Liquid Mirror

Liquid Mirror

A Poem by Raidah Khmia

Life has mysteries that are yet to be untold, prove it by doing the impossable. ;)


I thought that when you looked into a mirror

You liked what you saw

The only thing I could see as far as myself

Was none other than my evil side

I thought nothing of it, as if it didn't matter to me

But what did I hear made me curious as ever


I've heard of Jesus, the one who parted the sea apart

The one who caused the lame to walk again

And caused the blind to see

Who healed the broken hearted and set the captive free

I thought it was unimaginable, but was true


When I look into this  Liquid Mirror, all I see is Me

I think to myself and wonder why I am who I am not

Then I nod my head and understand why,

God made me this way for a reason

So that I do not act like the same around me


I wanted to know why God chose this

I had heard that God did this so that His children did not walk with the Devil

So that the Liquid Mirror did not break

With each and every little sin to get through the cracks of the broken glass

So that sin could not pinpoint our next move into life


This is the reason why God made us for who we are

Even though we want to change,

Asking God for answers may always be the correct path

But asking others around whom you trust, can get you  good answers

When God can give you the best


This Liquid Mirror that Jesus has walked on

Made me think to myself as to why would I want to change?

If I did the same as Jesus,

He wouldn't be called the Son of God unlike any other child in the world!

We would be the same, equal, when we could all just be different


I don't need to walk on water

Or part the Red Sea

I have no use of healing those who suffer

When asking God is all I need,

A little bit of faith can fix that broken Liquid Mirror

© 2011 Raidah Khmia

Author's Note

Raidah Khmia
Just decided to try out a new Poem with my sense of emotions of life inside this, tell me what you guys think.. n.n

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Thanks, that's one of the poems I've done. I have a few others, I just need to have time to put them up.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I like it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on March 22, 2011
Last Updated on March 22, 2011


Raidah Khmia
Raidah Khmia


I am a Roleplayer from the forums . I am known as Bandit Cat there on the Forums so if you join, give me a message. I love to write every time I get the chance, or have paper and pen.. more..