Goat now a lamb

Goat now a lamb

A Poem by Braden Aric

This song isn't about me. I used personal experiences to form parts, but this protagonist of the song is not me.

A list of bad trips I guess I'm done.
My cure is more fucked and less fun.
I'm tired of my friend calling me dumb.

But I guess that's not a problem because it's so easy
to live happily.
Especially when you're staying a half and three minuets past three
trying not to give into everything.
Trying not to drink till I can't see.
F*****g Christ I swear it isn't me.

It's really hard to be unloved and unwanted.
When everyone who's left stays; I'm haunted.
It'd be a blessing to be f*****g dead.

A troublesome youth that lacks the will
to give up pill after pill
and though it's natural, it's unnerving still.

"I'm your f*****g friend, why don't you see?
You can't come back once you leave.
And I'll miss you terribly."

I promised "One more day like this. I swear..."
Well I guess that day has come. I don't care.
A second passes but I'm unaware.

A room full of people; mouths behind their hands.
Family, friends, members of the band.
From pounding on the wall, a broken hand.
Now he's just another problem we can't understand.
A goat calmed and now a lamb.

© 2014 Braden Aric

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Added on May 22, 2014
Last Updated on May 22, 2014


Braden Aric
Braden Aric

Houston, TX

I write a lot of songs through the day and I want other people to see them. This seems like the easiest way. more..