Where Dragons Hide

Where Dragons Hide

A Story by Holly

A story about dragons


Where Dragons Hide

By: Holly

Everyone knew that dragons didn’t exist.  Or so they thought. Everyone thought that dragons were a myth. Mythical creatures from stories made from imaginative authors. You probably thought so yourself. Well this is a story that will change all that. In the so called “stories” dragons lived in a place called the skies. Now you may think that means up in the clouds. And it is, but more in the high mountains. And you can’t just clime the highest mountain to get there. You get there a certain way. And so we begin the story, of Where Dragons Hide………

~ One ~

“Five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN! Ready or not here I come!” she looked and looked and looked! Looking for her annoying brother. Yes, she was the one who started it all, she was Hala! Hala had a younger brother Daker, he is 6. A younger sister pam, she is 8. An older brother Ken, he is 17. And an older sister Dabney, she is 15. And then there was Hala, an 11 year old girl who changed it all. Hala was currently playing hide n seek with Daker in Texas, out in the country when they own a barn and fields that go for miles. There is even a little bit of land that they know about but never actually seen themselves. “Found you!!’ said Hala pulling Daker out from the bushes. “Oh! You always find me” complained Daker. “Maybe I just have a good eye like the great dragons that roomed the sky!” proudly said Hala. “Hala, Daker!!” called there mom from the house. “Dinner is ready!” and without further due, the kids raced inside to eat dinner. “Hey mom, can we explore the place on our property that we haven’t explored yet tonight?” asked Hala politely. “ Not tonight, it is getting too late for that. But maybe tomorrow. Right after lunch sounds good. Ken will watch you all. And yes Dabney, you ALL have to go” said Lisa, there mom. “And besides, you need to get ready for bed Mr. Daker and Ms. Pam.” “Okay” they said and sadly dragged themselves upstairs to get ready for bed. “And as for you three, do something quiet for a little while” “ok mom” said Hala as she pulled out her Favourite book. It was about dragons. Hala LOVED dragons! She drew dragons in her notebooks, she read all about dragons, and even when she made an expression it would probably be related to dragons. Hala was a believer. Most people believed dragons were just stories, but Hala believed they were real! In fact, she was so confident about this that she believed one day, she see face to face with a real live dragon! “You and your dragons.” Teased Ken. “What do you care? You were the one who ate FIFTEEN pieces of pizza!!!!” snapped Hala.  Ken just sighed and walked away. “I will meet a dragon one day” Hala told herself.

~ Two ~

Meanwhile, in New York City two men were planning to go on vacation in Texas. These two men were named Parker and Jaden. “Do you have everything we need?” Asked Jaden. “We are good to go!” said Parker. “Great! Let’s get on that plane.” They left New York at 7:00 p.m. it was a long trip, and they were very impatient men. But when they arrived in Texas, they were happy. “Let’s explore this hot place!’ said Parker with a happy cheer! “No, it is late and we need to find somewhere to stay.” Said Jaden almost worried they won’t find anything. “Already on it captain! We are 352, Densven St. Dallas.” Said Parker proud of his efforts. “Great! Let’s go!” it took them one hour to get to Dallas, then another two hours to find Densven St., ten minutes to find 352, then five minutes to get up the driveway. “Hey! It took a total of three hours and fifteen minutes to find this place! Not bad!” said Parker. “Not bad? NOT BAD??????” replied Jaden with a huff. Remember when I said they were very impatient men? Well maybe only Jaden was impatient. Parker was actually pretty perky most of the time. “Why don’t we go meet the nabours!” said Parker with delight. “Umm… excuse me???? It is 12:00 at night Parker!!!!!! We are not disturbing there rest!! We shall wait till morning!” said Jaden, getting annoyed now. The two boys set up their beds and went to sleep.

