A Chapter by Bobo

Why, hello, again~
I'm back. And I have news. Fabulous, isn't it? Aren't you excited? Well anyway, I'll get started.

Firstly, I want to tell you one thing. The only reason I'm still putting my life and freedom, and apparent sexuality (you know what they're like in jail), at risk is because of the money. Money money money. And the guns. It wasn't nice to get into either, but it's easier on the girls. At first it was all,'Smuggle this, smuggle that. Go get this, go get that.' And now. I organise it. That was my dream, you see, to be rich. And it's here. Easier than I thought.

I just saw a documentary called 'How Banks Never Lose.' Well, it was an ad for one, and my my how they were wrong, I can't wait to watch it, though I'm not sure it's about the same things that I'm talking about. Oh well. I think they mean by salaries. I don't.
A few days ago I received a phone call outlining what I had to do, I did say I organised it all, but not ALL of it, there's a boss, there's his underlings, there's big brothers/sisters and then there's the n00bs. I'm a big sister, now. What I do is look after the little ones, I have my own little sister, if she needs help, I'm there. I pay her way out of trouble, I help her to avoid the trouble and I help her understand what's going on. Her name obviously won't be said, but we'll call her Xiao-Lian for now, okay? Good. She'll be mentioned a bit, she helps me do things.

Basically, what I was told to do was, simply 'Get the money'. You see, that doesn't sound too hard, does it? But seeing as I have Xiao under my wing, she went to do it with me, at different times. I would tell you the exact process, but I could get done for that, really. You know. Remember what happened with Belle D'jour, or whatever her name was, it got popular and poof. Next thing you know it's a TV show. Anyway, we both went in, dolled up, designer clothes, trying to make it as..inconspicuous as we could. As if it was normal and, on special request, we managed to take out over �100,000 in cash (google it for conversions). That, then, was split between the bigger people; Boss, he splits his into his underlings and the Big brothers/sisters and their 'charges'. This was a small operation, therefore not many involved. I got �40,000 and Xiao got �10,000. The boss got the rest. It was a good day, we were picked up in a posh looking car and taken there, tinted windows, sunglasses, the lot. Magical.

On a sadder note, one of my accomplices died today. We're not sure how yet, but we will find out. You won't see it on TV, they got paid to stay the 'eff away. Thank the Lord for that. We were told Suicide, but that's unlikely, I'm thinking it was something to do with Jo-Sing. Jo-Sing and I used to be close, this was until he decided he wanted to sleep with me, honestly, not going to happen. He's not even that good looking. That dream was crushed and burned.It really wouldn't surprise me if it's one of the rival 'gangs' who were involved, they love causing trouble with us.

On ANOTHER note, I want to clear up something. My last entry here I said that we were the Chinese 'Mafia' I say that to make it easier for you, but we're not like the mafia at all. The mafia is .. strong family things and a rigid hierarchy, get it? In Hong Kong, the triad groups are different to here, Sun Yee On are the most powerful, whilst they're only third here. Another thing, Dai-Lo and Sai-Lo, big and little brothers, are one of the only relationships that matter. Unless you're a girl. But there's not many of them, not many at all. We give work, advice and protection to the little ones and they give money, loyalty and support in return.

Just so you know.
If you really need to know more you can go here. It will give you a little insight.

Love, Bobo. 426

© 2008 Bobo

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I am enjoying reading your work, as you narrate you work very well. Your life seems very interesting! :-)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A Chapter by Bobo