A quick introduction.

A quick introduction.

A Chapter by Bobo


When you believe in them, they can make you do stupid things.

They make you do stupid things to acheive them.


'You want to be rich?'

'Yeah, don't you?'

'Yeah, but I don't think I can be.'

'Why not?'

'I don't want the work.'

'I don't plan to work.'


Hi, my name is Bobo, Bobo Chan. It's not my real name, let's get that clear already, before anything, and I can't tell you my real name. Why? Because it's not good for me, of course, it would ruin everything. What I'm going to tell you, you should never know, not unless you already know. Remember Pirates of the Caribbean? That part where Jack Sparrow says something like,'It can only be found, by those who already know where it is.' Or something, I don't know the exact wording, but it's like that. Whatever, anyway. I wanted to be rich, but I didn't want to work for it, or more.. I didn't want a career to do it. And I still don't. But, I suppose this is a career. I'm seventeen and I've been at this for two and a half years. If you're wondering what 'This' is, you'll find out soon, don't worry. Please, just relax, I want you to relax, this is my story to tell you. And it's a true story and a good one, it's exciting.


'This' is Organised Crime. 'This' is Chinese Mafia. 'This' is the Triad. It's known. Everybody knows that it exists. There's movies and books and comics but, I think, that people fail to realise that it's real. Everyday people you may know could be involed. The waiter who had that expensive watch, he's probably in on it. Or the business man you saw getting into the mercades. Him too. Or maybe the girl who had all the designer clothes, maybe she is, or her boyfriend. I think you can see where I'm going with this. In the UK, we have, roughly, three different gangs; the biggest is 'Wo Shing Wo' then the '14K' and then 'Sun Yee On'. I'm not going to tell you which I'm involved in, but the whole family's in it. So, if I'm found out for this, I can guarentee you, I'm fucked. I think, the only reason I was asked to do this was because I look like your typical British Born Chink, I'll be using the abbreviation from now on, walking into a bank in Hong Kong and taking out an impossible amount of money. In cash.


If you look around, you can find information about the triad, arrests and charges. The last time I got arrested I walked in the front door and came out the back minutes later. It's amazing what money can do. I have too much money I don't know what to spend it on anymore. Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Bvlgari. I'm lost. But this 'Book' will tell you about what happens, starting whenever I start it, I guess. I'll try to keep you updated, mainly on the plans and what's happening.


I'll be in touch.

Bye bye~


© 2008 Bobo

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Great intro! I'm looking forward with great anticipation to reading more. ~ *Lana*

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on August 22, 2008



London, UK., Hong Kong

My name is Bobo. My family live in Hong Kong and that's where I'm from. I live in London, UK. more..

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