Chapter 3 – A new face.

Chapter 3 – A new face.

A Chapter by Bradley Davies

What has happened to poor Bonnie, where is David heading, read on to find out...


Chapter 3 " A new face.


Awake. I am not sure if or how I feel asleep but it seems I must have dosed off, if there was one thing I did not want to do, it was to fall asleep. As my eyes are closed every time I wake up, I open them. Everything is blurred white with little black splodges which look a lot like people. I blink. Once. Twice. The third time seems to show any sign of improvement. I can see a doctor, actually every one in the room is a doctor, and they all have those white masks on that doctor’s wear when they perform surgery. As I think that an incredible stabbing pain shoots through my right lower arm. I look from the ceiling to my arm and all I can see is blood and the doctor has some medical tools half submerged in my arm as I see that I try to move my arm but it is tethered down, but the tools are knocked out of the doctor’s grip.

“Hurensohn” A man shouts in irritation, I am not an expert, but it sounded German. I scream again and two men come running to me and covering my mouth with something. I dose of again after seeing a hooded man being help back by two guards.

“He’s in pain damn you; let me see him, NOW!” He shouts then the world goes black for a horrifying second.


Awake. I look around and find myself to be lumped up against a wheelie bin near the end of a back ally. Well first off, that explains why no one has approached me unless I have only been here for a few minutes.

“What the hell is going on?” I shout to any one who could possibly hear, but no reply. I check my watch for the time; it is twenty past eight in the morning. I must have been gone for at least a night considering last time I checked the time, it was later than nine let alone twenty past eight. That is when the strangest thought had struck me, what if I had been gone for more than one day, perhaps even a week?

“No, stop!” I tell my self, I can not handle over thinking some thing that could possibly be complete foolishness, I am so confused right now.

“You speak to yourself a lot” A small tanned boy about 12 years old whispers to my right from further down the alley. I get up in a flash too sudden for him to keep calm so he steps back so I hold my hands up to show it is safe.

“Please, do not run I mean no harm I am just a little confused to why I am here” As I was saying that I noticed his eyes focus on my arm and widen with alarm while his jaw dropped. Before I could react he spins around and runs, guessing something must be on my arm I lower it and look at the underside of it. Blood is all over my sleeve and I am guessing my blood. Now I know why he ran, I run after him.

“Please I can explain” I plead despite the fact I have no clue what the hell is going on. As I pick up speed I remember what happened and everything clicks so suddenly that I fall over and roll on the floor about a meter. I can finally remember everything before I woke up, I begin to smile triumphantly then I remember Bonnie. At the very thought of her name I look down at my hand and open up my fist to reveal her necklace untwined with my fingers so I would never drop it. My face starts to look something likes the boys before he ran and a tear falls from my face like my heart within my chest.

“BONNIE!” I scream and then I see it, a strange hooded man all in brown at the end of the alley way, I can see his lips and he mouths the words sorry before he vanishes from sight. I thought I was confused before but now I am exploding like a volcano with questions. One good thing among this sea of nightmares is that I recall where I am now, time to go home and see how my mum is doing.


Ten minutes later I am throwing the front door open.

“Mum?” I shout. Then I notice the calendar on the wall, the month is still the same but five days have been circled and with in the circle is some small writing I step closer to read it and gasp, stepping back tripping over the first step of the stairs. They all read the same thing, ‘David still gone’ I then ask myself what my mum’s reaction will be but then she is at the top of the stairs looking down at me.

“Oh my God David! Where have you been? I have been so worried for days.” She bounds down the stairs with tears welling up in her eyes, I then remember the blood on my sleeve and dodge past her too my room and change my shirt in the few seconds she takes to get to my door, she looks at me questioningly as if I have done something wrong.

“Sorry but I have missed this room so much and hoped you had not changed it.” I smile to reassure her and then I burst out in tears and hug my already sobbing mother. When I let go of her and step back I look at her eyes and I can see that she has not had a decent nights sleep since I had disappeared.

“I am so glad you’re back I have missed you ever so much, what in the world happened, where were you and why is there blood on your sleeve?” She is staring at my long sleeved top on my bed with her arm stretched out pointing at it. She noticed my expression change from relieved of being home again and shocked because she has seen the blood stain.

“Honestly mum I have no idea, I woke up with it, and it may not even be blood but some one putting red pant on my arm while I was unconscious for a prank.” That is when her face goes white with fear.

“You were unconscious? What else happened while you were gone” She stutters.


