My Vision for Africa!

My Vision for Africa!

A Story by Carmen L.

An essay about my beloved country, Africa.


Straddled between two powerful oceans " where Indian and Atlantic meets " enlightened with glorious sunsets and differentiating weather lies the cradle of humankind, Africa.  A Continent where ancient deserts are propagated, mysterious forests are rooted and exotic people dwell.  This is my Continent, a vast, beautiful place where prosperity is in our reach.  Nevertheless, we as Africans are being ruled by poverty and crime, blinding us and the rest of the world to the beauty of the Continent.  Misconceptions are even infiltrating our African hearts, making our joyous African-beat lachrymose.  Where we can be blissful in Mother Nature’s power we turn a blind eye and observe, and furthermore, scrutinize, only the evil in this world.


Being proudly African is certainly a difficult task.  It is as if each country is struggling with its own confrontations, being proudly South African or proudly Egyptian etc., the latter not being an everyday term used.  South Africans specifically, are those who are motivating their inhabitants to be proudly South African and not African.  This is off course a confusing situation, where one is irresolute, especially we as the youth of South Africa.  My Vision is simple: that all Africans should be proudly African, by being able to travel without restriction nor restraint through their Continent, viewing and flourishing in its beauty, and understanding their compatriots throughout Africa.


It is difficult to think of these things when one’s own country is struggling to keep its head above water, when we are drowning in poverty, crime and bad health conditions.  It is also difficult to think of the future when one does not have enough for the present.  Poverty and unwaged citizens would need to become hardworking and persistent, health aid should be made easy accessible to all Africans and pride and acceptance should be made part of who we are. We as Africans should use these problems to become one and to share our pain, making our Continent stronger in its fellowship with other Continents, making our citizens thankful for what we already have received and making our Continent a nation. 


As a young African, my dream is to travel through my Nation, to take pleasure in its different cultures and societies, to absorb its breathtaking beauty and to capture all that essence and keep it not only in my being, but to share it with the rest of the world.   I believe all young Africans should aspire to share our vast continental riches; it is a start to a brighter, more wholesome future.  To achieve all these aspirations and dreams and to be able to travel unreservedly and courageous would need us as Africans to be daring, diligent and receptive.                

© 2011 Carmen L.

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very good work........I am going to africa at the end of the year....looking forward to that........keep up the good work.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very nice read. I've never been to Africa, but know it's a beautiful place with a dynamic culture. I hope one day things will get easier and better for Africa's people.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 16, 2011
Last Updated on August 19, 2011
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Carmen L.
Carmen L.

Cape Town, South Africa

Sometimes words cannot describe how I feel. Love, hate and fear all jumbled in one. But when I can put my feelings into words, I do. I am not an accomplished writer and good pieces are few and fa.. more..