~ Three ~

“DING, DONG” went the doorbell. Hala woke up with a start. “Oh! I must have fallen asleep on the couch!” said Hala. “DING, DONG, DING, DONG.” Went the doorbell once more. “Coming, coming.” Yelled Hala. “Hello?” said Hala sheepishly as she answered the door. “Hi! We are your new nabours. My name is Parker, and this is Jaden. We are now living next door for 2 months. We just thought that we would introduce ourselves before unpacking. Umm… are your parents’ home?” said Parker “ya, I will see if they are awake.” Said Hala doubting this fact. She went upstairs. “Mom, dad, there are two men at the front door. A Parker and Jaden I think. They want to meet you.” “Ok, let them in, tell them we will be right down.” Said Hala’s dad. Hala raced downstairs, wide awake now. “You may come in and have a seat. My parents will be right down to meet you in a sec.” said Hala cheerfully. “Oh! Thank you!” said Parker. He nudged Jaden who had his hands in his black leather jacket and frowning, looking down at his toes. “Oh, umm… thank you.” Said Jaden feeling a little guilty for being rude, he just didn’t see why they had to meet the nabours this early in the morning. “Can I get you boys anything?” asked Hala as she was making her morning breakfast. “A glass of water would be nice.” Said Parker. “Nothing for me please.” Said Jaden. Hala heard footsteps racing down the stairs. It was Daker, Pam and Dabney. No Ken though. Ken normally slept until noon. “Hala! Don’t hog the corn puffs!” complained Daker. “Ya! We want some too!” agreed Pam. “Don’t worry guys! There is plenty left for you!” said Hala laughing under her breath. “Who are those guys?” whispered Dabney into Hala’s ear. “Those are our new nabours.” Replied Hala. “They want to meet mom and dad.” “I see” said Dabney. There were more steps down the stairs. “Here are my parents.” Said Hala, handing the glass of water to Parker. “Hi” said Lisa. “I’m Lisa, and this is my husband Carl.” “Hi! My name is Parker, and this is Jaden.” Said Parker “Nice to meet you!” said Lisa. Nice to meet you too!” said Jaden after getting another nudge saying he needs to say something. “We brought a pie for you and your family to share.” Said Parker “Oh! How thoughtful of you!” exclaimed Lisa. “This afternoon, the kids are going somewhere special, but would you like to join us for dinner?” offered Lisa. “Sure! That would be wonderful!” said Parker after hearing the little growl Jaden made. “Great! Well you two better go, we will see you at 6:00 tonight! Good bye for now!” said Lisa trying to move things along. The morning went on slowly, then lunch came. Ken was awake by now. The kids all had lunch, then they packed snacks and head off for their adventure. It was a long walk. Then they reached the edge of were the farthest any of them has ever gone before. Then Hala yelled out “What’s that over there? It looks like a big hill made of rock!” “Ya it does! Let’s go check it out!” cried out Dabney.

~ Four ~

Hala and the others started wailing towards the hill like figure, thinking they would discover something big. But they were not alone. Jaden was curios to find out what this “special place” they were going to was. So he convinced Parker to come with him as they followed the kids to the hill like place. “Are we there yet???????” asked Pam impatiently. “Almost, its right up there.” Said Hala pointing at the large rock. When they reached the hill, they realized that it wasn’t a hill at all! It was simply, “A CAVE!! IT’S A CAVE!” screamed Hala. “And it looks like the one in my book!!!!  Dragons must live in that cave!” “Nonsense” said Ken “Dragons do Not exist!” “Well there is only one way to find out” said Dabney. The five children entered the cave. “I don’t see any dragons in here” said Daker “See, they don’t exist.” Snapped Ken. “Well of course you can’t see them! They don’t live IN the cave!!! The cave is just an entrance to The Skies, where the dragons actually live.” Said Hala ignoring Ken. “But how do we get to The Skies?” asked Pam. “Well, there is a special way to get there. Good thing I brought my book! It tells me how to get in. ken can you please pass me the bag?” asked Hala. “Sure, you have fun with your imaginary way in!” said Ken. “FYI Ken, your imagination IS your way in! Ok everyone close your eyes. Imagine a door. But not just any door, a blue door, with a picture of a dragon on it. You can make your dragon any color you want except for black, which is the way to the dragon underworld. Does everyone have their doors?” “YEP!” everyone said at the same time. Even Ken did as she said. “Great! Now everyone walk to where in the cave you think your door is, keep your eyes closed, open your door and walk through.” And so they did just that. And to Jaden’s astonishment, the five kids disappeared into thin air.so Jaden and Parker were close behind, staying hidden. “Wow!” said Dabney sarcastically. “Wait” Said Hala “You see nothing because your eyes are closed, open your eyes everyone!” they all opened their eyes. What they saw was unbelievable! It was breath taking! The view was spectacular! All the dragons they could see! OH!!! It was just so wonderful!!!! And the ground! It wasn’t really ground, it was clouds!!! They were walking on clouds!!!!!!! “LOOK! LOOK! A DRAGON! A DRAGON!!!!” screamed Daker pointing to a red one. This dragon was flying towards the family. “Hello there!” it said. “AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” cried Dabney “You talk?” “Of course I do! My name is Graven and this is my brother, Gorden.” Said Graven pointing to a green dragon. “Nice to meet you! My name is Hala, and these are my brothers and sisters, Ken, Dabney, Pam and Daker.” Said Hala with a smile. “It can’t be!! It just can’t be!” said Ken with his mouth wide open. “What can’t be?” asked Graven. “YOU!!! You can’t exist! Dragons don’t exist!” said Ken. He is not much of a believer in dragons.” Explained Hala. “Oh I see” said Graven. “Well we do exist!” said Gorden firmly. “Welcome to the Skies. You are not supposed to be here though. Humans are forbidden in the dragon world, but I will allow you a few minutes to look around, but after that you need to go back to your own world. Okay?” said Graven. “Ok” they all said. They saw so many different colors of dragons! They saw blue ones, silver ones, red, white, and yellow, green, orange, and nice deep dark blues. And the mountains! Holy they were tall, high, and so cool. When there few minutes were up, Graven opened the portal that leads back to the cave. Before they leaped into the portal, Goren called out, “Do not speak to anyone about us.” Then they disappeared through the portal. Parker and Jaden were close behind, jumping through just before the portal closed.

