.
The pupae is said to say the strangest things.
The caterpillar knows it's not a worm. 
The grains of the earth seems to sing,
But it's really just a machine beast learning to breath.

The more I see the more I choose to believe
That we're more then we seem
but we're not.
While walking along, I tried to be comforting
Cause nothing's as you see when you're looking at everything
The whole is made less by every part orbiting
And for some reason you find this frightening
I'm yet another beast that drools disease
With every word I step upon.
Do you think you think as the silver spoon lead shrinks around your neck?
Of course not you're dead.
But your death is just another machenized breath
A negative charge to life: pulsing magnet
And apparently the butterfly was saying
That Yin and Yang are one and the same. 

© 2014 Bluemerlin

Author's Note

A song I wrote awhile back

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Simply good...Bravo..................

Posted 8 Years Ago

I believe you were talking about the cycle of life (correct me if I'm wrong).
I would've loved to hear this sung :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Also, I have the song recorded (albeit shittily) if you're actually interested.
Desiree B.

8 Years Ago

Very true, the fun part about reading is getting your own interpretation of it. Also, as for the son.. read more

8 Years Ago

Yes indeedily. I personally like the song, but the only living recording of it is from when mah band.. read more

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