The Seven

The Seven

A Story by John

A colaboration with a few of my high school friends( a good deal of years ago). There is more but it's in my native language so this is it for now.


Heavy rain stormed the frail roofs of Sill city. Numerous thick clouds slithered around in the night sky, turning it into a wavering mess of darkness, as if the gods above were preparing pasta. Hmm, pasta...yummy.

In this dark and gloomy city, few dared leave their houses during the night. Fewer still during a night storm. The Seven, however, feared it not, for it was but a frivolous attempt on Nature's part to show who the boss was. However, both sides knew that. Nature would strike when it was ready, a strike that would be fast and...well, moisty. Like the b***h she was. For now, however, the Seven were headed to McLoLnads™. Bobs really needed a milkshake and Guax was drinking beer. A bathroom would soon be needed.

Guax burst through the door, while Bobs entered calmly, directing itself to the counter to order his shake. The place was completely empty, giving off a creepy feeling of impending doom. The other 5 found their wat to a comfortable table, and sat to both rest and discuss what their next move should be.

      " Nature's threats are getting fiercer. She regained power faster than we expected. Three years of rest were not nearly as much as we deserve.  " Akira said, leaning down towards the others.

      " Still beats me how she did it. We need to find help, and soon. Munch, how is the time-traveling device coming along? Ban asked, pulling down his hood.

      " It`s ready, but the energy consumption is too high. The Sylvan shard you brought from the Lost Realm is powerful, but too small. There won't be enough power to time-hop all of us twice. We'll have to split. Or get stuck in another time together.  " Munch answered.

 Bobs came back with his shake, and pointed out to his friends.

      'Ey guys, hate to be the party-pooper, but take a look at the store... "

The once red and yellow decoration was acquiring a sick tone of green. Wild vines sprouted from the walls, with nasty-looking carnivorous flowers on their end, eating everything in range. A foul smell of decay filled the air, and soon 4 giant vines embraced the small establishment, crushing it soon after the heroes in the table got out. The arrival of the Green Kraken was Nature's way of saying she was done barking. IT. WAS. TIME. TO. BITE.




      " Crap...Where's Guax? "

© 2012 John

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Added on December 1, 2012
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