~ Five ~

“How was your little trip?” asked Lisa as she was making pasta salad. It was 5:45, Parker and Jaden will be here soon. “Oh umm… it was fun, there was a cave there, but we didn’t go in it.” Said Hala nervously she did not like to lie, but she had no choice. “DING, DONG” went the doorbell. “I will get it!” called Daker as Lisa was putting the salad on the table. “Hi! You may come in.” Said Daker. “THANKS!” Said Parker. The two men walked into the house. “Hi” Said Lisa taking their coats. “I see you have met Daker, and this is Hala, Dabney, Ken, and Pam.” “Nice to meet you all!” said Parker. They sat down and ate and chatted, the time passed and soon it was 8:00 and Parker and Jaden went home. And they all went to bed.

~ Six ~

Morning came. Hala was the first one up as usual. Soon the whole family was up. Then late morning came and Hala decided to go out. “I’m going out to the café.” Called Hala already grabbing her coat. “Ok but be back in two hours” Lisa called back. Hala biked into town to the café. She sat down and had herself a muffin and a tea. As she was eating she heard voices behind her. It was Parker and Jaden! “Tomorrow, we will go down to the radio station and tell those people that dragons really do exist! And if they don’t believe us, we will take them to the skies ourselves!” she heard them say. Oh no! She thought. They must have followed us to the skies and are now going to expose dragons! I can’t let this happen. “NO!” she stood up and went over to where Parker and Jaden were. “NO! You cannot do this!!” she said. “And why not?” asked Jaden a little shocked to see Hala there. “Because, dragons are not supposed to be exposed to the world!” “Why!” “Because< once people know about dragons they will not leave them alone! The people will over power the dragons! And then there will be no more dragons left in the world! Do want that to happen?!” pushed Hala. She was happy with her answer. “No, I suppose not ok I will not expose dragons.” Jaden said sadly. Maybe she was right he thought. “YAY!!!! Thank you Jaden!” cheered Hala. Suddenly she got beamed to the skies! “Thank you for saving our world” said a voice. It was the King Groyne. Leader of all dragons. “And for saving dragons!” said Graven. ‘For your reward” continued Groyne. “You may come and go in this world and stay as long as you want! And as long as you do not tell anyone about us, you are welcome here!” “OH! Thank you!! Thank you very much!!” said Hala so happy she could scream! And she went home. As for the rest of her life, Hala kept Dragons a secret, but came and went in the skies as she pleased.

And so you see, Hala was a believer. And as for her, and her siblings, well they all learned a valuable lesson: anything is possible, if you just believe.


© 2012 Holly

Author's Note

this is just a story i wrote about how an 11 year old girl saves the Skies, which is a dragon world. PLEASE RATE OR REAVIEW!!!!!

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Alright, Holly. For 11 your actually very talented, although your youth is rather evident in your writing. I'm probably being a little hypocritical since I'm only thirteen, but, none-the-less here is my opinion and I completely understand if you think I'm being cynical. First off, grammar is a main point you should work on improving and if you have access to a computer, which you probably do, you should make a note to use spell check or maybe get a beta reader(and I would be happy to oblige btw). Second, most professional writers, and this is just from my perspective, like to use two general forms of writing. I'm not sure what to call them, but, this is what they are. The first is basically where they are discriptive when need be and focus mainly on getting to the interesting parts in the story. The other is where they are not neccessarily over-descriptive but they do make it a point to thoroughly explain things. What I'm trying to say is slow it down. This was very confusing and rather jumbled but you have a lot of potential. This site is mostly for people in their late teens or they are adults. I'm neither so if you would like some constructive critism from someone in your own age group, you can contact me anytime you wish although it may take a little while to get back to you. And in case you don't know what a beta reader is, it's someone whom reads over the things you write and thoroughly edits it... so yeah. Good luck in your future as a writer and don't hesitate to contact me if you need something. Oh, I almost forgot. I don't know how you pronounce Groyne but when I say it out loud it sounds a lot like groin... so yeeeaaah. Might wanna change that if you don't want people to burst out laughing when they read it. =>

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Hello! My name is Holly and I am 16 years old. I love to read, write and spend time with my friends. My favourite authors are: Stephanie Mayor and Kiera Cass. I hope you enjoy my page! -Holly more..

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