Ten past eleven now and e and my mum are in the kitchen sat around the table with two mugs of hot chocolate wasting away in front of us. Not much has been said since my mum asked about what had happened. I know something had happened before I woke up in the alley I just can not seem to find it in the mangle mess of nerves I call a brain. Then something clicks in my head and I have to ask my mum about it…

“Mum, aren’t there any search parties out for me, I trust you sent some one but I saw no flyers or police looking for me, it seems so strange…”

“Wouldn’t help me David, no one would help me even though I pleaded to the police for the first three days hour after hour. All they said was that something more important was immerging and they were fully focused on that, no surprise that when I asked about it they hung up on every occasion I rang up. I am just glad you are back now and you are fine” She looks up and smiles cupping my hands with her own.

I have never told my mum about the hooded man who is always dressed in brown but I feel it is unimportant in the grand scheme of things at the moment. I just hope to the heavens that nothing else bad happens to me, or Bon, and then it strikes me.

“Where is Bonnie?” I ask my mum in an urgent voice, the fact that I forgot about her is irritating, I was so immersed within my own happiness I forgot about her.

“I am so sorry David but no one would help her cause either, I am just so glad that you are back, that is all that mat…”

“What the hell is your problem mum, I am a grown man I can look after myself and bonnie is a poor innocent girl some one out there fearing for her dear life!” I push the chair back so fast it falls over and I run up to my room and lock the door behind me. I look around my room and spot my phone and instantly dart towards it, after unlocking it I zip down the contact list until I find Bonnie’s home number. After ten seconds of planning what I will say I ring it, as I pace the room waiting for any one to pick up I hear my mother at the doors trying to explain and get me out of my room.

“Hello?” A sobbing man finally answers, Bonnie’s dad!

“Hello it is David where…”

“Thank god one of you is back, sorry…” He bursts into tears and hangs up that then sets me off and a flood of tears erupt from my eyes like magma but it burns with sadness not heat.


I burst out of my bedroom door almost knocking my mum over.

 “David where are you going?” I mean to walk out of the house and ignore her but then I realise she must have gone through a lot and for me to just turn up and treat her this way is terrible of me.

“I am going back to where I woke up, perhaps there is something there that can help me find Bonnie” I explain.

“But I just got you back after almost a week; you can not leave now, please…” I ignore her now and close the door behind me plunging my hand in my pocket and fishing out Bonnie’s necklace. I then tangle it round my fingers so I do not lose it. I breathe in a lung full of fresh air, day one of my search for Bonnie. I look up after glancing at the necklace and notice some one swiftly closing the blind, am I being watched? Then I look to the house next door and that person is not so swift and this is no mistake, I am actually being watched! Not wanting to get my self all paranoid on day one I just set out without looking at any more local houses.


As I am getting closer to where I woke up I only just realise how am I not dead? Five days being asleep for the whole time which means I never ate anything and I look at my self and still taste my last meal on my mouth and I have not lost any weight. Hmm strange. By the time I stop Brooding about that mystery I arrive at the place where I woke up, the bin is still there but there is a bag by it. Even stranger. I immediately open it up and a piece of paper falls out, I put the bag down and kneel down to get the paper and end up reading the writing that is on it.


Dear David, wow this means you actually found the bag.

All of the contents are to be kept in the bag until you have to take them out, trust me you will know when to get them out. Do not worry about how to use the devices, just read the paper that is attached to each device.

Sorry about Bonnie, good luck in the future

Yours dearly Hooded man…


Right, first thing that creeps me out is that this guy calls himself the hooded man. Second is that what does he mean by good luck in the future? Thirdly, what the hell has he got to do with bonnie? Then I remember I saw the hooded man at the end of the alley way when I woke up, he must have dropped the bag when I was asleep. I pick up the bag and go to have a look in it when I spot the tanned boy on the wall again, closing the bag I step toward him.

“Hello my name is David, what is yours?” He stares blankly at me. “Are you foreign?” I ask.

“No I am English born and bred, just not sure weather to trust you…” He stutters while squinting hard at me as if to read my soul.

“What do you mean by that, I do not look that bad do I?” I stifle a laugh to turn down the tension although by the look on his blank face, he does not find it funny.

“You woke up slumped against the bin with blood all down your sleeve, then you chase me and now you come back after an hour helping yourself to a randomly left bag” He stutters again but slowly gains confidence and controls his voice by the end of his reasons why not to trust me.

“I see your point now, but I have been missing for five days and…”

“Your David, as in the boy who went missing, you must be, every one knows about you and I found you, wow I am going to be so popular at school for this” He beams a huge smile out to the world and looks toward me again. “The names Stuart, Stuart Dales”

© 2014 Bradley Davies

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