The Duality of Love

The Duality of Love

A Poem by SoozProtege

Love from the view of different people.

The Duality Of Love

**Note to reader, read in a soft, even, and gentle tone***

How do we remember love?
For me it is in the changing of the seasons.
the first day of a cool breeze,
the first golden leaf,
the first day a coat is needed.
It is in the smell of certain colognes and perfumes,
certain flowers,
when the rain is come and gone.
It is with the sound of certain songs,
some just at random,
others played in concurrence with one of the above.
It is in the familiar touch in certain ways.
How do you remember something that is a feeling inside?
when all feelings fade with time?

***Read in joyous upbeat tempo, spoken with ultimate conviction***

I remember love as the food of my soul.. the meaning for my being.
To love is the air I breathe.
It wakes me in the morning like the rays of the sun.
It pumps blood through my veins like the thundering hooves of wild horses on the plains.
A pure love warms me on the coldest of nights like the comfort of a blanket.

To see that love returned in the eyes of one who feels the same for me is nothing less than my personal Heaven.

***Read as if in a state of ecstacy ***

To have her arms around me is akin to the wings of angels lifting me higher and higher.
To feel her skin against mine, sharing the warmth of our bodies is the passion of fire.
The soft kiss of her lips is that of a rose petal.
And to share this love with the one who chooses me,
over all others,
swells within me a pride that makes me more than I am,
more than a man.
It makes me Love.
And inside I become a creamy nougat center.

***Read in harsh tone, slightly rushed, and gaining in intensity and volume every other line throughout the remaining lines***

I remember love as the b***h it is.
A hopeless tease and never at ease.
Even if you are certain.
The dreaded sigh's,
the heartbreaking "Goodbye's"
The trouble that never leaves.
The restless night's and the tear filled plight's
are never out of scene.
The tears of joy,
the tears of pain;
all of such,
they fall like rain.
The future fills my mind with visions.
Visions of a life so vivid.
Only to be shattered and left
by the wastes of heaven and hell.
Love is all this but so much more.
With grace and hope,
and beauty abound.
Something so delicate is rarely ever found.
So when you do cherish in all it's ways,
then love again,
tomorrow is another day.

© 2020 SoozProtege

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I like how you described love in different tones and how smooth the poem flows

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

Thank you for your praise. This is one of my favorites.

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Added on July 21, 2020
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Beaumont, TX

I have been a closet poet for 30 years now, over the last year I have been sharing my work with the world getting rave reviews more..