The Lord's Touch

The Lord's Touch

A Story by Raidah Khmia

After being cornered by a pride of lioness, and then saved by the all mighty King of the Plains, became his best friend. Will Aaron be able to survive long enough through the plains of Africa?




The plane's engine was extremely loud as the crew got on board. It was getting ready to take off into the skies until one last person had called out before one of the crew was gonna shut the door.

“Wait! Hold up there! There's two more!” he called out, running as fast as he could. Passing by many ticket booths, and a police officer where he accidentally bumped into. People watched him run by and make it up the ramp to the crew man.

In his arms he held his son, who unlike anyone else, would love to travel with. It was unlikely for him to be late and almost missing his flight. If this were the case, then it wouldn't matter so much as to stop and wait for another one. But his job was important, and it's nearly impossible for him to be kept waiting.

“Look here,” he said to one of the crew members. “I don't want to be a pain and burden to you now but you need to have some 'last minute calls' before taking off. That way people know to get on board!” he said furiously.

“We are terribly sorry, Mr. Peter, but we cannot wait any longer, this plane is said to take off to Africa, with you talking it's holding the plane up. Get on board” the crew man said as he shoved Mr. Peter in. “Well, I don't think they understood me well enough, but Vector Peter does not wait for 'another plane' and have to miss my flight to Africa. I have research over there that I must attend to.” he scoffed as he found his seat by the window, D24; sitting down and placing his son, Aaron Peter down in the seat next to him. Making sure that both their seat-belts were on.

“Attention Passengers” the intercom said. “We are now leaving Denver Colorado and heading to Africa, please be seated when the plane takes off. We will arrive in Africa in 5 hours. Thank You” and then it ended.

Vector wore a green shirt, with a tan vest and camouflaged pants and boots. He had dark brown hair that was cut short with it being half an inch long; he also had dark brown eyes. He was 29 years old, and had fought in the Army a few years back before Aaron was born. His wife, Abby had died from Cancer when Aaron was 3 years old. His son, Aaron, was 7 years old, and also had Dark brown hair, only his was spiked up with gel. He had hazel colored eyes and a few freckles on his nose and the top of his cheeks just under his eyes. He wore a green checkered shirt and denim blue jeans as well as a pair of Nike brand shoes. He wanted to be just like his dad, Vector when he grew up.


Vector pressed his back against the seat, trying to relax until they landed. Aaron was also doing the same, but he fell asleep much more faster while clutching his stuffed animal Lion.


Chapter 1: Wild Life's Research


After leaving the Airport, and driving in their Safari Jeep for as much as 7 hours, the crew finally arrived in the heart of Africa. It seemed peaceful, quiet. The air was dry, but yet cool with the slight wind. You could see trees here and there, and some tall grass as well, that predators used to hide in. But no predators would dare come close to this group. It was June, 15th, 2008, the time where Mr. Peter and his crew were out checking reports on the wildlife here in Africa.

“So how have they been since we last came here, Michael?” Vector asked one of his crewmen. As they were going through papers inside the Jeep. “Well, sir, as you can see here” he said as he walked over to Vector and showed him the old report, “This is how all their food, water and habitats have been. As well as the population.”

“I see, anything else?” he asked while rubbing his neck to get rid of a few pesky mosquitoes. “That's how it was before, here is the new reports were getting at.” Michael said as he pulled out a second sheet of paper from behind the first one and handed it to Vector. “The Food and water are starting to go down, which means the rainy season might be late. That cuts back on habitats because it's getting too hot. As well as some of the animals are dying. That causes a big change in the report, sir” he informed.

“I guess that means we have been using too much greenhouse gases after all. With the Economy getting bad around here, maybe it will finally stop.” he sighed as he put his hand down. “Well then, lets keep on working then, pictures of the wildlife, temperature checks, all that.” Vector smiled and went to go check on the other reports from the other crewmen.

While Vector was busy, and nobody was watching him, Aaron was out and about to explore on his own. He found the tall African grass in which he was busy touching and pulling at. He was always a fan of these kinds of grasses, perfect to hide in and better than the green grass back at home. He just loved how it felt to him, dry, but yet soft. He decided to wander on deeper into the grass to see what else was there for him to discover. He took a few steps into the grass and he was gone from sight from the others back at the site. But the only thing that kept Vector busy, was his research.

He seemed to have been walking for at least 2 hours, he hadn't heard or seen the Jeep leave, nor did he take any interest about it. The sound of the engine ignition had went off, and the sound of the Jeep driving away was too far for even Aaron to hear. He soon was thinking to himself, even though he was alone at this point. I wonder if Daddy will ever take me here again? I love how this place feels, especially this grass, it's really tall too, just like Daddy is. Aaron thought. Maybe that means, I can grow tall like him some day. But if I stay short all my life, I think I could have a better chance at almost everything, instead of being tall and having to duck under everything.

