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A small paragraph about how important symbolic characters are.

***So this is actually my introduction paragraph to my college essay for my final for my intro to fiction class. the idea was to pick a theme similar among the books we read that semester and write about it as an ideal or philosophy. I chose symbolic characters because it was something that described the way I would write my own characters and i was able to use two books that greatly represented this. The main story being "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka. I hope you guys enjoy this. I decided to share this so that maybe others will see my point of view, to be able to see how personal a character is to my heart and how relative, even if mysterious, they are to life. The actual name of my paper is Extraordinary, because everyone should be. Enjoy!***

An extraordinary character is a vessel that contains the author’s ideas and symbolizes them. There are many characters that although they are able to be remembered as great characters they do not symbolize anything and only gain meaning through their journey and words they speak or through others actions. Then, there are other characters that originate from a symbol and become more meaningful through the ideas presented throughout the reading. Such a way can occur through a dream-like state of consciousness where although things seem or are real there are still things that occur uncontrollably and indefinitely. This paradox reality of the situation pushes the reader to accept these symbols and their odd quirks and there is a race for the truth or the characters self-preservation. They are accepted for their differences as they are a portal for revelation. There are many great authors with many great characters in fiction. What makes an author with an extraordinary character differentiated from the many others is their ability to take a simple idea and transform it into a being more than what we can expect within ourselves. It may be unexplainable as to how these characters come to be, but the passion and intricacy, whether dark and benign or mysterious and bright, is what makes a character extraordinary.  Ultimately, a symbolic character is a part of what is most natural for reality and fiction and can be a larger story within itself that is unexplainable.

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I think this symbolic character you speak of is best explained as archetypal. To understand an archetype is to appreciate the evolution of an 'extraordinary' character. Plus, let's not take away the power of context in which this character may exist.
Goodluck with your essay and your studies, Brittany

Posted 8 Years Ago

Alice Crypt; Brittany

8 Years Ago

Thank you for the review and teaching me something that my professor had not! I just started my crea.. read more

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Alice Crypt; Brittany
Alice Crypt; Brittany

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