Cry of the Wolf

Cry of the Wolf

A Story by Hayllie

The night is quiet
No wind, or sounds to be heard
The alpha sits and waits, alone
waiting for a sign, a sound, a clue
to where his mate could be.

The only one in his pack to still be un-mated
like the tides of an ocean. Constantly moving, never able to remain still 
reguardless of anything else in the world. 
Torn between finding the other half of his heart, 
and protecting his pack, being the leader. 

Which should he choose? How long should he wait?
As the night grows colder, the howls from his pack could be heard
They were waiting for his return from his nightly sit
Every night he comes here to the forest clearing
waiting for his mate to come to him
Every night he goes home alone, his wolf inside dying a little more

The fate of his heart weighing heavily on him
but the fate of his pack slowly becoming dark
If he doesn't find a mate soon, he could loose his wolf,
and his pack.

As he stares up at the wolf moon
and lets the same sad cry..
as his howl carries through the air
he travels the road back to the pack house alone again.

© 2021 Hayllie

Author's Note

Im currently working on a short story to the effect of the Alpha being the only one in his pack still without a mate, and this come to mind...depending on how everyone thinks of this I debate posting the story here...

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I appreciate that you don't anthropomorphize "love" according to humans. This sounds like authentic longing from a canine. Love your storytelling, your gentleness in arriving at your purpose (((HUGS)))

Posted 23 Hours Ago

The wolves. They live here in Michigan. You can rarely see them. They are wiser than we realize. I enjoyed the tale dear Hayllie. A alpha wolf is interesting. Demand strength and they take what they need. Thank you dear friend for sharing the amazing story.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

Thank you so much for your kind review! I have always been so infatuated with wolves. They are so mi.. read more
dear Hayllie…. Wolves are fascinating …
My grandchildren are part Navajo Indian…
and they learn many legends from their Mother and her Father … your story is worth writing.
truly, Pat

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Thank you so much and that is truly amazing!! I myself am...well so much percentage of Cherokee, alt.. read more

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N the Country US, NC

"Our imagination is great, it can sometimes be the best thing about a person, even if putting it into words comes hard." I may not be the best writer, but with a huge imagination, I am always coming u.. more..

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