Black Wish

Black Wish

A Story by John

Still working on this one..

 I saw its light in my mind before my eyes could catch it. An enthralling sight, a symbol of life and decay, glory and condemnation. An anathema of joy. Through silent, unrecognizable roars, it called to me, like a priest that feels the call of something greater. My body reacted before I could think. It went limp, lost its will, refused to obey. It stood there, a mindless clump of meat and bones, unable to do anything. Its lights flickered on and on, changing from a deep purple, almost black, to a blazing white. I felt tears run through my cheeks. Time seemed to slow down all around me, even in me...everything but the meteor. On the contrary, it started to change colors even fasters, the dark flames evermore present, extinguishing the white one. It moved towards me, and even though everything around it was burning, I could feel no heat. I felt cold instead, as cold as I've ever felt. Not the kind you feel on a snowy day, but the one that comes from inside. Fear, in its purest form. It seemed to congeal my blood, turn my bones into splinters until I couldn't stand, and yet stood. Closer and closer it became, and with each covered inch, I felt as if I knew it better. It wasn't just a piece of rock, it was a living thing, with desires and aspirations, fears and joys. Once again it called to me, and I lifted my arms. "No!" I screamed inside of my head, hating myself for being so useless, unable to do anything. "This thing is evil! You gotta move!" My legs were dead, my arms still lifted, waiting for my impending doom. I couldn't turn my head nor hear anything, but I knew that everyone around me was gone. I stood alone in what, five minutes before, was a bustling street. This brief sidetought seemed to enrage the entity beside me. It screamed inside my head, more ferocious than ever, sending jolts of pain through my body. I felt more tears run through my cheeks. "Sorry, I'm sorry! Please stop! You're hurting me!" I tried to reason with it, and it seemed to obey. The screech stopped. The meteor reached my hands, and they simply vanished into thin air. My arms were next, and then the whole of my body was taken into the void. 

© 2013 John

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Added on February 8, 2013
Last Updated on February 8, 2013
Tags: science fiction, post-apocalyptic, magic



Brasilia, DF, Brazil

Just someone who writes a lot of random stuff... more..

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