The Seven - Act I - The Magic Pen and the Furmobile

The Seven - Act I - The Magic Pen and the Furmobile

A Story by John

�" Oh god...can't even piss in peace without s**t blowing around. �" Guax whispered, trying to move around in the remains of the restaurant �" Let's see...Furaffinity membership card, no. Ban's love Beer, yeah, might save it for later! Ah, here it is, my pen!

While Guax the struggled within the wrecked building, the others engaged in a fierce battle with the Kraken. Ever since their adventure in the Lost Realm, each had developed some sort of power, a conjunction of their own weird  abilities and a bit of the Realm's power that hung unto them.

     �" Ok, so if I do that... �" Meerkat started chirruping and as he did, claws took the place of fingers, and he grew a tail. �" Ain't I just awesome? I wonder if werewolves stink like this though...

     �" Yeah, yeah, petboy. Here, take this. Handle it with care or you might kill yourself �" Bozo threw him a glove-looking, sparking gadget �" Pro tip, the spark side stays out!

     �" Oooh, shiny! Thanks Bozo, 'precciate it. �" He put on the gloves and jumped on the Kraken.

     �" My turn now. Good thing I had that milkshake earlier. �" Bobs started running towards the beast, but got rape...tackled by a tentacle into a nearby building. �" As I said, good thing I had that milkshake! AIN'T NOT HURTIN'! �" He screamed, running out and paying the Kraken back with a dive.

Meanwhile, Munch and Ban tried to figure out who should be sent to the past, and who should stay to deal with Nature's wrath.

     �" Look, I just think us two, Akira and Bozo should be the ones going. You know who we'll be meeting. Do you think those numbnuts �" He pointed out to Meerkat and Bobs �" will be of any use?

     �" And I'm telling you! It's me and Guax or neither! I'm sure you three can deal with 'him' anyway!

     �" Whatever you say, dude. �" Munch whispered, and turned to the crashed building �" Just remember we don't even know if Guax is still among us.

     �" He is. I can feel it.

     �" You can...feel it, eh? That's kinda disgusting, you know?

     �" I'm kidding, man. I put a tracker on him during Winter-een-mas, you know, just to make sure.

     �" Yeah, right. Glad to know he's alive though.

As he finished saying that, the crashed building started trembling, and a big monster truck popped out of it. With pink fur covering all of the wagon's outside and a huge bear head on top, it was a sight to be sneered at. When it came, out Munch and Ban stopped discussing and looked at it. Akira and Shank, wherever they were, looked at it. Meerkat and Bobs stopped fighting and looked at it. Hell, even the Kraken stopped to look at it for a moment. Guax jumped out of the car, stared at his machine and back at his friends.

     �" Meet the Furmobil, B*****S!

© 2012 John

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Added on December 1, 2012
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