How Much the Hollow Costs

How Much the Hollow Costs

A Poem by Mac

It’s in the way you walk. . .
that slow mud-sunk saunter,
a graceful falter that captures
a hope in your step that the earth
might show pity,
pulling you into its cool bosom
It’s in the way you talk. . .
quiet . . . a quivering mess
of breath, stripped of girth;
a caged lyric, singed around the edges
and numbed alongside a crumbling tongue
It’s in the way you see. . .
black and gray, textured in salt,
a mass hysteria of shattered glass
midst the rubble of lost faces,
trickling from a crowded project unfinished
It’s in the way you look. . .
ashen and swirled with the dust,
a remnant, a guess drenched in a drawn rain;
flaccid in an unknowing sun,
hollowed eyes feigning a grin
that might wrap itself in a blissful bow.
It’s in the way you hold out your hand,
bend your fingers,
clutch your fist tight
where your fingernails
etch the grime into your palms
It’s how you listen for planes overhead
and you hear only feet 
dragging through the snow 
that falls
from a black cloud 
It’s where you find yourself 
when you struggle to close your eyes,
tempting a dream,
    humming epitaphs to the drumming
of marching soles
that teach you heel-to-toe, minute-to-minute,
It’s in the way you stop.

© 2015 Mac

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I may be waaaay off, but this poem reminds me of a soldier and who he is now. I liked the division and the breaking of the format. The first one was a bit more slow pace and tamed whereas the second one more intricate. The imagery of the marching is vivid. I can hear it clearly.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Close. It is about a concentration camp victim during the holocaust. But I appreciate you seeing the.. read more

8 Years Ago

Ahhhhh.. Okay, now the ending makes sense.

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Added on February 6, 2015
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Conway, AR

I went to college for Creative Writing, of which I did not finish. I now write in my free time in hopes of one day publishing my work. One of the fears I have to face is making an online presence - .. more..

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