Charge of the Valiant

Charge of the Valiant

A Poem by Alex W

"They rode out into the sun; all of them dead, one by one......."


He wrenched his spear from the man below,
It had gutted the soldier in his previous throw,
The wounded man did then yelp with a gasp,
As the blade rung out with a shimmering rasp.

His men were still with him but his commander lay dead,
An enemy soldier had picked off his head,
The charge had seemed worth it with the enemy weak,

But now words of victory no-one did speak.

A look at the battle showed tides were not good,
Their army had lost more men than they should,
And now they all routed; or were cut down alone,
The seed of their defeat had now surely been sewn.

The unit rallied up together; his allies sensing too,
That they would not survive this day with their number so few.
Their horses breath was heavy; their last charge had been long,
And now stood only 50 of the previous 200 strong.

As he gazed upon the fields he began to feel such dread,
Never again would this soldiers feel the safety of his bed,
Or drink a smooth cold ale; Nor feel his wifes soft skin,
His fate in life had now been shown, the end was drawing in. 

Yet despite all this the men weren't scared,
Their motto had been "To those who Dared",
As many times had stories been told,
Of the knights of their order in legends of old.

Tales of bravery; of death and of glory,
A charge of men and horses befitting any story,
And the soldier smiled to himself; perhaps their day had come,
To charge home in fury to the beat of the war drum. 

He called to his friends as he took command,
Of this small contingent who no longer looked grand,
But bloodied and battered they still sat proud,
No self pity here nor fear allowed.

And so with kick; and a pat of his horse,
He nudged forwards towards the enemy force,
Who fixed their attention fixed on the cavalry alone,
The rest of their foes dead or dying with a moan.

Thousands of soldiers turned to face,
These few brave men who increased their pace,
Archers formed up; then five walls of spear,
The type of combination that in cavalry struck fear.

Yet the soldier yelled out; and so did his kin,
A roar of defiance from that line so thin,
Doomed though they were the spectacle shone,
Like a beacon of light that grew as it came on.

The canter grew to gallop; and then on to full speed,
Their voices grew loud and their horses did heed,
That this was their last stand; their lifes final flourish,
And atleast the first few enemies they would punish.

The last few yards seemed like an age; like time itself had stopped,
He watched in awe as the first of his men was dropped,
An arrowhead flew through his eye and his body fell,
Then several others became the same fate aswell.

The end of the scene played out in a flash,
The bodies of both sides did finally clash,
And the horse and rider were both killed outright,
In all but a heartbeat there ended the fight.

All of them slain; dead to the last.
They had rolled the dice and their fates had been cast.
I like to think that after death you can look back on your story,
And that those brave men could sit and smile at a tale of grace and glory.

After all, we're all dead men, I hope; infact I wish,
To be brave in my final acts and achieve something like this.

© 2011 Alex W

Author's Note

Alex W
This could have been done better.

I'm unsure myself of what i'm going for ultimately. I could have gone for the 'epic' poem on a generic cavalry charge to the death, (which is a good idea if done well), but I wanted to write one from the soldeirs perspective and of those at the time rather than just emotions and descriptions of the act itself.

My last two lines i'm unsure of, I couldn't think how to end it. Perhaps it could have been improved but for now i'm fairly happy with it. Not my best work but it's alright. I can always edit it if I find a better ending.

As always, reviews and comments appreciated.

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I find this an very good poem. Good using of words and it tells a story. It is easy to read and its not getting boring. good job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I enjoyed this. You have a lot of vivid images and grand themes. Some of the lines were worded in ways that didn't read smoothly; some sounded forced. But overall, great job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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A torrid tale of the human condition veiled in glory death comes to us all

Posted 10 Years Ago

epic. Awesome imagery, I could see it all practically like it was a video.
The words flow well and the word choice is great. Keep at it. (even if you don't particularly like it. ^_^)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Added on April 8, 2011
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Alex W
Alex W

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