Runaway Seven

Runaway Seven

A Story by Raidah Khmia

All I can say is that it's about a 15 year old boy who escaped the Juvenile Detention Center.


Runaway Seven


I heard the alarm go off, watching the bright red light shine and give off it's warning that someone has escaped. It was me, I had just finished sawing out the last of the bars off my cell, it took me 3 weeks with just a switchblade that I kept in my back pocket of my worn out, faded jeans. The blade was already dull, and the only way to keep the guards from noticing me slicing my way to escape was to piece them back when they came to open up my cell to take me down to get something to eat. It wasn't all that bad, I mean the food was a bit out of place with the usual cauliflower and sweet potatoes; but at least it was something. But now, my life was on the line as I raced down the hallway, dodging the lower windows so the cops couldn't see me or a lock of my light brown hair. If they did, I would have been getting more beatings than anyone else here. Of course they too could tell the alarm went off, and they knew who escaped, our names were printed above the cell doors. Even though I used my switchblade to scratch out the name before I completely fled.

I know my life was not what I was hoping for, but it's what had come at me the minute I had already walked into that store, stuck a taser in my pocket from the back of the store where nobody was looking and right when I walked out the door of that small store, I could have sworn that they had gotten here faster than I could think. But that was how it all started, I knew that no matter how many blocks I ran down, how many times I hid, how many times I struggled against my will to free myself as they stuck my hands behind my back, forcing me on the cold concrete ground; I just couldn't bear why I had chosen to steal. My friends were drug addicts, yet they were still in high school. I mean, what do they know? Their high on drugs anyways. It's not a bother to me that I had almost followed into their footsteps, but with school work piling up ahead of me just because I was stuck in some Juvenile Detention Center, doesn't mean that I have way to escape something like this, or, not until I heard the alarm go off.

I was just about to curve around the corner until I heard voices, rough and stern voices. “How did he escape?” I could hear one man saying. “It seems he managed to saw his way out” another man said as he coughed. He sounded like he was a smoker, because it was a really bad cough. I pulled myself against the wall, breathing heavily, if I could just make sure they weren't looking; I could cross the hallway to the other side without a single one of the them glancing in this direction. I just had to figure out how first. Then it came to my mind, maybe I could knock out the lights, they can't catch what they can't see. I pulled out the taser from my pocket and looked from the corner carefully and cautiously with my right eye, seeing they weren't looking. I aimed it at the light and pulled the trigger. A white static came from the tip of the taser and shot the lights out. Glass fell from the lights as it seemed that the taser did enough damage. I could hear yelling from the men around the corner, but they couldn't see nothing, so I dove forwards. “Hey!” I heard someone shout, but I didn't dare turn around, not until I was free first.

I ran and ran through the hallways, turning left and right. It was like as there was a mouse and this was a maze, searching for that piece of cheese. To me, I was the mouse, the maze was this building and the cheese was my exit. I had but one chance and one chance only to find my way through the dark building, To get out into the light and scamper past that fence, the border that separated my freedom.


Chapter 1: Escape Route

As I weaved my way past the guards that were blinded by the dark, careful not to make any sudden loud noises to alert that I was near; I was nearly there to the exit. I ran as fast as I could, until someone walking down the hallway had bumped into me, Oh man, I'm in trouble now I thought. Is this where I'll be stuck here again for another month? No, I can't be, I have a life and I need to live it, not be cooped up inside some building! “Who there?” the guard asked. I tried to make my voice deep to match the guards' so that I could be passed on as someone else and get away. “Oh, I'm sorry. It's so dark in here, someone had taken out the electricity in the building.” I said as carefully as I could. “Yeah, it's a pain having to see in the dark.” the guard said. “Well, I really must be going” I put in and stepped around the guard, then took off fast down the hallway.

As I could see the exit in plain sight, I dashed forwards and rammed right into it, escaping the darkness of the Detention Center. I was free. But it wasn't long though, I could see that the barbed wire fences had linked all the way around the buildings. Maybe I could cut a few of the wires and dig the rest of my way out? I thought and carefully but quickly dashed towards the fence. Gripping the wires in my fingertips, I knew that I needed to do this quick or I would be trapped here. Even as I felt the electricity from the wires circulate through me, I had to get out, no matter what. I pulled out my switchblade from my pocket and began to cut at the wires, I wanted to get enough of it clear at the bottom of the fence so I could dig the rest of my way out. I already had four wires cut, just a little more. I had to cut faster before the guards find me, they would bring the dogs out if they knew I wasn't inside the building after searching. The dogs. Oh man I'm in trouble!