Right then, Aaron found a small pond, he looked down at it to see his face was dirty after going around in the dirt and dust to help his dad find things for his research. He got down on both his knees and cupped his hands together and dipped them in the water, bringing them up to his face to wash the dirt and dust away. “I feel much better now” he smiled and stood up, only to hear a growling noise.


Chapter 2: King of the Plains



Aaron could hear the growling around him, but he ignored, thinking they were nothing but dogs like the ones on the street at home. He left walked for a little bit, pulling the grass out of his way so he could see. To his amazement, he came to the open plains, and there were a lot of animals around. At least a thousand of them all in one area. It's like Simba and the Circle of Life, thought Aaron as he stepped out.

Once he left the safety of the grass, he saw a large rock that was shaded by a large tree. It was about 10 or 15 feet away but it didn't take very long to get over there. The rock was about 4 or 5 feet tall and maybe 4 feet for width. He found a lizard resting on the rock, looking around he saw a Giraffe nearby eating leaves from the tree. It seemed calm enough around here until the growling started back up.

Aaron looked to see the Giraffe running away fast, and the lizard went to go hide under the rock in a hole that was dug there. Aaron was confused at first, but then soon realized that when animals flee, it meant a enemy was near. He could hear several low growling coming around nearby, but Aaron couldn't see at all. He then looked behind him to stare at the tall grass, seeing 4 lioness emerge from their hiding spots. How had Aaron miss them? Maybe because he took a different way here.

As far as he could see, there were 4 lioness here. He could see their fangs bared and growling at him. Giving Aaron none other than the evil eye towards him. This is like on those Safari shows daddy showed me once before about the lions and what they do to kill prey, he thought. He had to think fast, and fast, but it didn't seem like time was going to last very long for him. The lionesses growling was incredibly loud and filled with anger. Did I wander onto their territory? Thats when they closed in on him.

They were trying to surround him, make as little less room as there was for him to escape. They all looked like they would either run or pounce on him! Aaron then had tears streaming down his face, not because of losing sight of Vector, but also because the lions scared him. “Wh- Wh- What do you w- wan- want from me?” stammered Aaron. “You've invaded our territory!” growled one of the lioness, “You must be eliminated!” growled another. “If you do not leave, there will be some serious consequences!” Aaron had never heard lions talk before, but he heard from his father that long ago, when Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth, that animals could talk. It was amazing though.

The lionesses closed in closer on Aaron, but just when they were about to attack, there was a deep growling coming from the tall grass. Aaron was more afraid now, feeling that his heart was now in his throat; because he was too scared to speak. A large figure was moving quickly through the grass until it leaped, now standing in front of Aaron. Which made him break out into tears more. But this was not just a lion, it was the King of the Plains! It looked at Aaron and then at the lioness. He growled fiercely and deeply, leaving the lioness scattering and retreating from the site.

Aaron remained where he was, he knew things were going to get worse from here, he just knew it. As the lion watched the lioness flee, he gave a heavy sigh and turned to face Aaron. This was where he froze in place yet again. “What is it that a human like you doing in Lion's Territory?” he questioned calmly. Aaron studied the lion, he was large, and his mane was also quite big with a sunset orange color to it. His muscles were also tensed up, which gave him a boost on leaping. “I got lost here, my dad was doing some research and I got left behind” Aaron wept. “Well then, there is no need to fear here then little child. If you are left away from your family, then there is a reason to stay with me isn't there?” he asked. Aaron had to try and get all this in his head, even having to talk to animals. Maybe the Lord is protecting me? And being able to talk to those that have spoken way before life had even began to exist! It was a chance that he couldn't turn down. “Umm, sure!” Aaron said with excitement. “Do you have a name?” the lion asked. “My name is Aaron Peter” he responded as he walked up to the lion. “What is your's?” “I don't have one, I’m just known to everyone as King of the Plains” he said. “hmm, how about I call you Goliath. Like in the Bible about the big strong man. Certainly your big and strong” Aaron smiled. “Then I guess it is so. I'm Goliath” he grinned.


Chapter 3: Tears and Bravery



As Aaron was growing a bit more closer to Goliath, he could now understand a little bit of him. It was still a mystery to him, but having a talking lion as a friend; who would believe him? He guessed it was all a dream, but how can he be in a dream when the exploration was all true? The yelling, the rushing, the plane and then this? To Aaron, it was real, to others it was a dream or hallucination.

