The Island

The Island

A Poem by Blysful

Ashamed and adrift, I fell from an island.

I fell from an island.
Feet over head,
mouth over heart.
Deeper, darker
further, faster
dimmer and direr
away and aloft.
I fell from an island.

I slipped from the cliff.
Spur over mind,
nerves over heed.
Ashamed, adrift
unheard, unkind
muted and mournful
failing and falling.
I slipped from the cliff.

I drowned in the ocean.
Glitter from sun,
salt in my eyes.
Blacker than blue,
harder than hope
wishing and wanting
doing, or drowning.
I swam from the ocean.

I fell from an island.
Feet over head,
nerves over heed.
Deeper, darker
ashamed, adrift
I slipped from a cliff,
and swam, just to find
I’m cast from my island.

© 2019 Blysful

Author's Note

So honestly wrote this in 20 minutes of feels and i would like to know if it resonated with anyone. What did it make you think about? It would be nice to see if it’s anything like what I was thinking.

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This is well-done for 20 minutes. I'm not a big fan of poets grinding for hours or days. I also write very quickly & I believe it retains more freshness & spontaneity, which this poem has plenty of. I can't say that I got a focused idea of what this message means, but rather it created tumbling sensations about how life can feel, falling, swimming, gasping, trying to stay on the island . . . but what the f**k? Why do we want to stay on an ISLAND? Isn't that pretty limiting? (I say this in a good way, like your poem makes a person ponder these things). The island could be the sense of isolation that many are feeling becuz of social distancing & other covid measures. Your poem could refer to how it feels like being on an island isn't a good feeling, but drowning in a sea of virus isn't too appealing either! This poem can be taken many ways, as I prefer all poems to be (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Allow me to elaborate . . . SOME poets would do well to spend more than 20 minutes . . . but you have natural writing talent & you are very snappy & coherent right out of the barrel . . .

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on December 28, 2019
Last Updated on December 28, 2019
Tags: Imagery, Left Behind, Mistakes, Regrets, Loneliness, Metaphors



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