Deceiving Innocence

Deceiving Innocence

A Chapter by Brandon Lee Cochran

    I stood, wiping the remainder of the blood from my lips and backed away from Evelyn's cold, pale, lifeless body.
    Aaron's eyes were wide, his gaze was fixated on the limp body before me. ''What are we going to do man....'' Aaron spoke with a quivering jaw. ''I can't go to jail. You know what they do to sexy guys like me in jail?''
    I looked at him from the corner of my eye. ''We're not going to jail, Aaron.'' I said as calmly as I possibly could.
    ''What the hell are we going to do!'' he began pacing as he ran his fingers through his dirty blonde hair.
    I looked back at the body and thought. Quickly an idea came to me. ''We could throw it in one of the dumpsters.''
    Aaron stopped pacing and spun around to face me. ''Have you never seen CSI?! They'll find us!''
    ''Do you know nothing of the cops in Terre Haute? They're too lazy to do any real work. Besides, we put a beer in her hand and lay her against a trashcan they'll think she passed out and smashed her head on the dumpster while she fell. Boom. Case closed.'' I said with a shrug.
    Aaron now seemed pleased with my idea. ''Fine. Lets get the body in the trunk. But if we end up getting caught you're the one bending over in prison!''

    After we disposed of the body we did the next most logical thing, we went to IHOP for some pancakes. Aaron and I sat at a booth. He got a massive plate of pancakes that were drenched in the rich golden syrup. ''Man, I need to get me a bottle of this stuff and try it next time Janie and I get between the sheets.'' Aaron exclaimed as the half chewed pancakes flew about the table.
    I wiped off a few stray crumbs from my skinny jeans and ate my bacon strips. It's sad that people think vampire can only drink blood. In reality blood is the only nutritious food to us, anything else is simply lacking in any real value of nutrition.
    I glanced at the clock the was hanging on the wall across from our table. ''We're going to be late for work if you don't hurry up.'' I remarked realizing the current time.
    Aaron quickly shoved two more pancakes in his mouth and left a twenty on the table. He looked like a chipmunk stocking up for winter when it stores nuts in it's cheeks. In this case pancakes. I chuckled to myself at the thought.
    As we neared the door Aaron stopped ''Jesus, be right back. I have to go take a massive s**t.'' the emphasis he put on on ''massive'' made me shake my head and smile. The best part about Aaron was that he was a massive, hilarious, idiot.
    Awkwardly waiting outside the bathroom for Aaron I looked around at the surrounding tables in the restaurant. A table at the far corner of caught my eye. At the table sat a beautiful girl with blue hair. Her eyes looked like saphires and burned just as blue. Her smile was as gleaming as the stars at midnight in the country. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.
    Just then Aaron swung the door of the bathroom open and the door smacked me in the face. I stumbled backwards. ''Woah bro, watch where you're throwing doors.'' I glared at him.
    ''Sorry,'' he shrugged ''Anyway, c'mon. Lets get to work. I don't need to be late again. Last time Janie and I were having a quickie in the car.''
    I stopped and looked at him ''Tell me you cleaned up afterwards?''
    ''Don't worry, I strayed Fabreeze.'' My jaw dropped and then snapped back up as I shivered in disgust at the thought.

    We pulled into the Honey Creek Mall's parking lot. It was fairly empty since it was morning.  I walked into Hot Topic as Aaron went off in another direction, I think he was heading towards Spencer's Gift Shop. Knowing Aaron that means a bag full of lord knows what BDSM accessories.
    ''You're late.''
    ''Sorry, we had an... incident on the road.''
    Out from behind a rack of clothing popped Elizabeth Kerns' head. I've known her ever since middle school. We started hanging out and became close friends, sort of like Aaron and I. Well... except she doesn't know about my bloody, monstrous secret. ''Well at least you didn't kill yourself you freakishly tall idiot.''
    I smirked at this. ''Yeah, well at least your still short and not intimidating.'' She gave my a glare and then started laughing.
    "Ah, work would be so dull without you here to entertain me.'' She smiled.
    ''Now you're just making me sound like a stripper. If that's the case then I'm on work ever Friday night in full leather gear.'' I winked at her.
    ''Ha ha! I think Losier would kill you if he found out about that.''
    ''Speaking of Losier where is that dipshit?'' I looked around to see any sight of my other idiotic co-worker.
    Elizabeth shrugged ''Probably out back fapping to one of his creepy hentai sites.''
    ''Hey now, don't diss on hentai. Not all of it is tentacle rape.''
    We both hit the floor dying of laughter.

© 2012 Brandon Lee Cochran

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Added on October 14, 2012
Last Updated on October 14, 2012
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Brandon Lee Cochran
Brandon Lee Cochran

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My name is Brandon Cochran, I'm a fictional writer. A lot of my writing contains vampires, demons, werewolves/lycans, or zombies. The characters in my book are based off of my friends and myself, with.. more..