Then Aaron broke the silence and said, “So how do you deal with the other animals here? Are they always afraid of you because your king?” Goliath was quiet for a moment, then turned his back away on Aaron and started to walk away. “H-Hey! Wait up, Goliath!” called Aaron as he ran to catch up to the lion. He stood beside the broad shouldered Goliath saying, “Did I say something wrong or hurt your feelings?” “No, you didn't, It's just what you said had reminded me of my past. Before I was king, my life was far beyond being great or worse. It was more in the middle if you ask me, but one chunk of my life was taken out, incomplete.” “How was it incomplete?” asked Aaron as he kept up the pace, so he wasn't left behind. “Well-” Goliath stopped there, refused to talk and stopped walking. He turned his massive head with the sunset-colored mane, his yellow tinted eyes met Aaron's hazel; and he spoke:

“It started back when I was a young cub, still full of energy as I ran through the tall grass with nobody around to follow. I was the only cub from my parents, the others were too weak and died.” Goliath spoke as he looked up at the sky. “They were not strong, yet I was, as if I drained them of each and every last ounce of energy they owned. That's what it felt like, they only died because they were not strong enough, their leg muscles, lungs, heart and brain were poorly developed. So they were left for dead.” He was quiet for a moment before speaking again. “Which is why my parents didn't bother with not giving me a name, they knew who I was, I was an only child to them.” Goliath sighed and sat down on the dry ground. “My parents later died after a elephant stampede which caused me to lose sight of them. The next thing I saw was them being trampled on, thrown around and completely crushed. I could feel those warm tears stream down my face as I called out to them, 'Dad! Mom! Come back to me, don't leave me!' but I already knew they were gone. I had to fend for myself, learn what I could, and then having to be looked after by the other parents of the African Plains. Each different parent, those that I know now are grown up and living life. Yet, you are still young; Aaron. Why is it that you are so young, yet I am already grown?” he asked.

“It's because I'm human, we grow slowly, after we hit the age of 18, were considered an adult by then” Aaron responded. “Really?” Goliath was surprised. “I am only 3 years old, yet you are 7 years old, to me that is old. To you it is young, you must be very lucky to be a human.” Goliath chuckled. “Not really, I've always wished to be a Lion, yet I see how much pain it takes to go through something like that” Aaron said softly. “It's okay, it was only me” he smiled. “Besides, your like a brother to me” Goliath grinned as he stood up from the ground. “How about we go and meet the Pride?” he offered. This stunned Aaron, meet the Pride? Does that mean family? I couldn't possibly go, surely they would kill me after the first sight he thought. I need to remember to not upset Goliath, I am like a brother to him, after all Aaron continued to think to himself. “A- Alright then, but do you promise me that they won't hurt me?” he had a uneasy feeling swelling up inside him. “But of course, why would I let the pride hurt my human brother?” he chuckled and led the way. “Over here, if you pass by the water hole, you'll find the pride.” Goliath said, while Aaron was catching up, walking by his side. “Surely they aren't aggressive are they?” Aaron asked with caution. “Oh, we aren't all bad people. Lots of us here have soft hearts, especially the elderly lions here Aaron. Don't be afraid, put some bravery in that heart of yours.” he nudged at Aaron's shoulder playfully with his nose. “Now lets hurry, they might wonder what has become of me” he started to keep the pace steady so Aaron could keep up.

After they passed by the watering hole, Aaron was almost bewildered by how many lions and lioness were here. To Aaron it looked like hundreds, but there were probably on 20 of them. “So, your the leader?” Aaron asked, “Me? Oh no I am not the Leader of this pride, the one who is the leader is none other than Kano. We all respect him fully because of what he does, he blesses and sends prayer to the skies for our pride to have good faith on our side” Goliath replied with a smile. “Like giving praise?” Aaron questioned. “Certainly so,” he nodded. “Wow, it's like how my dad and I use to do that, we would pray before we eat” he sounded surprised. “Yeah? We do that here too. We respect everyone and everything here on this earth, and what the Lord has given to us. We must learn to respect Him, treat Him with all our might, our strength, our honor for Him” Goliath said, as he looked up at the sky once more. “How about we go and meet a few of the lions in the pride now? We can also meet Kano, if you'd like” Goliath offered. “Sure! That sounds great” Aaron cried out with glee.

© 2011 Raidah Khmia

Author's Note

Raidah Khmia
This story I didn't make up out of the blue. The Lord had given it to me in my dreams, I am the Author but God is the Artist.

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Raidah Khmia
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