Seven wires have been cut now, enough to get me through the fence, If I dug a hole. I looked over my shoulder, nobody in sight; not yet. I put my fingertips to the ground after putting my blade away. I started digging as hard as I could now. The earth felt hot, dry and rough as I tore with all my might into the dusty, crusted soil. There, I gotten halfway with digging, but I still couldn't slip out. That's when I heard a noise, growling, snarling. It sounded mad, angry like a bear who's territory was invaded. The dogs had come.

Bark Bark Bark

I began to dig faster now, tearing into the ground with more force. Then I heard the cops, they were yelling, even though it sounded faint; they were commanding the dogs to attack. As I got half my hand in my escape hole, I heard them running, their paws beating the ground as they ran like a pack of wolves; ready to take down prey. I was the prey. I dove under the fence, grabbing the uncut wires to pull me out on the other side. The dogs had reached me, their snarling faces now inches from mine over the fence. I stared into their gleaming brown deviled eyes. I turned away, fearing that I would freeze in place or turn to stone by sight like Medusa. I was part-way there when I felt a grip on my ankle, I turned my head to see them now. Those dogs were German Shepherds, strong as they were; they were pulling me back!

I twisted and pulled but they gave no sign of giving up, nor was I. Then I swung one of my legs and tried to kick one of the big dogs away, there were at least three that were after me. I heard a yelp escape from one of the dogs, I must have hit it hard enough for it to back away like that, maybe I got it in the muzzle. I felt a sharp pain in my leg now, I cried out in pain as it got worse and worse as if it were digging into my flesh. I saw the dogs biting into my leg! They tugged with more force this time; I actually felt myself being dragged! But I held together with the wire. Feeling the electricity shock out my organs, I was sure I would die from electrocuting myself before the dogs could even pull me out.

Another idea came to mind then, If I could just get my taser, then I could get the dogs off of me. I slowly extended my hand towards my pocket, and slipped my hand in, feeling for my taser. I felt something made of metal in my pocket, pulling it out to find my taser. Now I would show those cops and dogs who a real fighter is. I shot my hand under the fence, my other hand gripping the wire; I switched on the taser by pushing a yellow button on the side. The taser's electricity was a bright blue color, it was a higher leveled taser that I stole from a cop after pick-pocketing the guy, before I left the building.

Thrusting my hand out, the taser made contact with the dog's broad neck, electrical currents flashed a elegant blue when it made contact. I kept a firm grip though, I didn't want to lose this fight. I saw one of the German Shepherds bite down on my wrist, I flinched but didn't scream, I wasn't a wimp. I twisted my arm so I could shock the dog from the chest, feeling the canines rip at me as I turned myself. Then shocked the dog, it passed out after a few seconds of electricity running through it's body. This was my chance now. I switched off the taser and put it back in my pocket. Pulling myself out from under the fence, I finally stood after those long twenty minutes. I felt the pain of those deep bites, the light touch of the blood that ran down my arm and leg. They stained my jeans, and tore up my ankle. My whole body ached, felt weak from the tussle. At least I came out a victor, that was just the beginning now, the fun was about to start; and I make up the rules of survival in this game.

I could hear the guards yelling at me, screaming and swearing at me with words I could possibly yell back at them, but refused for being afraid they would shoot me. I knew that my life now was going to be tougher, because after those last few years of being stuck in the Center, my life was completely downhill. If I could figure out what to do with my life, I would solve all my problems. I looked at the ground, my jeans were bloodstained, so were my pair of Nike as well. It was a shame really because these I had stole from a local Wal-Mart, a place I usually would steal from every now and then. I shivered at the pain of the bite on my wrist. My nerves were calling out to me, telling me to rest; it hurt so much now all because I wasn't quick enough and almost lost a leg. Scratch that, I almost lost my life. This was how it was going to be for me now on, Adam the life-taker and Adam the risk-giver. This was nothing to me now, I was an outsider in this world, in this city. I didn't even know what to do now that I finally got out of that jail, my life was facing what is now the future. A Fifteen year old like me isn't suppose to be running from the law, or hiding behind brick walls just because the cops are after me.

© 2011 Raidah Khmia

Author's Note

Raidah Khmia
Trying different styles of writing.

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Really? Thanks! I've been trying different styles of writing, so far this one is the best. Cause I can cope with it. xP

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Posted 10 Years Ago

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Raidah Khmia
Raidah Khmia


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