"Grand Pause"

"Grand Pause"

A Poem by Mac

Let's begin with a steady pulse. . .
thump    thump    thump
Then add a deep growl. . .
thump    twang    thump    twang    thump
Later, we will bring in a sporadic, heavenly chord. . .
chord  thump twang  chord  chord  thump  chord  twang  chord  thump  chord  chord
And now, the voices. . .
In a season-less fit against your country,
we find you breathing on bended knee,
conductor to your fading fanfare;
Outside your cell,
Gardenias bloom a captivation, a smell,
a sonata to your  only free senses;
Here, we find you. . .
You who spent half-lives
waiting at bus stops,
    resting for a whole beat;
You who walked to battered beats,
swiping distinguished men's handkerchiefs
that bore mistress's monograms. . .
You who slowed to a cadence,
You whose conscience decrescendo-ed,
measuring up to your solitude
under these dark city lights;
Here, we find you. . .
You who now lurk
beneath an unknown omniscient,
   crawling over ruined thoughts,
rummaging through sharps and flats,
     trying to find the pieces of the perfect broken chord
midst the grime of this city's fingernails;
Here we find you starry-eyed to your nocturne that plays behind your aria,
the audience awaiting your grand pause
You bow

© 2015 Mac

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Added on February 21, 2015
Last Updated on February 21, 2015



Conway, AR

I went to college for Creative Writing, of which I did not finish. I now write in my free time in hopes of one day publishing my work. One of the fears I have to face is making an online presence - .. more..

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