The Seven - Act II - The Sneaky Dawgs and the Time-hoppers

The Seven - Act II - The Sneaky Dawgs and the Time-hoppers

A Story by John

There have been reports stating that the 7 are actually 8. I am deeply sorry for the mistake is what I'd like to say but seriously? Screw you and your girlfriend(YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). Oh, and your cat too.

Pro tip: Listen to this when they decide who goes where, pretty nice immersion(as with all the FFCC soundtrack).

Now, on with the plot!

     �" SHANK! Thou art required. Help me put an end to that green monstrosity if you will, runt of dapper sneakery. �" Guax asked a shadow near a building �" Come now, young'un. Turn around so we can see you. That's it! Good lad! Here, a potato. Enjoy.

     �" Why is Guax been so...gentlemanly? �" Shank asked the others while munching on his potato.

     �" Side effect from using my magic pen, lad. Bullocks if you ask me but what can be done, eh? Enough palager, we must act. We are in the pinch of the game! Hop on my car's bear head, and I'll launch you into the beast, so you can end this tight scratch and bathe us both in glory and wenches!

     �" Did you understand anything he said just now? �" Bobs asked Akira while he struggled with a tentacle.

     �" Wenches. But tha's about it.

     �" Why am I not takin' them to the theater too?

     �" But of course, I dont see why not? Lovely company in a boring play. And I can even hang out with their friend afterwards!

     �" LADS, GIVE ROOM FOR SHANK!! �" Guax screamed with all his might, as the bear threw Shank in the Kraken's direction.

Fast like a rocket and with daggers in hand, pointy end at the enemy(happened otherwise before), the Kraken was no match for him. Unfortunately, no one actually saw it, since Shank's angle in relation to the rest made him invisible to them. All they saw was Kraken being fiercely pierced and exploding in a million pieces. Ok, not really. It did die though, and as it fell to the ground, turned into dung. Nature sure knew how to do some old-fashioned trolling.

     �" Ok, now that this is out of the way, terrible smell aside...Who is going where? �" Munch asked everyone as they reunited.

     �" What are my options? �" Bobs asked.

     �" You can...stay here and deal with Nature or go back to the past and spend evenings having tea and discussing physics back in the 40's. �" He answered, and whispered to Ban, winking �" It's all about the way you put it.

     �" I'll stay, then. Bashing is preferable to physics, although I do enjoy a cup of tea from time to time. �" Bobs decided.

     �" I'll go, obviously. �" Akira said.

     �" Me too! �" Ban said.

     �" three! �" Guax said, obviously.

     �" Well, that leaves me...�" Munch said �" and you, Mr. Bozo.

     �" Shush, new guy. You got no opinion. You will stay, and you will like.

     �" Yay, handicap! �" Bobs, Shank and Meerkat said in unisson.

     �" With this, things are decided. Let's find a place to sleep for the night and have a nice meal, and then we'll go back to find 'him'.

For clarification:

Sneaky Dawgs










© 2012 John

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