Breaking up #1

Breaking up #1

A Poem by Braden Aric

Thanks for helping me out
with all the s**t that I've done wrong.
It really means a lot.

When things are going south
you've got the strength to pick me up
but accept a day you won't will come.

Anger weighs me down
and I'm lighter when you're around.
I'm just another clown
so don't expect too much.

Every time I cry I say
"It's all my lover's fault'.
I don't want you to take that fall.

So I push you away.
I'm only doing this for you
but please don't do it too.

Because anger weighs me down
and I'm lighter when you're around.
"You're no one's f*****g clown"
You really love me too much.

© 2014 Braden Aric

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Sometimes, it is the best option to push someone away who has hurt us so much. A relationship shouldn't be about trying to impress the other person or to become what they want in a person, it's about two people making a true connection and learning about eachother and how to work towards a future. A lover shouldn't put you down or make you feel like a clown, they should accept you as you. If they can't do that and expect more than you can give, then show them the door because they aren't worth it and you don't deserve them. My favorite part in this was when you mentioned that you were lighter with her around. It brings the thoughts of hope. If you feel you're never enough for the one you want, then I'm sure you're able to find another one day who will truly accept and love you for all that you are. Inside and out, like a true human.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 25, 2014
Last Updated on May 25, 2014


Braden Aric
Braden Aric

Houston, TX

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